It’s summer for the top half of the world and all girls need new swimsuits.  We can’t be wearing the some ones that served us well last year, this is a new year after all.  Luckily for us, there are new ones to be had in Second Life.  Aradhana Voight of Mashooka Designs is offering some sexy new styles of swimwear, some complete with cover-up options.  Pictured below is the figure enhancing Nisha one piece suit.


This suit has a large open front exposing the torso and a deep cut back, showing plenty of skin for a one piece suit.  The top is enhanced with a prim scuplty bra and it can be worn with or without the sheer prim skirt.  The suit comes with the shell belt and is further accessorized with matching earrings, necklace and braclet from an available full set.  Shown here in lilac and mint it is also available in creme, orange, rose, sea and yellow.



Whoever said that this was going to be a warm, lazy summer was completely wrong! Not lazy at all; it started with the SL5B celebration, followed by introducing the Runway Robics and the Runway Diva events. A show from a great designer, Amanda Bolero and in the mean time ALTAMODA will be released soon and the blog is providing you with nice shopping tips. I haven’t even mentioned the model training and graduation yet. And warm… Well, at least not here.

It seems that Sysy Chapman also did not get the lazy summer feeling because of the daily rainstorms. This week, she gave me some of her newest releases. I could just scream, “Wow, thanks Sysy, you have been busy!” but she was already on the run, with a last “yes, very busy!”

On the picture from left to right: SYSY’s Little Hippy set cream, SYSY’s Haute Hawt dress Black, SYSY’s Haute Hawt dress Red, SYSY’s comfy beach set -tiger, SYSY’s comfy beach set – green

It is a mixed collection, an outfit for each time of the day. A lovely hippy ensemble, to do some summer shopping in and wear it while enjoying a drink at a terrace. A nice relaxing beach outfit, for the late afternoon sun at the beach and cute hawt dresses for that not to miss party. You can recognize Sysy’s style in all of them, the basic but stylish look. You can find these outfits and other new releases at SySy’s!


No, I’m not Australian, but Butch Adzebills is. He’s the owner and designer of Get Butch, a store dedicated to men’s swimwear and underwear. When I think of Australia, I picture beaches, sun and the sea. That is exactly what I need at the moment, because the view out of my window is all gray, cold and rainy. I decided to buy some hot, new swimwear and go to my favorite beach in Second Life to get a virtual tan.

Get Butch 1

Get Butch offers a huge variety of speedos, swim shorts, shirts and anything else you need for your day at the beach. My choice was 4 XS sized speedos and (more…)