It makes me very happy when I find a beautiful dress in a lovely shade of my favorite color, RED! I happened to run across one today that is feminine, sexy, and stunning while shopping at Chantkare by Applonia Criss. Quite frankly, I fell in love with Red Apple at first sight. Simply put the dress is amazing and can be styled for just about any activity, but I think it works best in the evening. Whether, you are clubbing with the girls or enjoying a romantic evening with Mr. May B. Right,  you are sure to get a lot of attention when you wear this red hot number.

Chantkare for blog 2

The dress is best described as flirty and romantic. Specifically, the lower portion is flirty and features three tiers that move nicely as you walk. The bodice is romantic as it feature poet styled sleeves and a sensual off-the-shoulders look. Accents on the bodice which include cute little drawstring in the front and ruffles at the top of the sleeves, make Red Apple irresistible.  The look is completed with Tsa Tsa heels in Badseed Red by Stiletto Moody and Aideen hair by Amrita.


LaGyo sign_001


A photographer in Second Life, Gyorgyna Larnia has expanded her creativity into the world of jewelry.  She has been designing jewelry for a little over three months now and has signed on with Applonia Criss of Chantkare to accessorize her new line of clothing.  This business partnership is a match made in heaven!

This seasons accessories are making a huge statement… big and bold! 

Boules Necklace (paglia gold)

The Boules necklace is a large piece of jewelry, perfectly worn on an open neckline.   The rope knots are separated by three beads in paglia gold and finished with brown wooden beads.  A very natural combination for a down to earth girl.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan skin

Hair:  Truth – Tahlia 2 in Seaspray

Top:  SYSY’s – Gypsy Lady in blue/green




shant * kar * ray


How many of us have put on the “perfect dress” and then spent the next 20 minutes rummaging through  inventory, looking for jewelry that will complete the look?  I have some great jewelry but of course not everything I have is  going to match my ever growing wardrobe.  I guess it’s that time again… TIME TO SHOP!

Applonia Criss of CHANTKARE has been designing clothing in Second Life for less than a year and she has come a long way in such a short span of time.  As a designer, she brings us “modern hip” creations, fulfulling our cravings as fahionistas to stand out… to be one of a kind.  Her existing jewelery line is ever expanding and up-to-date with the season and trends, complimenting her clothing.  She makes pieces that work together to create a total image and balance what you are wearing.  Applonia’s designs will accomodate any one of your moods or tastes… from simply classy to edgy elegance. 


The LONGLACE DAY DRESS is simply adorable!  The moment I put it on, I just knew that I was going to get a lot of use out of this dress.  This is the perfect dress for all occassions.  The lace detail is wonderful… the same texture is carried out through the entire dress and I like the way the bodice is sheer but not too sheer.  The skirt moves beautifully beacuse the underskirt is in two parts, each part moving independantly of the other.

Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~* Josefa – Cinnamon

Skin:  REDGRAVE – Leticia Tan Skin in lilac



Applonia Criss CHANTKARE

shant * kar * ray


Week before last,  I had a lot of fun writing about Applonia Criss and her fantastic line of clothing, named CHANTKARE. This week I am going back and writing about her men’s line of clothing which is up and coming. As you know, I am committed to bring to light more of the men’s lines of quality fashion designs.  I have said this before that the guy’s sometimes get the short end of the stick and they are out there hunting for new looks in clothing.  Here you are men, CHANTKARE, has some nice outfits for you to check out.

I also feel that if the industry were more open with transferable for men, the women would go nuts at buying more for their honeys.  I know I would.  I Am, therefore I Shop. Seriously I have to raise my hand and state, My name is Tammy Trommler and I am a Shopaholic. I am here to tell you that if men’s clothing were transferable, my guy would have an inventory that would blow his mind.


Applonia Criss – CHANTKARE

Rez Date:  December 17, 2007


As I search each week for a designer or fashion business to write about, my mind is filled with many great names.  One name that stood out to me this week was Applonia Criss and her wonderful creations called Chantkare.

I have known of her designs for a while now and I have had the distinct privilege of modeling her clothing in the Ewing winter fashion show called Winter Splash.  I loved her creations and the way they fit the body and look so natural.  The movement is so much fun.  Applonia is so creative and interesting with her texturing and her imagine runs wild with exciting designs. 

In speaking with Applonia, she was once asked what Chantkare meant.  Her reply was,  “It means Fun, Modern, Upbeat, Positive and Classy all in one.”  And fun her clothing is.  She started making cloths back in August and opened up her shop in September.  Since she learned how to make clothing it has been non stop for her ever since.  The concept behind her creations of clothing, is to provide something that’s fresh and somewhat different that appeals to all women and some men.  She wanted to present a very European look ..being that she is in the USA .  She also cares most about Color and Movement as well as Textures and Details.


Winter is a time of grey skies, white snow blamkets and leafless trees, but that doesn’t mean it should be devoid of all color.  This Sunday, December 14th, 2008 at 3 PM SLT, the Ewing Fashion Agency is pleased to showcase some colorful designs from several Second Life designers.  Two are well known fixtures among Second Life fashion and one is an exiting new entry.


This showcase will present women’s and men’s wear from Frozen Turquoise Valentine (FTV) and Chantkare in its first ever fashion show.  Shown along with these exciting fashions will be shoes by the incomparable Stiletto Moody, including some of the most recent releases.  So if you’re looking to brighten up a winter day, all are invited to attend this event.  With the holidays just around the corner, this is a wonderful chance to find that perfect outfit or gift.  Just follow this link to join us for the Winter Splash! fashion show.