Really good black skin is not easy to find in Second Life, but so far what I have seen, Glance Skin, created and owned by Joakim Asbrink,  managed to create black skins that are about as realistic as possible.  The face is so nicely detailed and the body part is as greatly detailed.  Joakim is known for her very detailed skins.

 They come with 7 different make ups:  1.Alek – Attention, 2. Alek – Metallic, 3. Alek – Red, 4. Alek – Angel, 5. Alek – Black, 6.  Alek – Colour and 7. Alek – Blue


The price per skin is 999 L and for a fatpack which usually contains 7 different make ups, the price is then 4500L.



Angels Dessous by Nando Korobase is well-known secondlife lingerie designer and does a lot of wonderfull designs. His Pleasure line is the first new release in 2009 which also comes with a gown line in the same style.


The picture shown above is the Pleasure gown line which comes in a short and long version, and you can play around with styles because each sets comes with different layer options as long/short pants, fur, jacket, corset and long/short skirts – add or remove fur, wanna be sexy then wear short skirt and if its a bit cold outside, wear the jacket. This gown line comes in black, green and red color options.


There are a lot of different ways of making skin, one is hand-drawing, where you start from scratch, second is you mix hand-drawn with photorealistic sources and third is when the photosourced is dominating. What you like, is personal choice.  

Today I would like to introduce a relatively new skin designer, Joakim Asbrink, and she is absolutely not a noob when it comes to making skins. In her own words: “I have always been looking for realistic skin since my first day here in Second Life, so I started out mixturing with textures and making custom work for myself. I have always been creative and loving to make things for myself.  When my skins got better and better along with the tecniques, I decided to start selling skins. I love to be inspired by celebrity skins and put them into Second Life and I have already been inspired of, for example Angelina Jolie, Dita Von Tese,  Jennifer Lopez and many more.” 


Many of us in Second Life spend a lot of time and money on the appearance of our avatars.  We do this for many reasons ranging from professional reasons such as modeling to just plain vanity.  But for whatever reason, there is no denying that an entire industry thrives on our desires to look beautiful and handsome.  Second Life residents can choose from a large variety of shapes, skins and hair in search of their ideal body and looks.  One less talked about piece of this puzzle, but very important to consider for close up views is the eyes.  The selection of eyes can dramatically impact the effect that an overall avatar look can have.  With the wide variety of avatars available to us, including human, semi human, animal and totally fantastical, it is important to have a wide selection of eyes.  Recently I was alerted to some new releases in this area of avatar design from A. D. Studios.

Two lines of eyes have been released, called Monochrome and Dualtone.  Both lines include a number of natural colors as well as unnatural ones.  Below is a small sample from the Dualtone series.  Shown are avacado 3, dusk 2, frosting 3.

Next is a sampling from the Monochrome series.  These are finch 2, vermilion 1, sky 2.

These samples demonstrate a number of choices in both natural and unnatural colors.  All the eyes have a realistic texturing and an apparent glint of light for to produce some expression.  Looking closely you can see the main difference between the series.  The Monochrome series uses a gradation of a single color for the iris, whereas the Dualtone’s iris has a rim of a different color that blends into the primary.



Today I am showing off a set of lingerie in three colors and  the set is labelled ‘Debauchery’. I got a request from the designer Hollee Dion to review the set as it has just been released.  It’s available in nine colors in total.  Individually a set is 90l, or the full collection of nine is available for 240l.  All come with tatoo friendly layers and are mod, no copy, transfer.


Skin: Adriana  from Glance

Hair: Tempting/fade black from Sky Everett

Lingerie set: Debauchery – 3 colorset from Lingerie by Hollee

Shoes: Grace heels/black from Maitreya

Jewelery: Celestial Pearl & Diamond set from Alienbear Designs

Nails: Esmalte branco from Relance

Mimi’s Choice is owned by reseller Mimi Juneau, who collects the best brands in one shop. But because the collection grows every day, she has had to split her store up, into one shop for men and one shop for women; situated next to each other. Mimi’s Choice is one of those great brands, but there are a lot more like styles, like Edo, Bax Coen boots, SFDesigns, Anubis Style, Storm Schmooz shoes, Jeepers Creepers shoes, Lady Thera’s dresses and much more; all a stone’s throw from each other. Mimi is previewing the Fall Collection of Jador, made by Ziamela Loon which you can find exclusively in Mimi´s shop until 21st of September, so don´t wait…teleport yourself as soon as possible.

I am presenting only a very small part of a huge collection. Don´t hestitate to run over there and take a look. The owner is usually in her shop, and is a very lovely person to ask for style advice too.


Me at left:

Skin: Adriana from Glance

Hair: Upstyle hair graceful/blong from JE*Republic

Earrings: Mighty Heart/silver from PERSONA

Eyelashes: Bedroom lashes from Cake

Outfit set: Angora Passion from Mimi´s choice

Shoes: Angora passion boots from Mimi´s choice

Me at Right:

Skin: Adriana from Glance

Eyelashes: Bedroom lashes from Cake

Shirt: Maxipulli with belt/ white (part of outfit set) from Mimi´s choice

Jeans: Heart Demin from Mimi´s choice

Shoes: D´orsay/taube from Stiletto Moody

Summer is almost gone and we will miss those fabulous fashionistas wearing light and colorful summer clothing, but don´t cry – autumn is an exciting season for mix-matching outfits. Today I put different designers in a pan and mixed them well to get these looks. Let’s start from the top; in the first picture the cute hair with the hat costs only 40 L from W&Y. Can you imagine? So cheap and yet chic! Let’s go down a bit to the necklace called Moonbeam from the famous JCNY Collections and further you can see the black jacket “Nicole” from =Dela*= which comes with different options and sizes, as well as various color options. My pants and shirt are from a set called Oro d´autunno from Emporio Naima and my shoes are the new release from Bax Coen: Bax Ankle Boots in black patent. The lush fashionable skin is called Adriana in “dark blue” from Glance – I will write more about Glance skin for my next week’s blog post, so stay tuned and check it out next Wednesday.

In the second picture, I am wearing a cute sweater called “Maia” (part of a set with jeans) with an oversized collar which comes in different color options in a package –  it’s almost only available like this with lots of colors to mix with, at Barerose Tokyo. My jeans are from =Dela*= and what you see here is only one of many choices for the autumn. The sassy hairstyle is “Danita” from Hair Solution – you will find it in 5 different colors per package. My skin is again Adriana from Glance, but in another makeup tone called “Sexy”. The shoes are the fabulous Bitchy Boots from Stiletto Moody and the matching black striped opacity socks are from Sheer.