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Harriet Gausman: So, Chez, have you been a member of Second Life for long? What made you venture into this fab, multi-coloured world?
Chez Nabob: I’ve been here since late 2005. I decided to check it out because I was fascinated by what I was reading about virtual worlds. Julian Dibbell, a Wired magazine reporter/author, was writing a lot of stuff about MMOs and it sounded incredibly interesting from a social and creative aspect. SL appealed to me most of all because of how easy it was to develop content and because of the built-in economy. When I started talking to friends about it they were like, “Wait, people pay money for stuff that doesn’t exist? Really?”
Harriet Gausman: Were you very productive in your first few months? (Harriet gives a wry smile).
Chez Nabob: It took me a while to figure things out and get to a point where I felt comfortable that I had a complete enough understanding of SL before I started making anything. Before I go to that point I shopped a lot… heh.
Harriet Gausman: What do you feel about the lack of good clothing stores for men in Second Life, excluding your own of course? Why do you think there are so few?