Last week, I had the thrill of being the hostess of the third Runway Robics games at the Ischia sim for our yoga work out and model skills challenges that take place every second week. Four brave models chose to undergo my deadelicious exercises for honor and amazing prices generously offered by our dear sponsors, [LAP] and Beauty Avatar. They trotted down the three runways with class and agility, under warm and kind applause from the audience, dressed as requested – “your biggest fashion mistake purchase” titled “don’t be yourself.” Rhi Rossini with her derision and confidence clearly took the high road to the first step of the podium and joined our winners circle along with Iustinian Tomsen and Kimmyko Mayako.

Mark your agendas dears, cause next week we’ll be back again for some serious fun!


Howdy lovely, trotting kids, I can’t believe it’s the third session of the Runway Robics games already. But yep, there it is again and do I have special treats for you all! This time, I’ll give you the opportunity to be a star or, erm, at very least be on one.

And to add more fun to the experience, the dress code this week is “don’t be yourself,” as we all have this item in our inventory we purchased but have never worn in public. Well, get your money back today on the Runway Robics III runways!

This week, [LAP] and Beauty Avatar will please our brave winner with amazing prices – many thanks to them. See ya at Ischia at 11 AM SLT/PDT.


Here is an interview with Tempest Hennesy, our dedicated and driven models teacher and mentor to realize how important runway skills are in this industry…

Bobie Woodget: Tempest Hennesy, you know better the anyone how to express the true attitude that makes one blossom.

Tempest Hennesy blushes. Thank you.

Bobie Woodget: So, when you’re at a show what makes you say: “that chick has been professionaly trained?”

Tempest Hennesy: Well, there are more than a few who think it’s easy to ‘walk’ in a show. As easy as pointing in a direction and moving there, but it really does take more than that. To me, when I see someone who knows what they’re doing, that person makes it look almost fluid… almost real; well as real as you can get in a virtual environment. Can they go from walking, carrying themselves, to a pose and make it look like it’s not being done by a robot or a doll? Can they make the people watching stop flipping windows and pay attention because, along with the mechanical, they’re also bringing the personality into it? Then, they’ve got. It’s all of that. The mechanics, the timing, the poise, the grace… the knowledge to pull it all together.

Bobie Woodget: So to you it starts by identifying the image you wanna show the audience?

Tempest Hennesy: Exactly. If you want to be a model, a professional model, then as much as it’s practice practice, practice, it’s also perception. If people can’t look at you and see professional, then you can practice till you’re blue in the face and your feet bleed. Show the audience that you’re serious. Then, they’ll be watching while you pull everything else together. Well… not you, LOL! You already do that.

Bobie Woodget: Hehe thanks! At your opinion… when does the model’s image interfere with the designer image? In other words, how flexible does the model have to be with his/her own image?


Think of it like as your weekly yoga or aerobics class; a time to sweat, hang-out with friends, enjoy great moments with other beautiful people. Only this time it is on the runway and the stakes are high! Do you dare to tread the boards, beat the challenges and risk elimination?

Runway-Robics is the new concept event from Ewing Fashion Agency for professional models and anyone who dare to take to the runway. A chance to win amazing prizes while having serious fun. Your hosts Rena Mascot and Bobie Woodget will be hosting one dare-devil of a fun-packed time for you. So, if you think you are up for the challenge, grab some of your friends and bring ’em on down to to Runway-Robics.

Take a simple runway set, put some tricks and treats on, a great DJ, some great music, tonnes of beautiful people, leg-warmers, leotards and stilettos, lots of drama and you have a hawt event and a night not to miss!! Come and challenge your skills, you agility and all-round castability (does that word even exist)? Only one rule, have fun, and pray for damn life. Don’t trip, slip and get to the end… If you can…

To join in, look up and join the Ewing Events VIP in-world group to get the latest on the development of this event and the launch date. Then Jump into your hightest stilettos (not the guys of course), leg-warmers, leotards (that part also applies to the guys!) and come and tread the boards with us.

Chambre du Chocolat Couture , a new emerging line of high style and unique wearable art presents its first couture item, the Fishook Dress.

I’d like to introduce Eshi Otawara, a new edgy and daring designer, whose work aims at womanessence and style. Her way of complimenting the woman who doesn’t need bling or flashy things touched me. Here is how she described her piece:



“The concept of the dress is to put emphasis on the character of the one who wears it. It deliberately conceals the figure with a jet black matte set of undergarments and uses the physical properties of the skirts to ‘fish in’ not only ‘looks’ but all existing attention. The usage of fishook stencil sends out a direct message, “If you come close, you WILL get ‘hooked’ !”- very bold and direct. The more graceful the movement of the one who wears it, the more seductively the dress flows spreading out into a wild flower shape, splitting itself into wing-like shapes or, even, an aura-like halo which slowly settles back in place.”



One minus point though, the dress is limited edition ( like most of her work), so run there NOW!

Hair: ZEro style

Chocker: Onyx tie chocker by Alyssa bijoux Jewelry

Hat: Mercury morning hat [m]