PRESS RELEASE- Ewing Fashion Agency

 The SELDOM BLUE Bridal Show

Location: The Quartz Isle Theater,

Ewing Fashion Agency looks to banish the blues this weekend as Seldom Blue hits their runway.  Seldom Blue is not only a retailer that sells traditional bridal gowns but it delivers a spice of fashionable designs that are suitable for any occasion. Ewing’s models will be sure to create traffic stopping attention as they strut their stuff wearing Indigoblue Dagostino’s magical creations on the runway that is scheduled for 12pm SLT on Sunday 16th August.  You are advised to grab a seat in the front row as early as possible as this is going to be a fun filled event that should not be missed.

Seldom Blue also has Eternity Brides & Eternity Silks under its banner, selling designs ranging from casual to business to formal wear.  Its designs are high quality that will definitely put any women into a league of their own. Seldom Blue is expanding within the industry and has now also begun to enter other fields, such as designing poses (courtesy of Covenant Laval). Also available at Seldom Blue are Silks and Jewellery from designer Singsong Writer.  All of Seldom Blues designs are mod/copy/no transfer and all  clothing are supplied on a variety of different layers which allow you to wear the clothing to your liking.  To add a bonus Seldom Blue also takes on custom work, which makes your wedding more special and unique.

The Seldom Blue Fashion show will involve a variety of different designs from their collection which will include new releases,  followed by the bridal collection. You will have a chance to have a peek at the fabulous new sexy lingerie and premiere release gowns.  This is essential to those who are brides-to-be and are searching through different sims for that wonderful dress that brings tears to your mother’s eyes. You want this to be a day that you will always remember and there is no better way than making sure you stand out for all the right reasons.  There will be a gorgeous full length evening gown offered to all guests as a free gift, and more special offers on the new range, for the duration of the runway event only.

More information is available at their website:

What better month to have a Wedding Show than June. On the 25th I had the pleasure of walking in the event of the season, hosted by EFA, which is to become an annual event. The show was organized by EFA Top Model Tempest Hennesy and featured designs by Sayuli Allen of Sayuli’s Boutique and Swaffette Firefly of SF Designs. Sayuli’s new line of bridal gowns were shown, many of them for the very first time. Morning suits and tuxedoes from SF Designs were paired with the bridal gowns and bride’s maid dresses supplied by both designers. To the delight of the large crowd, the runway show was choreographed in the style of a wedding. A groomsman or groom walked the runway and waited at the end for the paired bride’s maid or bride. The two then returned as a pair before the next couple entered. Tempest presided over the show from behind an altar at the top of the runway.


Sayuli is not extremely well known (yet!), but the talented designer and her gowns matched up well with the designs of Swaffette. As with any wedding, the brides were the center of attention as they demonstrated the gracefully flowing gowns, seven in all. Of course, all the bride’s maid gowns, morning suits and tuxedoes were not to be missed either. The show was further enhanced by Stella Furkel’s new animated poses from Fashion Model Works. All of the models had a great time doing the show and afterwards I heard from many of those attending that they enjoyed watching.


EFA Wedding Show 25 June 2008

The first and hopefully the annual EFA Wedding Show will be held on June 25th, 2008 at 12pm SLT located at Ewing Fashion District Villa Pool Runway.

The EFA Wedding Show will not be like other fashion affairs. This event will be incorporating a runway and trunk show atmosphere where you can see gorgeous models grace the runway in high fashion wedding couture and get to connect with the designers.

Tempest Hennesy, EFA Top Model and Trainer hopes that “Putting together the runway and trunk show concepts with these beautiful creations of gowns and suits; and a compliment of some of SL’s stunning top models, we hope to make this the EFA event of the season.”

An unique twist to this show, all attendees will receive a “wedding album” where sponsors and designers will be able to leave a lasting impression. Featured designers are Sayuli Allen of Sayuli’s Boutique. Sayuli the owner of Heavenly Bliss Wedding Area is new to the fashion show scene, her works shows immaculate quality in texture in both her wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Swaffette Firefly of SF Design, Swaffette will be showing off her collection of Bridesmaid dresses and Groomsmen’s tuxes. A special thanks to our fabulous sponsors MHA (Ministry of Housing Association) and Stella Furkel of Fashion Models Works (static and animated poses for photography and runway).

Please join the fabulous designers, stunning models, the diligent EFA crew and DJ Kromus for an event of elegance and romance.