A big part of fashion in Second Life is poses which can involve several areas from fashion photographs right onto the catwalk.   If you are like me, you probably have poses scattered throughout your inventory making it difficult to find the right poses for the right occassion.  I finally threw my hands up and said “enough.”  So I went on a search to find the perfect vehicle which will give me the versatility I needed, at an affordable price, and didn’t require that I was a scripting genuis in order to operate it .  I tried out a few until I hit pay dirt – Tillie’s Posing Stand – created by Tillie Ariantho.   Tillie Ariantho wears many hats in the fashion world.  She is not only a wonderful photographer (Tillie Ariantho’s Flickr page), models herself, has her own blog called Tillie’s Things of Second Life and her own store called Tillie’s Store, where you can purchase this posestand.  So if anyone knew what was needed, surely she would.  I wasn’t disappointed!



Hey, hey, it’s me again, back on track for the next Runway Robics games -fourth edition, and this week I will make you come out of your comfort zone with the most uncomfortably looking outfit you can find in your inventory and I will make sure you will feel as bad on the stage! Don’t despair my darlings, it will all worth it cause the lucky winner will bring home some delicious treats from CLIO by Clio Cardiff and [LAP]. A big thank you to our dear and adored sponsors this week, KINYO by Kinyo Nino, BEAUTY AVATAR and [LAP], with the latter also offering a cheque of L$ 800 to be spent at their store.

So take your friends by the collar and bring them to Ischia this Friday at 11 AM SLT for some giggles on the runway. See you all there!

I know I have raved about her before, but really, can you ever get enough of Amanda Bolero’s Bolero Collection? I sure can’t, and to top off my Bolero Collection fanaticism, we here at Ewing Fashion Agency are putting on a runway show featuring her work. This Italian beauty isn’t what you’d expect for an amazing designer in SL. She’s a RL nurse, with a love for backpacking all over the world. I’m sure this world wide travelling has only added to the edge her designs have. She creates amazing outfits. She took a minute to talk with me about the show, her upcoming line, and what it’s been like for her to be a Second Life fashion designer.

DE: What made you decide to come to SL?

AB: I read an article on a magazine about Second Life, but I thought it was a game, like Lara Croft., hehe. So I tried it and very soon I understood it was something different and very exciting.

DE: Did you fall in love with SL right away?

AB: At the beginning yes, I was addicted! Through my first months I was here until early morning.

DE: What made you design to start designing clothes?

AB: Like all women here, I was a customer, but sometimes I wasn’t able to find what really I wanted. I had lots of ideas, but I was not able to use the necessary programs. So, I said to myself, “If everybody does it, why can’t I do the same? Why can’t I learn? I’m not stupid,” hehe. So a friend of mine came to my house and in half an hour I had an idea of how to use templates and Photoshop. Then, I tried and I asked again and again until I had the ability to make pretty much what I wanted. But I know I still have to improve every day. Now it’s been almost a year since I started designing clothes here.

DE: You have an upcoming fashion show with our agency, Ewing Fashion Agency. Tell me a little bit about what is in store for the show.


Her name precedes her. A whirlwind of energy and stamina, top model and model trainer, Tempest Hennesy takes time out of her very busy schedule to talk about her lifelong love of fashion and entertainment.

Harriet Gausman: Tell me a little more about the person behind Tempest.


MAD agency is bringing you the Trendy & Company fashion show, featuring designs by Kendall Freenote. The show will take place on Saturday, April 12th in Kmadd Enterprise and will start at 2 PM SLT.

See you all there!


After sessions on how to quickly change, rebake textures and go in appearance mode while at show to avoid looking like Ruth or having some items missing on your body, we started with practice in walking and posing on the runway. Questions aroused among students: Can we use static poses? Shall we always return to default pose after a pose? Well, static poses – they belong to the photo studio! Choose a pose you would like to return to after another pose and it is what we call default pose. You can have 2 default poses, depending on your experience and how the transition happens – should preferably look smooth from one transition to another.

Tempest Hennesy, our top model: If you happen to be on a runway and lag is bad and you stumble off – what do you think you could do in a situation like this? Do not assume you can walk, jump or climb back – looks extremely sloppy and unprofessional.

Answers from students: “Tp to the backstage,” “Get depressed and go home,” “Tp home, and then Tp back,” “Walk confidently to the backstage area.”

Opportunities are many, but the best a model can do is to walk confidently to the backstage area and always with poise and grace – whatever, own it.


Yes, the wait is officially over – ALTAMODA is here! The launch of the magazine was celebrated in a fabulous party last night, EFA style, with a unique fashion show featuring sponsors BAIASTICE, Stiletto Moody and J&J skins. DJ Kromus rocked the decks, entertaining guests as they arrived. There was a 10 minute, pre-show campaign with a strong message about eating disorders, where models lined up and united their voices in the fight against this damaging health issue. Part of EFA’s top model Rena Mascot’s dialogue read, “..Research suggests that about one percent (1%) of female adolescents have anorexia” and model Bobie Woodget continued, “That means that about one out of every one hundred young women between ten and twenty are starving themselves, sometimes to death.” The models received loud, ongoing applause as they slowly exited the stage – it was powerful, captivating, effective.

The event kicked off at 1 PM sharp, with EFA’s CEO Una Ewing, looking like a million dollars in the sponsors’ creations, addressing the huge crowd of fashionistas. A number of contributors including designer Lissa Maertens, Moonaco Porta and Sawyer Campese of LE.LOOK and editor Sienna Fredriksson followed with equally engaging presentations. The start of the Immaculate Collection was signalled by the sinking of the stage and furniture. The set was totally transformed and the audience was instantly transported to Fontana di Trevi for the old collection, which was held in the daytime. A fantastic closing sequence, featuring a synchronised pose set, which was followed by a presentation of the new collection featuring Sissy Pessoa’s new designs.

Una Ewing said “Let there be earth” and the water feature and stage at which the first collection was presented gradually transformed into another Roman landmark – this time the Vatican, lit up by atmospheric lights. The show and stage effects were breath-taking. The models looked stunning in their skins, shoes and clothes. We thoroughly enjoyed the show which was followed by a hedonistic-style party at ICONICA. Here are some saps of the night. We really had a great time and hope you did too.

Photos by Tillie Ariantho
Stay tuned to our official events diary to find out about our upcoming shows.