Spring is upon us, and it’s time to pull out your shorts and crop tops.  You can still be glam and fashionable with your choices.  This week I’ve put together something that you could easily wear for date night or to the hottest new club in SL.  Armidi has wonderful separates and they have the best pair of Jordyn shorts.  They’ve been out for a year, and I still can’t find a pair I like better.  The metallic gold version, adds some drama to the look.  Using metallics is a great way to glam up any outfit.


I paired a purple zip jacket to the shorts.  The rich plum top  from Decoy is full of surprises with it’s prim belt with gold buckle and poofy sleeve parts.  Gold always adds luxury to your style, and the accesories from Armidi fit perfectly.  Now I just need to find my date…

Check out the style card for details.

Hair – Maitreya – Nico – Walnut
Skin – Redgrave – Leona – Pale Magenta
Jacket  – Decoy – Margeaux – Plum
Shorts – Elephant Outfitters – Jordyn – Metallic Gold
Necklace – Talisman – Gabrielle
Shoes – Armidi – Dalia Pump – GoldBangle – Armidi – Tres – 14 ‘Carrot’ Gold

Poses – DeLa


Angels Dessous by Nando Korobase is well-known secondlife lingerie designer and does a lot of wonderfull designs. His Pleasure line is the first new release in 2009 which also comes with a gown line in the same style.


The picture shown above is the Pleasure gown line which comes in a short and long version, and you can play around with styles because each sets comes with different layer options as long/short pants, fur, jacket, corset and long/short skirts – add or remove fur, wanna be sexy then wear short skirt and if its a bit cold outside, wear the jacket. This gown line comes in black, green and red color options.


Hello everybody, welcome to my weekly fashion and stlye post. Today I would like to present 3 variations of style for the same great dress:

Picture 1.

Not too long ago, Barerose released the Black Iris dress, which comes in 3 different colours, and was the source of my inspiration for todays post. With the dress in black, I created a mix match in picture 1 that is sexy and punkish. The hair, that I just couldn’t not wear, is from a shop called Brainbow and colour may be kind of bizarre, but its funny to wear. The hair comes with more than 10 colors. Wearing this hair will make you feel wild and happy.


I am back to present some more fabulous Summer fashions to you. I hope you had a great week with the various shows, SL5B events and everything else, as I did. You have an even better week up ahead, though!

I’m starting this week with this pink and white ready to wear dress, which has recently been released from Armidi as part of their “Color me Summer” collection. The dress is available in many other summer colors such as green, blue, white/black, yellow, etc (All of the Armidi colors!). Together with the collection, there are also bangles in matching colors and for this I wore the pink version of the bangles. The Skirt is nicely sculpted to fit the any avatar and to compliment the skirts short but big poof shape, I added a thick white belt from M*A*ii*K*I. Matching pink Slinky Stilettos are from Maitreya and available in many other colors.

I’ve prepared these three Summer inspired outfits for you all to view and be inspired by yourself, in order to create your own Summer wardrobe. Summer is an amazing time of year, especially for fashion lovers, and it’s time you really expressed to the SL-world your own sexy style!


Armidi recently released some more clothes, shoes and accessories in a new line called “Color me Summer”. Various colors can be mixed and matched with each other and I’m going to show you a few of the different styles and colors that can be used in the 2 parts of this article. Stay tuned next week, where I will be showing some more colorfull options for the summer.

Today, I would like to start with the beautiful beige tones. I am wearing Brinidis Slacks in beige and I mixed it with the Hoja Top in creme. The Pearlish eggnecklace in platinium matched perfectly with the whole look. My hair is ‘Toss Me Around’ from Bishwear in wine. The sexy heels are the Barcelona slingback shoes, which are in fashionworld terms, very old. They were released this Winter sometime, but they are still great for any occassion – a very classic pair of shoes which are available in many colors.


Summer is all around us in Europe right now, and many people are having a beautiful Summer vacation by either visiting a Summer resort or by taking a weekend trip somewhere. Venezia or Barcelona, maybe? In my case (the case of a single woman), I would love to take a weekend trip to a shopping haven. Somewhere there I can have limitless shopping opportunities, while at the same time top up that tan (Mm… Beach). Once you’ve booked that holiday, you need to check if your VISA or Mastercard is still valid and grab your passport. What a task it is to pack your bag, not only for the time, but because of your options. I know many of my fellow women will agree with me, and thats why I am giving you some suggestions on what to take on a weekend trip: A dresses with accessories, swimwear with accessories and a set of lingerie. You can buy the rest when you are shopping!

Basic stuff which must be taken with you in your travelbag:


Hi, how have you all been? I’ve just got back from my holiday. Everybody needs a break every now and then, to recover their mind and soul. I visited the beautiful Willemstad on the Island of Curacao. No, not in reality, unfortunately, but in SL. It’s a must to check out (It’s brand new and still partially under construction).


The Island is a replica of the Hotel Kurá Hulanda Spa and Casino, which is nestled above the glorious St. Anna Bay in central Willemstad (the capital city of Curacao), near the Queen Emma floating bridge. The 65 buildings that comprise the Hotel Kurá Hulanda Spa and Casino are the Museum Kurá Hulanda’s largest exhibit – a superb collection of 18th and 19th century architecture. This Dutch Colonial, historic district is a UNESCO World Heritage site.