Neferia Abel is a well-known Second Life designer.  Her Ivalde store has been an important destination for lovers of retro, vintage and period designs for a long time.  But Neferia has always done current fashion as well.  Despite this, her success in the vintage areas has caused many to think of her and Ivalde as purely vintage fashions.  In order to combat this misconception, several months ago, Neferia decided to release her new modern clothing lines under a new name, L’Abel.  She is currently in the process of releasing her latest Autumn collection, several of which are presented below.  The L’Abel line of clothes is chic and sophisticated with clean lines and figure-flattering silhouettes.  This latest collection is wonderfully constructed with very detailed textures that are realistically highlighted.

Below are pictured five outfits from this collection.  The first form the left is the Vivvike  black glitter set.  the high waisted knee-length skirt is made of a beautiful sequined fabric.  The bodice is a shiny black satin with sulpted puff sleeves.  The scuplted black satin scarf is included.

Next is the gorgeouos black and gold Mellie gold, a short cocltail dress with hem of the multi-tiered skirt above the knee.  the texture is a nice organic brocade of golden leaves on black.  the shoulder cuffs are sculpted prims and the black satin gloves are included.


In the middle is the all black Arja, which combines a ruched satin bodice with a delicate tafetta knee-length skirt. the collar and shoulder cuffs are luxurious fur and black satin gloves are included.



Hello everybody – yes you heard that, autumn has arrived and lots of new hot stuff has been released lately. Autumn is probably the best time of year for me because I can mix and match outfits – a mix of old and new. Like in RL, you mix old and new together to get a look – very few people would wear brand new stuff from top to toe – most of us like to mix favorite clothes with new ones. I am wearing outfits from great SL designer branches such as Bijou, Bianca Foulon and Baiastice to mention a few and these can be used for any occasion. Pictures were taken in Best of SL Boulevard, Aspire Isle and Trilogy Fashion Alley where you also will find a lots of good quality clothes, shoes and hair.

In the picture below, I am wearing hair called Kaori chocolate, from Exile or at Mimi´s choice as well. My jacket with sweater is Bickstreet from Bijou as a part of the whole set. The black leather belt is from Maitreya and my pants are called Boom Boom in wine/red color from Sweetest Goodbye. The gloves from LeeZu Baxter Designs are called Nif Nif gloves and the ever-so funky boots are called PW Succio but unfortunately the landmark isn’t available at the moment. The earrings are the glam earrings from Creamshop.