Just because it’s getting colder outside, doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to look hot. Keeping this in mind, I did a little shopping for a sexy fall look and this is what I came up with.

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There really  are not many things that look hotter than leather and this lovely ensemble proves it. The Black leather jacket is a new release from COCO and features amazing detail and sleek lines that give it a tailored fashion forward look. The top, from Plastik, is actually the top of a mini dress called Shredder and provides just enough edge to make this ensemble perfect for clubwear.



A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” … Coco Chanel.

I love quotes by Coco Chanel. When I found this classy outfit called Coco, by Nyla Cheeky of House of Nyla, it screamed fabulous to me. This would be a wonderful outfit to wear when you are delivering that powerful speech in Congress or going on that important interview.

There are quite a few pieces to this ensemble, but let’s start with the jacket. It has 3/4 sleeves with prim cuffs and a buckle detail just below the elbow. The stand up collar fitted perfectly the first time I wore it and the stitching detail around the edge of the pockets make this jacket very classy indeed. It comes with or without the blouse trim. There are two pleated skirts – knee length and mini. An added bonus is that both skirts come with the ‘sit script’ option. The stitching detail is also around the hem of the skirt and the prim pant cuffs, which needed a small adjustment before they fit perfectly.