Hello everybody – yes you heard that, autumn has arrived and lots of new hot stuff has been released lately. Autumn is probably the best time of year for me because I can mix and match outfits – a mix of old and new. Like in RL, you mix old and new together to get a look – very few people would wear brand new stuff from top to toe – most of us like to mix favorite clothes with new ones. I am wearing outfits from great SL designer branches such as Bijou, Bianca Foulon and Baiastice to mention a few and these can be used for any occasion. Pictures were taken in Best of SL Boulevard, Aspire Isle and Trilogy Fashion Alley where you also will find a lots of good quality clothes, shoes and hair.

In the picture below, I am wearing hair called Kaori chocolate, from Exile or at Mimi´s choice as well. My jacket with sweater is Bickstreet from Bijou as a part of the whole set. The black leather belt is from Maitreya and my pants are called Boom Boom in wine/red color from Sweetest Goodbye. The gloves from LeeZu Baxter Designs are called Nif Nif gloves and the ever-so funky boots are called PW Succio but unfortunately the landmark isn’t available at the moment. The earrings are the glam earrings from Creamshop.



Another fantastic show took to the stage on July 5th, with Kotobuki Jewell of Bijou showcasing her beautiful, vivacious and colourful collection. The show was a tremedous success and the turn-out was great.


Assisted by the poses and animations by Stella Furkel of ** Fashion Models Works ** the models were trendy, chic and stylish as they strutted down the runway.

One of the models in the show said:

This show was great fun to do, with amazing clothes. The clothes, hairs and skins were of a very high standard and had great detailing. This show was greatly received by the audience; the appause and comments were overwhelming. It was a great experience.”

– Ella Quinsette (Modelled in the show)

A great goodbag was given after the event and if you haven’t checked out these shops then I recommend you do so!

Thank you to everyone who attended, the amazing designers and the models and EFA staff who made this show a success.

*Slide show pictures with thanks to EFA Photographer, Tillia Arianthio

The Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to invite you to our estate della moda (Summer of Fashion) fashion Marathon with fashion shows each evening, beginning with Kotobuki Jewell, the creative force behind the SL household name, Bijou. We will be showcasing KotoBuki’s beautiful vivacious and colourful collection. Joining Kotobuki is new and exciting pose designer Stella Furkel of Stella ** Fashion Model Works ** will be showcasing her new range of animated runway poses on the catwalk.

This show is going to be packed with all those wonderful items you will want to get your hands on for the season. Dont Miss it.

Event Details are as follows:

Date: 5th July, 2008

Guest Arrival: 11.30 AM SLT

Show Kick Off: 12.00 PM SLT

Dress Code: Chic, Trendy and Stylish (but low prims).

Teleport to Event Location

I am back to present some more fabulous Summer fashions to you. I hope you had a great week with the various shows, SL5B events and everything else, as I did. You have an even better week up ahead, though!

I’m starting this week with this pink and white ready to wear dress, which has recently been released from Armidi as part of their “Color me Summer” collection. The dress is available in many other summer colors such as green, blue, white/black, yellow, etc (All of the Armidi colors!). Together with the collection, there are also bangles in matching colors and for this I wore the pink version of the bangles. The Skirt is nicely sculpted to fit the any avatar and to compliment the skirts short but big poof shape, I added a thick white belt from M*A*ii*K*I. Matching pink Slinky Stilettos are from Maitreya and available in many other colors.

I’ve prepared these three Summer inspired outfits for you all to view and be inspired by yourself, in order to create your own Summer wardrobe. Summer is an amazing time of year, especially for fashion lovers, and it’s time you really expressed to the SL-world your own sexy style!


When talking about rasta, rastafarians, Jamaica, tricolours we connect them very often to Bob Marley, the famous reggae artist born in Jamaica as Robert Nesta Marley. He died very young  of cancer, and in his short life, he became a legend: a reggae star, a devout Rastafarian, a humble and gentle man whose music across nearly two decades and yet still remains timeless.

When it comes to fashion, I am sure you have seen or noticed, that tricolor armband, BM t-shirt or rastahair are still very “in” and in Second Life you will have lot of opportunity to mix and match your own rastafari style in many ways since there are many places where to get rasta stuff. This what I am presenting, is just one style of many. Do not hestitate to visit Irie Vibes, Soreal or just type “reggae” in search for places, then there comes out a long list of places related to reggae, rastafari or Bob Marley. The are also a homepage worth looking at : Bob Marley – the official site of BM.

What I wore on picture above:

Skin: Sos Children Charity-tribal3 from MMS (this skin is no longer available at MMS but they have similar in same skintones)

Hair: Original Rasta bun V2 from SOREAL

Shirt: Move on rasta shirt ( part of set) from :Bijou:

Skirt: A001 Jean skirt/grey from Armidi Limited

Sock: Calzinitulle socks from biancaF.

Bag: Porta Corsico black from ArmidiGisaci

Shoes:Primrose shoes B/black from *GF*

Earrings: Rasta Africa from Irie Vibes

Necklace: 80´s Pop Flexi Neclace from Cake