I just found out today that Bax Coen is initiating her FIRST EVER Boot Sale

I was visiting Mimi’s Choice for Women this morning and Mimi was telling me about this fantastic sale.


Bax Boots, whom all of Second Life fashion conscious women love, are now selling for $L395 per pair.  They normally sell for $L800.  That is a savings of over 50%. 

There are some hot new textures like the Zebra, which I absolutely fell in love with.  You can also pick up the matching belt and bracelets. Also find the snake skin and various colours of leopard.  All boots come with a matching purse.

Hurry over, while this sale lasts and shop ’til you drop.




         This weeks blog is centered around a tried and true, well respected designer of womens boots




When I first came into Second Life, I became intrigued with it’s clothing  fashion and all aspects of it.  At first I didn’t know where to turn to find good clothing or how to make my avatar look human and beautiful and well coiffured.  I did find a wonderful woman HoneyBear Lillihook, who took me under wing and helped me.  To this day we are still best of friends.  She is now the person I have known the longest in Second Life.

Honey showed me how to find good clothing and shoes and helped me with designers.  The first pair of boots that I saw on a woman that really stood out to me I fell in love with.  I IM’d the woman and asked her if she would please tell me where she got her boots and she sent me a landmark for Bax Boots.  At that moment I rushed over to the main store and bought my first pair, that has been a year now.  I still love them as much as when I first ever spotted them being worn.  Still in my mind, no other boot out there compares to the all over design and quality of the Bax Boot.