I just found out today that Bax Coen is initiating her FIRST EVER Boot Sale

I was visiting Mimi’s Choice for Women this morning and Mimi was telling me about this fantastic sale.


Bax Boots, whom all of Second Life fashion conscious women love, are now selling for $L395 per pair.  They normally sell for $L800.  That is a savings of over 50%. 

There are some hot new textures like the Zebra, which I absolutely fell in love with.  You can also pick up the matching belt and bracelets. Also find the snake skin and various colours of leopard.  All boots come with a matching purse.

Hurry over, while this sale lasts and shop ’til you drop.





 The first time I met Simone Stern was at the beginning of my EFA-carrier, as present she gave me her new collection. I am still wearing these dresses, for me, that is what is characteristic for Simone’s design, the beautiful textures and the strong design make each piece timeless and can be add easily to a fashionable vintage collection.  Definitly showed with the Una-dress atthe EFA-Design Award Show. But Simone is not only designing gowns! With her “Style starts here” brand she demonstrate she can do much more, casualwear with modern flair,  jeans, fun tops, sexy boots, and even lingerie. With her creativity for so many styles, I am anxious to see what she will make of the designs in the EFA-AIFW2009 show, time for some questions!

EFA-AIFW2009 Simone 4EFA-AIFW2009 Simone 3EFA-AIFW2009 Simone 1 

Simone Stern pictured by Connie Arida 

For the EFA-AIFW2009 show you have to reproduce 4 outfits from the RL-show. The RL-designer describes her designs as follow: “My common designs are simple and wearable dresses. Those are most of the time make from the unusual choice of material.”  How far does your style meet this style? And can you replace yourself in this style and work with it?

Simone: I think my ‘Style’ line is utterly wearable, utterly comfortable. Tops and slacks, and dresses that wear easily and don’t need a ton of accessories to look chic. The cocktail/party dress line at Simone is very wearable too, definitely fashion without a lot of fuss. The wedding gowns are…wedding gowns! They’re dreamy, floaty, soft fantasies, meant for that ONE special day.  

You are placed in the theme “Now”  for the show. Do you have some feeling with this theme related to your common style? Does it fit you?

Simone:  The response to the Style line has been very gratifying and continues to grow  in popularity. The Style line is very modern, casual, and wearable. I’m having fun designing casual clothes for men and women. If I could sum up the line in just a few words, I’d say something like “Easy self-confidence.”

The color of the designs you will create for this show is red. Do you use this color a lot? What is the special challenge for this color? Do you have a special connection with this color?

Simone: Uhm, I had to pick one color? OOPS!  Too late! I picked all three, of course! 

EFA-AIFW2009 outfit Simone

Photographer of the picture and model on the picture: Connie Arida, wearing STYLE -Outfit (by Simone!), includes belt, trousers, cami and cardigan 


At Simone!  you find all you need to mix and match, making your every day look totally unique, and personalized to suit you. Go and find your new look now.


EFA-AIFW2009 (logo red)


Simone Stern is part of the designer team of the EFA-AIFW2009 show. Her creations will be  presented in the theme “now”.


         This weeks blog is centered around a tried and true, well respected designer of womens boots




When I first came into Second Life, I became intrigued with it’s clothing  fashion and all aspects of it.  At first I didn’t know where to turn to find good clothing or how to make my avatar look human and beautiful and well coiffured.  I did find a wonderful woman HoneyBear Lillihook, who took me under wing and helped me.  To this day we are still best of friends.  She is now the person I have known the longest in Second Life.

Honey showed me how to find good clothing and shoes and helped me with designers.  The first pair of boots that I saw on a woman that really stood out to me I fell in love with.  I IM’d the woman and asked her if she would please tell me where she got her boots and she sent me a landmark for Bax Boots.  At that moment I rushed over to the main store and bought my first pair, that has been a year now.  I still love them as much as when I first ever spotted them being worn.  Still in my mind, no other boot out there compares to the all over design and quality of the Bax Boot.


It’s always nice to find a store that makes you want to visit frequently. You start aisle by aisle, picking out what you will buy, and what’s going to be your future purchase. Once you join the update group and you know what the newest hot items are, they must be added to the list too, or be bought. Maybe I should just IM the owner and ask for a flat rate, one of each to go?!

Rating Scale in shopping bags Shopping bag

1 – Dislike

2 – Needs Improvement

3 – Good

4 – Very Good

5 – Loved it

The Facts

Name: Shiny Things

Owner/Designer: Fallingwater Cellardoor

Shop Category: Shoes, men’s shoes, boots, jewelry, handbags/purses

Price Point: Medium range


When I was exploring SL a couple of days ago, I visited a sim I had never been on before and I found a shop, lucky me. I couldn’t believe what I saw: Boots! omg, they were so cool that I had to transfer some more lindens to purchase…. oh no, not the whole shop, but 4 pair of boots in different colours and styles. The shop is called COPYKAT, owned by Ella Ireton, who also is the creator of these wonderful boots. I had a short chat with her and she told me that she is still pretty new, which is awesome.


No.1: COPYKAT Kenja black 500L

No.2: COPYKAT Mission platforms 500L


No.3: COPYKAT Desertrose black 400L

No.4: COPYKAT Sneakers platforms 400L

Don’t hesitate to have a look at this awesome shop because you will not only find boots but also pumps, jewelry and outside the shop, on your left, there are also various hair styles from the same designer. Have fun 🙂

LM for COPYKAT in-world shop:

This is what June Dion has in mind when she was hand drawing the textures, including the buttons, for the Bare Rose Flare Coats.  Being a Tokyo girl myself, I find the winter here a little too chilly to wear just a coat so I have added a white polo neck shirt to the red coat emphasizing the wintry feeling.  Then I layered with black tights and warmed my feet with a pair of ankle boots. These are my favorite ankle boots, and the best matching shoes for this outfit because of it’s black leather.  The gold buckle and red sole on the boots give the overall outfit another touch.  Tokyo girls love accessories too, and to add chicness to the outfit I accessorized with a black & brown fur cape and a pair of leather gloves. I am thrilled to find the fur hat (comes with the blonde hair) that matches the overall outfit perfectly.

So it’s cold outside, but I am ready to hit the street with charm.

Tokyo Girl in Winter

I like to thank the following friends for their feedback on this ensemble:

June Dion, Liquer Felix, Moonaco Porta    

Shape: Custom

Skin: Drew (Fair) for L$4000 from RaC City

Hair: GAL Hair for L$160 from SHOP SEU

Coat: B@R Flare Coat for L$135 from Bare Rose

Polo Neck: Polo Neck Shirt/ White for L$250 from Muism 

Tights: Metalic Black Tights for L$95 from Armidi Limited & plain black tights for L$120 (set of 11) from from Creamshop

Shoes: Bitch Bootie (Black Heel) for L$875 from Stiletto Moody

Gloves: TaP Gloves Short (Black) for L$100 (set of 3 sizes) from Tete a Pied 

Fur Cape: Brown color (free christmas item) from Redgrave Women