Two days ago I visited BAIASTICE to see Sissy Pessoa’s latest releases. Once there, I saw the two Autumn Winter releases and attempted to buy them. To my suprise, I was unable to; instead it gave me a landmark to the Black Swan sim. I was confused but thought “Well I love the outfits, so I will go and see what’s there”. Having never heard of it before I was also curious. After walking through the door I got a huge shock, I was expecting another clothes shop, but this looked like something I would see in a game like Tomb Raider. There was a huge axe swinging across the pathway and the pathway was uneven. I thought “Surely there aren’t any clothes here”, but as the scenery was so breathtaking I thought I would take the opportunity to attempt the assault course of different challenges. I eventually came across the area where the clothing was and was in awe at the great designs by various Second Life designers. After buying some of the clothes I thought as the sim was so amazing, it would be a fantastic idea to take some snapshots of me wearing the clothes that I had just purchased whilst still in the sim. I teleported home and opened the boxes and then headed back to the Black Swan sim. I hope you like the photographs. I tried to not only show the fantastic clothes, but to also show you some of my favourite areas in the Black Swan sim.

Glamorous dres: Medusa Maxi Snakeskin from Casa Del Shai, sophisticated for summer nights chill outs. Top comes with snakeskin crossing shoulder straps and transparent underblouse together with halflong flexi skirt which are lightly transparent. How exciting! Summernights can be a bit tricky, so I wore a cute green boa which you can get from Juju´s Closet in greenpastel- its modifyable, its pretty easy to change color. Instead of wearing traditional black eyelashes I tried spotted flawless flutter eyelashes from caLLie cLine in rainbow like colors. My cute bag with feather is from Muism and shoes are from ZHAO. Did I forget something, yes! Earrings are Knights Honour from Paper Couture and stunning skin Misha/blue is from Redgarve. For my legs I wore tights which are part of dress Brown Glitter Clubbing Dress, also from Redgarve.

With this inspiration for what to wear in a glamorous summernight chill out, it is as well perfect for a hot date :-).

What I wore :

Skin: Misha/blue from Redgarve

Hair: Lady Red from MMS hair

Eyes:Paris Brown eyes from Naugty Designs

Eyelashes:Flawless “eye-flashes” spotted long from caLLie cLine

Earrings: Knights honor set from Paper Couture

Dress: Medusa Maxi Dress from Casa Del Shai

Tights: Glitter Clubbing Dress (part of dress, fishnet stockings) from Redgarve

Shoes: “Xin” shoes from ZHAO

Boa:Pretty Coyote (part of outfit set) from Juju´s Closet

Bag: Short feather/black from Muism

Just a few hours before First Fusion starts, the event area is ready. This time we did not make the runway ourself, but it was done by our head sponsor First Meta.

I asked Joy Laperierre a few questions about the work thay have done the last week to make First Fusion unforgetable.

Can you give a short introduction of First Meta and what First Meta does?

Joy: First Meta is the first real financial service provider for virtual economies positioned to be a bank and more. First Meta is the 1st to provide full suite of financial products and services, denominated in virtual currencies, to Second Life and other virtual economies. The company’s first product, the MetaCard a Linden Dollar – denominated credit card was launched on 31-July 2007. We are a real-world company, registered in Singapore, one of the financial centers of the world. Firt Meta’s operations are supported by the Singapore goverment and we are funded by real-world private investors, not by our customer’s deposits.

What inspired you for building this event area?

Joy: I have to say, First Fusion is an unique event simulcasted from RL at Amsterdam’s fashionable De Balie located at Leidseplein. This inspired us to portray how Real World embraces Second Life

Why does First Meta wants to join First Fusion?

Joy: First Meta finds First Fusion an interesting event that could reach out to the masses with some help and also it has been a joy working with the amazing people behind the success of Ewing Fashion Agency

EFA - Event area First Fusion



 Callie Cline is not only a fashion icon in SL. As a designer, business women, photographer and model, it seems her talents are endless. We caught up with Callie this week to find out about this busy lady’s past, present and upcoming projects.

Harriet Gausman: For those who do not know, how long have you been in SL and when did your business begin?

Callie Cline: My rez day is (looks on profile) 7-10-2005. I began business in an informal way as a photographer for the owner of the black library, wandering yaffle, he was my first SL friend, and I think I bothered him so much, he sent me out to take photos. Haha. He encouraged me early on to build, and make stuff and tried to teach me. After 5 minutes, I told him, NO WAY I am gonna ever make stuff. He’s an amazing person and also was the person who encouraged Nicky Ree and Ace Albion of Aces Spaces.

My “clothing” biz began quietly in I think April of 2006 with one wall in Kiana Dulce’s shop. My first things were tables, candles and rugs, all with skulls on them. I thought it’d be fun to have an all skull themed shop, so my first outfit was “skullicious”… and I made about 12 skull outfits… then sorta thought, hmmm, I’m bored with skulls on to glitter… and so on… (before I did clothing, I did photography, logo design and was a decorator too).

Harriet Gausman: What inspires your designs?

Callie Cline: Everything from objects in my home, collections of fabric I own, music, nature, my imagination, childhood memories of my favorite clothing and what I did to them with scissors, beads, leather, often to the horror of my mother.

Harriet Gausman: Five words to describe the brand values of Callie?

Callie Cline: Passion, excellence (meaning the best I can do, not perfection), Inspired, Integrity, Servant Leadership.

Harriet Gausman: You were the brains behind Motorati Girlz, tell us a little more about this?

Callie Cline: It was a way to engage women in the Motorati community in a fun and light way. Sort of cheerleaders for the various events.

Harriet Gausman: Have your efforts to attract more women to the world of cars in SL paid off?

Callie Cline: Yes I think so! Perhaps not in a “get under the hood” sort of way, but in fun ways, and working with people on Motorati like “ask patty” and being able to send women to her I think helped.

Harriet Gausman: It must have been thrilling to be picked for the Maxim Hot 100.

Callie Cline: It was very thrilling although equally hard to believe. Still is. I often open the mag to see if my photo is really there or has been “logged out”. They recently added a link on their site to the motorati girlz blog, it was supposed to be my blog, so that will be changed, but that was surprising to me to see “learn more about caLLie here” on the Maxim site.

Harriet Gausman: How did this come about?