Since I was a very young girl I have always loved the elegance of vintage clothing. Neferia Abel, owner and designer of Ivalde Designs has been bringing that elegance into Second Life for awhile now. Neferia has truly set the bar high with the great attention to detail, lush beautiful textures of  clothing &  don’t get me started on the delicious skins. Knowing the quality of her work I got really excited when I found out through EFA’s Tiffany Dragonash that Neferia had decided to expand and work on new more modern designs perfect for every woman with a totally new brand, “L’Abel.  ” Slipping on these new masterpieces I am in awe!  They were everything I imagined and more, sexy, sophisticated, and just simple knock down beautiful. I got to chat with Neferia and she is a sweet person and I am so happy to have met her.


Temperance Moonites: What’s in store for L’Abel and is there anything exciting coming up you would like us to know about?

Neferia Abel: I have a few exciting projects in the works! I will be redesigning the store next week, giving it a more updated, fresh appearance. I’m also going to start designing more contemporary clothing, giving as much attention to design there as I do to my other lines.


Back on track today, with a mood of black and sexy. I visited a shop called Yuli (awesome and very much my taste), where I really had to spend some Lindens and show the products off for to you.

In the first picture, I am wearing Alysha Black Chic, a sexy dress which also comes in many other colors, one for every personality and style. Included with the dress is a necklace – I do not need to hunt after a necklace this time – smart! My hair is the recently released from UPP18 from *booN. It is a sexy updo which comes in various colors, but I am born brunette and will always be a brunette, unless someone asks me to change the color. When I visited the Show Expo, I fell in love with Storm Schmooz’s overknees in black. My little sweet handbag is also from Yuli, and comes in a package of 10 bags in every color you can dream of. This style is good for a night out or for hunting after a dancing partner. Here you go, girls!!


Hello everybody, welcome to my weekly fashion and stlye post. Today I would like to present 3 variations of style for the same great dress:

Picture 1.

Not too long ago, Barerose released the Black Iris dress, which comes in 3 different colours, and was the source of my inspiration for todays post. With the dress in black, I created a mix match in picture 1 that is sexy and punkish. The hair, that I just couldn’t not wear, is from a shop called Brainbow and colour may be kind of bizarre, but its funny to wear. The hair comes with more than 10 colors. Wearing this hair will make you feel wild and happy.


I am back to present some more fabulous Summer fashions to you. I hope you had a great week with the various shows, SL5B events and everything else, as I did. You have an even better week up ahead, though!

I’m starting this week with this pink and white ready to wear dress, which has recently been released from Armidi as part of their “Color me Summer” collection. The dress is available in many other summer colors such as green, blue, white/black, yellow, etc (All of the Armidi colors!). Together with the collection, there are also bangles in matching colors and for this I wore the pink version of the bangles. The Skirt is nicely sculpted to fit the any avatar and to compliment the skirts short but big poof shape, I added a thick white belt from M*A*ii*K*I. Matching pink Slinky Stilettos are from Maitreya and available in many other colors.

I’ve prepared these three Summer inspired outfits for you all to view and be inspired by yourself, in order to create your own Summer wardrobe. Summer is an amazing time of year, especially for fashion lovers, and it’s time you really expressed to the SL-world your own sexy style!


Summer is all around us in Europe right now, and many people are having a beautiful Summer vacation by either visiting a Summer resort or by taking a weekend trip somewhere. Venezia or Barcelona, maybe? In my case (the case of a single woman), I would love to take a weekend trip to a shopping haven. Somewhere there I can have limitless shopping opportunities, while at the same time top up that tan (Mm… Beach). Once you’ve booked that holiday, you need to check if your VISA or Mastercard is still valid and grab your passport. What a task it is to pack your bag, not only for the time, but because of your options. I know many of my fellow women will agree with me, and thats why I am giving you some suggestions on what to take on a weekend trip: A dresses with accessories, swimwear with accessories and a set of lingerie. You can buy the rest when you are shopping!

Basic stuff which must be taken with you in your travelbag:


House of Nyla released the Demin Buckled set a few days ago, which contains a bikini, a bathing suit and a dress, all in canvas demin.

For those who don’t know, House of Nyla is a firm which mainly designs real life clothes. On the page we can read in the designer’s bio: “When Nyla met the love of her life, she opened her heart and she discovered magical abilities for fashion. Nyla´s heart guided her, to create a dress, which drove a passion that she had not known before. After a year of pondering the idea Nyla had a spiritual experience, which lead her to the door of Helen Lefeaux´s School of Fashion. After Nyla graduated her first year of school in 1999, she continued developing her skills in, couture beadwork, embroudery, draping, tailoring and couture pattern making.

Nyla is a Vancover Designer who creates one of a kind clothing from Bridal to Avant Garde. She specializes in custom beadwork using a array of beads. In 2006 Nyla creates a Virtual Boutique in a world called Second Life. This exposure garners her work press as she continues to build her brand”.

There are few real life fashion designers who bring their products into Second Life, and it is very interesting to experience the connection between Second Life and real life.

Here, I am presenting Nyla´s latest release which is very much in season since it’s summer in most parts of the world. I must admit, these items are really sexy and sophisticated. This set cost me 1500L, but you can also buy them separately. Don´t hesitate to visit House of Nyla today.

Demin buckled – bikini

Demin buckled – bathing suit