While browsing through the long stream of posts on Fashion Planet an outfit caught my eye. It’s not an outfit that exactly depicts what would usually catch my, but this outfit is a true necessity. The outfit, DE Chardonnay, is one of those items that sure, it’s very casual and I won’t patronise anyone by saying it’s a totally original design, but it is a design that works. I can see myself wearing this outfit, aswell as individual items from these outfits, ALOT. I can’t give an example as I can’t think of one, but some items in Second Life are just able to be used frequently to show alot of different looks, or even variations of one look; your look. You get various options and layers and I have to honestly say these outfits are currently one of my favourites within SL. You get two tight options, both of which are the only tights in SL I have enjoyed wearing to date.

DE Chardonnay Kiwi and DE Chardonnay Tan

DoC Eldritch, the creative and inovative designer behind all of the outfits in this post and the DE Designs brand, has a wide selection of items from casual to formal, sexy and wild and pure genius outfits, that like I have previously said, you will use alot. He hasn’t stopped at female clothing and items though, half of his large mainstore is occupied by male clothes and he promises atleast one new release every week.

DE Tango Oasis-Tan and DE Tango Oasis-Grey/White

These next two items are the perfect Summer-fun outfits. You get 3 trouser options: full length, capri and hot pant shorts (ow, ow). I chose to compliment both of these outfits with 1 bold colour. For the tan outfit I chose pink; a pink necklace, pink wedge-heels, pink make-up – and for the grey/white outfit I chose red; red bow, red lips, red bangle. These outfits can be both cute and adorable, as well as sexy mamma hot!

DE Home For the Holidays 07 – Ladies

I chose to show this outfit, as even though it isn’t one of DoC’s recent releases, it shows his versatility in design and his ability to maintain quality of design and detail. Both the front and back of this dress is well detailed and the quality is fantastic. The colour he chose to create this dress, the only available colour, I think was well chosen. The shades of gradient gold in the dress are so beautiful. It’s a formal gown that will work in many situation and will work for you in many styles and at many events.

DoC Eldritch himself is a very warm and kind man, and extremely approachable. He is the sole designer behind DE Designs and handles everything himself, so feel comfortable contacting him with queries, questions and praise.

Visit DE Designs now!

So let’s be honest with ourselves; Mariya Nesiote is a Second Life fashion-style Goddess. She has an extremely unique, recognizable and good-looking shape, she has her own style which she can express well, and, despite some people that reside in her blog comments and other places (aka haterrrss), she is an SL style-icon. Am I really over exagerating? I think not.

As I was in the middle of changing between two outfits and at the same time trying on some new funky freebie tops, I discovered my mix-matched outfit was actually hot. I like it anyway. Now when I looked at myself, I thought of Mariya. I don’t know if it is the sharp-edged fringe hair, the neck scarf, or another aspect of the outfit, but to me it says “Mariya, Mariya, Mariya”. Not so much like that, but you get it. I think it’s just the combination of everything. Now my picture set up isn’t what you would expect from Mariya’s style posts; a fun set with props to compliment her style and outfit, but I side-tracked from my usual bore of a gradient background, and went with some funky hearts and poses.

Pose from [Golden Delish] by Pompelle Benoir (my IT girl!)

Unless you are Mariya Nesiote, I don’t want to hear you tell me this doesn’t remind you of her (DON’T CRUSH ME!). However much this look may make me think of Mariya, the most important thing is that ii also screams me. It’s an outfit I will enjoy wearing and it’s an outfit Iove. Take inspiration, but be yourself always.


It’s week one of the Weekly Round Up. The first ever article! Let me hear a “Woop, woop”, let me hear… “Shoop, shoop”?

You will be shocked with the amount of excitement coming your way this week. As you will soon find out (if you have yet to realize) the blog has hit 100, 000 THOUSAND website hits!! We are so over-joyed and grateful for this achievement that we will be introducing a very big new contest for the artists of SL with amazing prizes, giving you all a massive celebration party and letting you hear some flashes from the past from the most influencial people from the blog.

Coming your way from our fashion writers this week is a brilliant showcase of one of the newest Summer lines by Moanasyrene Boucher, some more fantastic updates of the latest fashions in SL and an interview you won’t want to miss.

You may have also heard the news of one of our writers leaving the blog to dedicate her time to ALTAMODA, Harriet Gausman. She gave extroadinary contributions to the blog, especially with the Friday Feature and the New Designer Spotlight, and we will all miss her presence. These articles are currently on hold, but we have some very exciting new articles in developement for you all.

In SL news: