[KA] has long been one of my favorite stops for skins – superb quality and attention to detail are hallmarks of Kira Ahn’s work. Little did I know, however, that these standards apply not only to her skin collection, but also to her fashion line. I got to sample some of Kira’s new fall designs, and I must say, [KA]’s latest pieces are absolute must-haves for every fashionista’s autumn wardrobe.

The first pieces that caught my eye in Kira’s newest line were two coats of drastically different styles. The Nomis jacket, top left, is a warm and cozy pea coat of the softest red wool. Nomis is made up of prim cuffs, shoulder detailing, collar, and a prim skirt/belt. In addition to red, Nomis also comes in blue, purple, mud, and black. This is definitely a fabulous coat for the chilly months ahead! Next to Nomis you’ll see the Nedo jacket. This jacket is one of my favorites I’ve seen this season. It has a looser feel than the sleek Nomis, with a flaired shape that will flatter any figure. The herringbone texture that Nedo uses adds a sophistication to the design that makes it just perfect for any occasion, from business to pleasure. Nedo comes in gray (as modeled), red, black, plum, and lila (pink). I’m inclined to pick up one of each color!



In my experience, when a designer can be found in her shop a lot, it speaks well of both her and her designs. It’s no wonder then that the clothing at MEB, owned by MariaElena Barbosa, blew me away. I think that MariaElena was in her store every time I stopped by, and her sweet demeanor and helpful attitude were the first things that struck me about the shop. This brilliant Italian designer was kind enough to show me her newest collection and allow me to sample some of her designs. Before I get into the specific outfits, it should be noted that a lot of the clothes at MEB come as full outfits, complete with shoes and/or accessories, all just as beautifully detailed as the clothing.


Hello, my name is Capri, and I’m addicted to skins. Seriously, I should attend meetings. Finding a new, quality skin-maker is one of the few things that can change a really miserable day into a fabulous one. And I had just that experience when I ran into Olyvia Zenovka, store manager of LionSkins, at an event. She was wearing the most artistic skin I had seen in awhile and I asked her wear she got it. She chuckled, and told me about the store. I TPed there a few days later and was blown away by the variety and the quality. The shading on the body and the detail in the face are particularly well done. Now, why are these skins being included in the luxury column, you ask? Well, to me a luxury item has two attributes: extremely high quality, and a somewhat prohibitive price. At 1200L a skin, these aren’t the most expensive skins I’ve seen, but they certainly aren’t the cheapest. But as you’ll see, these skins are totally worth the expense!

Olyvia and LionSkins creator Lion Jonesford explained to me that their goal with the store is to allow women to define beauty in their own unique way. With a wide variety of everyday and runway-inspired skins, there really is something for everyone. I was lucky enough to sample a few skins from Lion’s newest line, the Suzana line. Below on the right, you will see Suzana – pale 10, a neutral look with glossy lips and smoky eyes. On the left is the Suzana – pale freckles 10, one of many freckled skins in the new line, with darker, more dramatic lips.


Hey EFA fans, this is Capri Dubrovna! When thinking about what to blog about for my very first EFA blog post, I tried to pick something that would truly represent the theme of my weekly blog: luxury. Each week I’ll be blogging about an item or items that most would consider an indulgence – those fancy things in SL that we buy because we can’t afford them in real life! For my first post, I wanted to introduce this theme with something exquisite – and I found that something at Arachne Silks. What could be more luxurious than lingerie – SILK lingerie?

I learned of Arachne Silks, and designer Celadori Sakai, when I randomly asked one of my groups where I should shop for the afternoon. As soon as I landed in the store, I knew that these designs would have to be included in a luxury post. The beautiful, silken textures and many “extras” that come with the outfits really make them a great splurge. The designs themselves, which come in several jewel-toned color options, conjure up images of sensual waterfalls in India, or the colorful temples of Arabia.

For example, the Brinneal outfit (below, right), which is Celadori’s newest release, comes with armbands, wristlets, footlets, a circlet, and a belly ring – all studded with tiny gems. Celadori, obviously very proud of her newest creation (and for good reason!) informed me that “Brinneal” means “beautiful” in Gaelic. The fabric is a rich, sumptuous satin with intricate detailing around the edges. Brinneal, like most of the outfits, comes with options galore. Short and long skirt versions, multiple layer options, and sheer versions of each piece, to name a few. In addition to green, Brinneal comes in black, blue, purple, and red, with trim options in silver or gold. (more…)