Following a quick discussion with an agency owner, you hesistantly transfer a large sum of lindens to their account. Now it is their turn to come up with the goods, but exactly what can you expect and will this really be a positive return on your investment? The age-old discussion about whether or not to pay for the promotion of your business and professional model training has reared its ugly head again. I was just on an SL blog, which made inaccurate statements about the industry, its professionals and less than accurate statements about the agency and its operations. The agency has also received a large number of queries from people about the value a fashion agency adds to their business and careers, so we wanted to open the door on the world of SL fashion marketing and promotion to help people understand a bit more about agencies and their contribution to the industry.

Before delving into any depth, I felt it appropriate to make the distinction between a modeling agency and a fashion agency – This is a question we get asked a lot and that people who do not really know the business struggle with. A modeling agency is an enterprise that scouts, grooms, markets, books and earns a % of the models fees in return for their hard work. Generally modeling agencies do not organise events – they identify and assign resources to jobs – models/actors and so on. They are the Kelly or the Adecco or the Manpower of the fashion industry.

A fashion (promotion) agency on the other hand should be thought of as a PR and promotions agency focusing on fashion as a tool and an outlet – think PR, think promotion, marketing, brand recognition and sales. A fashion PR agency represents its clients – models, fashion designers and other corporations who either use PR to promote fashion or use fashion to get PR. A fashion agency exists to promote your work and every action they perform on a client’s behalf must be in line with that notion. In return for the promotion of fashion or your brand through fashion, they charge a fee.

The Ewing Fashion Agency is a fashion PR & Promotions agency, consisting of a number of departments and disciplines.

This above screen shot is taken from the agency’s organisation chart on our staff HR database. What it doesn’t show is the section on internal events – please see the next screen shot.