I thought that it would be nice to start this post about the show with a short description of Amanda in her own words to help everyone get a feel of the designer and her inspiration. From partying to something a bit more elegant and feminine, Amanda’s collection caters for women from all walks of life. “SL allows me to take out all of my creativity and my passion for fashion and I hope my clients can feel this.” Discover more about Amanda, the lady, the creator and person at: http://amandabolero.blogspot.com/

The show was hosted by Una Ewing, the CEO of Ewing, and what a fantastic job she did, whilst of DJ Sexyjade Echegaray kept smooth tunes going throughout the presentation. The models presenting Amanda’s designs were Top EFA Model Bobie Woodget and Titled Models Aleida Rhode, Tiffany Dragonash, Ella Quinsette and ZoeAnastasia Aeon. It was a truly magnificent show and it was a pleasure to work with Amanda.

The fantastic runway was set in the city of New York at midnight with urban streetlights. I swear I even heard thunder and lightening. There was rain and smoke and we saw a few umbrellas up amongst the audience, with everyone looking fabulous and fitting in with the theme. Check out the pictures by TIllie Ariantho, you may find one of yourself!

The models all wore the same hair and sunglasses to put more focus on the designer’s clothes. (more…)