It’s always nice to find a store that makes you want to visit frequently. You start aisle by aisle, picking out what you will buy, and what’s going to be your future purchase. Once you join the update group and you know what the newest hot items are, they must be added to the list too, or be bought. Maybe I should just IM the owner and ask for a flat rate, one of each to go?!

Rating Scale in shopping bags Shopping bag

1 – Dislike

2 – Needs Improvement

3 – Good

4 – Very Good

5 – Loved it

The Facts

Name: Shiny Things

Owner/Designer: Fallingwater Cellardoor

Shop Category: Shoes, men’s shoes, boots, jewelry, handbags/purses

Price Point: Medium range



We are pleased and very excited to announce the publication of issue #3 of ALTAMODA Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine. This issue is a huge bumper version to date, packed with amazing interviews, amazing people – including the guys behind KMadd Enterprise (Kirk Claymore and Maddox Dupont), Phaylen Fairchild from DIVAS, Simone Stern answering our readers’ letters, Sofia Gray, Iustinian Tomsen and so on. The list is long! We also feature great style advice, reviews and the Summer of ’08 Beach Wear Guide. There is so much more to discover in this month’s AMM. We are sure you will enjoy it and it is one good-looking issue!

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Fine Art and Fashion Design graduate, Pixieplumb started out designing vintage purses and found herself quickly drawn into the world of accessories – shoes, belts, bags, you name it. Pixieplumb works hard and listens to the needs of her customers, something that is very rare indeed. She took a little time out from her busy schedule to tell me exactly what her new business empire, Baby Monkey, is all about and where she hopes to go next.

Harriet Gausman: When did you first start designing in SL?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: Early in January, this year.

Harriet Gausman: Did you have any RL design skills or did you learn inworld?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: I got my B.A in fine art and fashion design in 1981, but designing for SL is very different from designing in RL. And of course, the raw materials are virtually free in a virtual world!

Harriet Gausman: What or who do you consider your inspiration for your designs?

Pixieplumb Flanagan: Initially I wanted to make hats and bags (purses) with a retro 1940’s and ’50’s look. They were things I wanted and couldn’t find in SL. Some of my friends liked them and suggested I make them to sell. From there it was like Topsy and just growed! I listen to my customers’ feedback about the styles they would like to see, and I have to put in a thank you to my rl husband who is also my sl partner, Gonkerplumb Flanagan. He makes my sculpt maps, and is infinitely patient and kind.



I just can’t wait to tell you all about a brand new men’s store called “Valiant.” The designer, Wavie Haller, is extremely talented and he has come out with a truly stunning line of clothing. (more…)