It’s summer for the top half of the world and all girls need new swimsuits.  We can’t be wearing the some ones that served us well last year, this is a new year after all.  Luckily for us, there are new ones to be had in Second Life.  Aradhana Voight of Mashooka Designs is offering some sexy new styles of swimwear, some complete with cover-up options.  Pictured below is the figure enhancing Nisha one piece suit.


This suit has a large open front exposing the torso and a deep cut back, showing plenty of skin for a one piece suit.  The top is enhanced with a prim scuplty bra and it can be worn with or without the sheer prim skirt.  The suit comes with the shell belt and is further accessorized with matching earrings, necklace and braclet from an available full set.  Shown here in lilac and mint it is also available in creme, orange, rose, sea and yellow.



bathing suit_008




Don’t you just love it when you’re favorite fashion designer is talented enough to create almost everything you need to wear in Seond Life?  Sometimes you wonder why you shop anywhere else.  Kuranosuke Kamachi brings it all together at her mainstore… DeLa.  When you first walk in, you’ll find the shoes just calling your name… “buy me Kat… c’mon, you need another pair of shoes or two“.    Then after you buy a few pairs, you realize now you need a few outfits to match.  Okay… let’s go shopping!


bathing suit_001

Okay, I say this every year… I NEED A NEW BATHING SUIT!  Every season, designers find a way of making bathing suits look better an better.  The textures so much more life-like, the shadowing on the fabric, the detail in the knot of the pareo, each prim can be manipulated  for a better fit.  The “Margarita” Seablue bikini is exactly what I needed.  This bikini is tattoo friendly and comes in all layers.  There are prim bows and layer bows so you can wear it with or without the matching pareo. Kuranosuke Kamachi thought of everything.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan

Hair:  ETD – Nadia – blonde

Bathing Suit:  *DeLa* – Bikini “Margarita” Seablue


House of Nyla released the Demin Buckled set a few days ago, which contains a bikini, a bathing suit and a dress, all in canvas demin.

For those who don’t know, House of Nyla is a firm which mainly designs real life clothes. On the page we can read in the designer’s bio: “When Nyla met the love of her life, she opened her heart and she discovered magical abilities for fashion. Nyla´s heart guided her, to create a dress, which drove a passion that she had not known before. After a year of pondering the idea Nyla had a spiritual experience, which lead her to the door of Helen Lefeaux´s School of Fashion. After Nyla graduated her first year of school in 1999, she continued developing her skills in, couture beadwork, embroudery, draping, tailoring and couture pattern making.

Nyla is a Vancover Designer who creates one of a kind clothing from Bridal to Avant Garde. She specializes in custom beadwork using a array of beads. In 2006 Nyla creates a Virtual Boutique in a world called Second Life. This exposure garners her work press as she continues to build her brand”.

There are few real life fashion designers who bring their products into Second Life, and it is very interesting to experience the connection between Second Life and real life.

Here, I am presenting Nyla´s latest release which is very much in season since it’s summer in most parts of the world. I must admit, these items are really sexy and sophisticated. This set cost me 1500L, but you can also buy them separately. Don´t hesitate to visit House of Nyla today.

Demin buckled – bikini

Demin buckled – bathing suit


I am presenting 3 different bikinis from Frozen Turqoise Valentine to give you the opportunity to see if these are to your taste. We are approaching summertime in Europe and if you walk around your town in various fashionclothing shops, I am sure you will notice newly released bikinis everywhere. If you’d like to see more of the RL trends of bikini for summer 2008 then this homepage is worth looking at: Victoria`s Secret which are also famous for their fabulous lingeries.

For the FTV bikinis, I must say, that they are so amazing with nice details, good colour combination and since there also is a short range of jewelery from FTV, you can mixmatch them nicely together. Scultped wedges are from Celestial Studios, and the best thing about it is, that you can use chat to change the colour of the bands – in any colour you have in mind.