If your wardrobe is in need of some color, a visit to The Graceful Lily should be considered.  Whether you’re looking for formal, casual or club wear, Talia Lefavre brings her unique use of vibrant colors and intricate patterns to each style.  Talia is also an artist, you can see some of her works displayed at her store, and that aspect of her shows in her design work.  It’s as if she is creating a work of art with the body as the canvas and the clothing being the medium.

This first sample of her work, above, is a combination of the Egyptian Top in Orange and Blue Quilted Pants sold separately.  Aside from the top being a vivid and saturated hue, it is made more interesting by the stylized cutout of Egyptian style motifs.  The wave-like pattern of the pants offers a nice contrast to the design of the top.  The prim cuffs and thigh buckle add some attitude to this colorful ensemble.  The top is also available in red, coffee and black, while the pants come in green and tan in addition to the blue seen here.  This look is completed with Stiletto Moody Bitch Booties.  Hair is GIRLO from ::69:: in Charcoal and the skin is Baiastice_D. Casting-Peach-make up18 BK.


In the world of fashion, people are always looking for new and fresh.  Often times it is found with the discovery of a new talented designer, which causes us to constantly search for unheralded names.   But the truly talented continue to turn out fresh ideas regularly.  In our quest for new we shouldn’t make the mistake of ignoring those we already know and one to whom we need always pay attention is Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice.  Sissy has been around the Second Life fashion scene for a number of years and over that time has been on of the leaders in creativity and talent.  Besides her constant innovations in clothing of many styles, she has also branched into other areas including skins, lingerie, shoes, lashes and nails.  Below are several outfits recently available and photographed at various locations around the Costa Rica Sims where a Baiastice store is also located.  All are shown with Baiastice skins as well.

This first couture ensemble, above, is the BlackAndrea dress, perfect for admiring the art works at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art in Alajuela.  The strapless bodice and knee-length pencil skirt form a classy and feminine silhouette.  The hat adds a modern flair while the included gloves and stockings are keeping with the classic feel.  The skin here is Baiastice_D. Casting-Peach-make up 10 BK.  The look is completed with Laqroki Cutie hair in black, Stiletto Moody Pinups in Black Patent Python and Necklace No 128 [small] and Earrings No 127 in silver from Kraftika.


Alienbear has long been known for its high quality, high fashion jewelry designs and the recently released Azucena set is a wonderful addition its line.  Besides continuing the tradition of expert craftsmanship, the Azucena collection is also versatile, with an elaborate or more simple design choice kown.  Below the necklace, earrings and crown of each style are pictured. 

The necklace is made of two pieces which allows for wearing it as the simpler version on the left or the full two piece ornate version on the right.  Two sets of earrings, Azucena I and II, are available to match the necklace in either version.  The crown is available in the Princess (left) or Queen (right) versions as seen above.  Both sets are elegant and stylish, it’s only a matter of how ornate you want your jewelry to be. 


Mami Jewell of Azul has quickly become on of the best designers of gowns in Second Life and the recently released Melena gown is a wonderful example of her design ability.  Azul offers gowns in many styles and colors, so you’re likely to find one appropriate for any occasion.  Weather you need a full ball gown or something tighter fitting to show off your curves, there is sure to be something that satisfies.  Sophisticated, glamorous and alluring gowns can all be found at Azul.

entering the gallery small

The Melena is a sexy two-toned gown with a diaphanous mermaid skirt.  The skirt and one side of the bodice are black, while the rest is in a contrasting lighter color that causes that desired second look.  Colors available are Pink, Aqua, Lavender, Sand, Nude and the Silver seen in the photos.  This gown is further enriched with intricate gold embroidery and lace and feather detailing on the single shoulder strap.  The matching armlets are part of th shirt layer top which allows for wearing glove layer nail polish necessary for that total glamorous look.


Hello everybody – yes you heard that, autumn has arrived and lots of new hot stuff has been released lately. Autumn is probably the best time of year for me because I can mix and match outfits – a mix of old and new. Like in RL, you mix old and new together to get a look – very few people would wear brand new stuff from top to toe – most of us like to mix favorite clothes with new ones. I am wearing outfits from great SL designer branches such as Bijou, Bianca Foulon and Baiastice to mention a few and these can be used for any occasion. Pictures were taken in Best of SL Boulevard, Aspire Isle and Trilogy Fashion Alley where you also will find a lots of good quality clothes, shoes and hair.

In the picture below, I am wearing hair called Kaori chocolate, from Exile or at Mimi´s choice as well. My jacket with sweater is Bickstreet from Bijou as a part of the whole set. The black leather belt is from Maitreya and my pants are called Boom Boom in wine/red color from Sweetest Goodbye. The gloves from LeeZu Baxter Designs are called Nif Nif gloves and the ever-so funky boots are called PW Succio but unfortunately the landmark isn’t available at the moment. The earrings are the glam earrings from Creamshop.


Two days ago I visited BAIASTICE to see Sissy Pessoa’s latest releases. Once there, I saw the two Autumn Winter releases and attempted to buy them. To my suprise, I was unable to; instead it gave me a landmark to the Black Swan sim. I was confused but thought “Well I love the outfits, so I will go and see what’s there”. Having never heard of it before I was also curious. After walking through the door I got a huge shock, I was expecting another clothes shop, but this looked like something I would see in a game like Tomb Raider. There was a huge axe swinging across the pathway and the pathway was uneven. I thought “Surely there aren’t any clothes here”, but as the scenery was so breathtaking I thought I would take the opportunity to attempt the assault course of different challenges. I eventually came across the area where the clothing was and was in awe at the great designs by various Second Life designers. After buying some of the clothes I thought as the sim was so amazing, it would be a fantastic idea to take some snapshots of me wearing the clothes that I had just purchased whilst still in the sim. I teleported home and opened the boxes and then headed back to the Black Swan sim. I hope you like the photographs. I tried to not only show the fantastic clothes, but to also show you some of my favourite areas in the Black Swan sim.