Thursday, May 28th at 11:00 AM SLT, the Ewing Fashion Agency’s Runway Diva 12 will be sponsored by BareRose of Tokyo


EFA Top Model, Rena Mascot and her friends, Annabelle Fleury, Liane Maertens, Silky Trilling and Tempest Hennesy will perform a short fashion show.  following the show, audience members are invited to try the performance themselves.  The one voted the best by the remaining crowd will win a prize.

The event will take place at EFA’s new runway at Quartz Isle.  All are invited to attend and have some fun.  This is a great chance for new models to try their skills or those just interested in what’s like to walk a runway to get a taste of it.

Thanks to June Dion of BareRose this will be an exciting and fun time for all who attend.

Summer is almost gone and we will miss those fabulous fashionistas wearing light and colorful summer clothing, but don´t cry – autumn is an exciting season for mix-matching outfits. Today I put different designers in a pan and mixed them well to get these looks. Let’s start from the top; in the first picture the cute hair with the hat costs only 40 L from W&Y. Can you imagine? So cheap and yet chic! Let’s go down a bit to the necklace called Moonbeam from the famous JCNY Collections and further you can see the black jacket “Nicole” from =Dela*= which comes with different options and sizes, as well as various color options. My pants and shirt are from a set called Oro d´autunno from Emporio Naima and my shoes are the new release from Bax Coen: Bax Ankle Boots in black patent. The lush fashionable skin is called Adriana in “dark blue” from Glance – I will write more about Glance skin for my next week’s blog post, so stay tuned and check it out next Wednesday.

In the second picture, I am wearing a cute sweater called “Maia” (part of a set with jeans) with an oversized collar which comes in different color options in a package –  it’s almost only available like this with lots of colors to mix with, at Barerose Tokyo. My jeans are from =Dela*= and what you see here is only one of many choices for the autumn. The sassy hairstyle is “Danita” from Hair Solution – you will find it in 5 different colors per package. My skin is again Adriana from Glance, but in another makeup tone called “Sexy”. The shoes are the fabulous Bitchy Boots from Stiletto Moody and the matching black striped opacity socks are from Sheer.

Hello everybody, welcome to my weekly fashion and stlye post. Today I would like to present 3 variations of style for the same great dress:

Picture 1.

Not too long ago, Barerose released the Black Iris dress, which comes in 3 different colours, and was the source of my inspiration for todays post. With the dress in black, I created a mix match in picture 1 that is sexy and punkish. The hair, that I just couldn’t not wear, is from a shop called Brainbow and colour may be kind of bizarre, but its funny to wear. The hair comes with more than 10 colors. Wearing this hair will make you feel wild and happy.



Venice… the very name invokes an aura of of beauty, mystery and romance. It is the perfect setting for showcasing this elegant costume from Bare Rose. I realize this is not something you will get a chance to wear every day, but you will certainly stand out from the crowd at the next fancy masquerade ball or costume party you attend.