On May 23rd at 1 PM SLT, The Ewing Fashon Agency and Lost World Studios are presenting the 2nd Gallery of Fashion show at the Lost World Gallery.

The fashion show will feature some of the latest designs of Elettra Gausamn’s Orage Creations and Mami Jewell’s Azul.

OClogo AZUL1_2

These exciting fashions will be show among never before seen photo art works from artists Musique Gable, Aleida Rhode, Barney Roundel, Vitor Algoma, Adonaira Aabye, Joy Fellini, lolmac Shan and Kiya McMahon.

Lost World Logo

Everyone is invited to attend this cultural experience to enjoy the presentation of the clothing and art.

Music will be provided by DJ Aris Earnshaw.  An after party will follow the fashion show, so plan to stay awhile to dance or just enjoy the art.



Thanks to Tillie Ariantho for taking the pictures

Be welcom to share your pictures in the Ewing Fashion Agency FLICKR group

Fashion and Art are creative outlets for fashion designers and artists alike.  So what better place to have a fshion show than at an art gallery among the works of a talented artist.  This  Thursday, March 12th at 11:30 AM SLT, The Raven-Lynxx Art Works will host The Ewing Fashion Agency’s “Gallery of Fashion” show, the first in its “Fashion in Art” series.


The Raven-Lynxx Art Works is a Second Life art gallery run by Ravencloud Nightfire and JohnLynxx Morpork, where they display the works of various SL artists as well as their own.  The art displayed consists primarily of RL and SL photographs and sculptures of modern form.  This month has the photo art works of Izzy Cole on display.  There will ba a fashion show produced by The Ewing Fashion agency on the premises, preceeding anafter party and gallery viewing viewing hosted by Ravencloud and JohnLynxx.  Shoe music will be provided by the incomparable DJ Aris Earnshaw.

The latest designs from Angel Dessous’ couture and lingerie lines will be presented amongst the art as well as a a surprise preview collection of a totally new brand, L’Abel, from a leading Second Life designer.

After the fashion show, Ravencloud and JohnLynxx will host a party and gallery viewing with trance music provided by DJ John.  They will also offer a L$1000 prize for for “BEST FASHION OUTFIT”.

All are invited to attend in support of Second Life’s creative talent as we bring the worlds of Art and Fashion together.

To many people, including myself, a designer’s creations are a form of art. The successful ones are every bit as creative and innovative as those we all consider artists. Second Life offers many people the opportunity to express their creative flair through the medium of clothing design. With possibilities here not available in the real world, this is truly a place where art and fashion collide. One designer in particular has brought the worlds of art and fashion together in a very innovative way. I expect that many of you know her already, but for those of who don’t, her name is Thera Taurog. Her shop is called Lady Thera’s and many of her designs are based on the paintings of the great masters, such as Monet, Van Gogh and Cezanne. Not only does she use the paintings as inspiration for the textures, I think she does a wonderful job of capturing the thematic spirit of each in the overall design as well.

Above are two diaphanous dresses, Paul Jenkins’ Diamond and Monet’s Poppy Field. Diamond has a similar colors and an abstract pattern consistent with the famous painting. The hemline is raised in the front suggestive of the non-conformity associated with abstract art and the movement of the skirt induces the watcher to see many things. With eight prim parts, the wearer has a number of optional looks. The skirt has two prim layers. There is a prim scarf and prim shoulder puffs. Finally three sheer lace prim accents around the bodice. Shown here with the short pants options, it also has long pants for a more modest coverage of the legs. Monet’s field of flowers is evident in the texture of the Poppy Field dress. The skirt, which is made of a system skirt and two prim parts, appears to be made of the flower’s stems and moves as if blowing in a gentle breeze. The jacket can be removed to show the strapless bodice. The evening length gloves end at the wrist and have lace prim cuffs at the top.


We have extended the deadline for the EFA Fashion Blog graphics art banner contest, in order to allow everyone the chance to enter. We had originally only planned on giving you all a short time frame to enter, but to enable a fair chance for everyone, we have extended the deadline.

The new deadline is [] July 24th at 3pm SLT [].

If you are a graphics art whiz, or if you only know the basics to PhotoShop, then this contest is for you. You do not need extensive knowledge in graphics art, you just need originality and creativity. It’s a contest anyone is able to enter and be in the chance to win some amazing prizes and recognition.

For full information on entering, visit the contest page here.


Harriet Gausman: When did you first start designing in SL?

Four Yip: Three months ago I started to build. my first chlothing design I made a year ago, if I remember well.

Harriet Gausman: Did you have any RL design skills or did you learn inworld?

Four Yip: I make illustrations in rl and I am quit skillfull with photoshop.


Have you seen the movie “Out of Africa” with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford? Do you know who Karen Blixen is? Maybe yes, maybe no – I will tell you anyway: Karen Blixen is a Danish writer who spent almost 17 years of her life in Kenya and her book “Out of Africa” has been produced as film in Hollywood and has won Oscar awards.

When I saw the new releases from Casa del Shai: Birdwatcher safari suit and Sambia swimsuit, I suddenly knew what I would like blog about. I have a very good reason to do that, since I am Danish myself and I’ve lived in Africa for more than 4 years, I have visited the house of Karen and I took the train from Nairobi to Mombasa – exactly the same route as Karen’s in 1914, when she arrived in Mombasa’s habour and entered Africa for the first time.

The Birdwatcher safari suit is so comfortable and the texture awesome. The are 2 version of pants – one is long, suitable for the nights, when mosquitos are a plaque and the shorts version is very good for the hot African sun. Together with the suit, I recommend Maitreya Female desert boots in green or even in beige – forget about high heels when you are on a safari.

The swimsuit is beautifully layered and textured, you will look sophisticated with this on a safari when it’s time to cool down near a waterhole – aww… beware of the crocodiles…

And did you know that there is a wonderful sim called “Africa” in Second Life? If not, then please take a look —> Africa. There is a whole area with African animals, waterfalls, waterholes, birds and an awesome beach. When you arrive, you will see signboards in the center with information on how you can help children in Africa, events and much more. “Africa” arrange live music concert regularly and from the center you can teleport to the upper level, which is filled with a huge gallery with exhibitions of photography, sculpties and paintings from RL artists. From every purchase of each artwork, 50 % of the sales go to charity and keeping up the sim. I have also some of my photos there, do not hestitate to take a look.

In-world location for the infocenter —-> Africa, for the exhibitions —–> Africa and for the live music performances —–> Africa