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Don’t you just love it when you’re favorite fashion designer is talented enough to create almost everything you need to wear in Seond Life?  Sometimes you wonder why you shop anywhere else.  Kuranosuke Kamachi brings it all together at her mainstore… DeLa.  When you first walk in, you’ll find the shoes just calling your name… “buy me Kat… c’mon, you need another pair of shoes or two“.    Then after you buy a few pairs, you realize now you need a few outfits to match.  Okay… let’s go shopping!


bathing suit_001

Okay, I say this every year… I NEED A NEW BATHING SUIT!  Every season, designers find a way of making bathing suits look better an better.  The textures so much more life-like, the shadowing on the fabric, the detail in the knot of the pareo, each prim can be manipulated  for a better fit.  The “Margarita” Seablue bikini is exactly what I needed.  This bikini is tattoo friendly and comes in all layers.  There are prim bows and layer bows so you can wear it with or without the matching pareo. Kuranosuke Kamachi thought of everything.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan

Hair:  ETD – Nadia – blonde

Bathing Suit:  *DeLa* – Bikini “Margarita” Seablue



Seldom Blue Eternity Brides & Seldom Blue


Indigoblue Dagostino, Singsong Writer & Covenant Laval

This week I got the chance to visit a store I had heard about but never had the great opportunity to visit and teleporting in I was very impressed with the bright and fresh feel of the new mall which just opened at the end of January. The mall itself is well laid out with everything easy to find and the stunning fashions are simply to die for.  The attention to detail with style and texture show how much effort is put into creating such fine fashions. With my addiction to gowns I immediately headed in that direction, finding exquisite dresses perfect for a night on the town.  With it being February, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and Seldom Blue has a great selection in a wide verity of styles and colors. As a special offer this month they have the fun and flirty Gabriella dress in blue [Shown Below] for 99L till the end of Febuary for those money conscious fashionistas.

Gabriella Dress Modeled By Musique Gable

Gabriella Dress Modeled By Musique Gable

A stunning dress that I own myself and love! Like I said before Seldom Blue has many options in their store including gowns, dresses, lingerie, suits, separates, and freebies for you to enjoy. I am happy to be able to show off a couple selections.


Just a quick reminder for all you models and fashionistas….

ETD is having a sale. $30 Lindens for hair, shoes, and clothing. It’s unbelievable but worth fighting the lag. Every model needs hair options in their inventory and now is the time to stock up. The sale ends December 26th.

Here’s a few things I picked up:


Rain Boots (Burgundy Circles), Kristin Booties (Black), Starley Pumps (Swirl Green), Kristin Booties (Navy), Heather Boots (Sandy), Starley Pumps (Funky Fuschia), Starley Pumps (Cheetah)


Davina – Copper – Moss Scarf

Taxi to ETD

Hi, how have you all been? I’ve just got back from my holiday. Everybody needs a break every now and then, to recover their mind and soul. I visited the beautiful Willemstad on the Island of Curacao. No, not in reality, unfortunately, but in SL. It’s a must to check out (It’s brand new and still partially under construction).


The Island is a replica of the Hotel Kurá Hulanda Spa and Casino, which is nestled above the glorious St. Anna Bay in central Willemstad (the capital city of Curacao), near the Queen Emma floating bridge. The 65 buildings that comprise the Hotel Kurá Hulanda Spa and Casino are the Museum Kurá Hulanda’s largest exhibit – a superb collection of 18th and 19th century architecture. This Dutch Colonial, historic district is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


“I’ve finished that chapel I was painting. The Pope is quite satisfied.” …Michelangelo
On completing the ceiling of Sistine Chapel


I have finally reached Italy and my adventure starts in Rome. My first stop is the Vatican, to gaze upon the wonderous Sistine Chapel. We are lucky in SL to have a replica for those who have not actually seen the original works of Michelangelo. You have the luxury of taking your time to view the paintings and it is much quieter too.

Along with visiting the Sistine Chapel I will be in and out of many churches, so I am wearing a top from Nyte’N’Day, that discreetly covers my shoulders but at the same time the sheer colourful fabric is light enough to keep me cool. There is a nice tie just below the waist to add some interest to this top. The plain white pants are part of the outfit and have sculpted pant cuffs.


During a recent shopping expedition to the city I was lucky enough to bump into model Kryptonia Paperdoll. We chatted about the shops, the weather and the price of linden and then Kryptonia invited me to join her on a bike ride. Already feeling like a blob after my Valentine’s night food binge, I acquiesced.




I have always struggled to give a straightforward answer whenever someone asked me about my style. I love punk but will never venture into spiky accessories. I like sexy but not too revealing. I am also chic, sleek and at times preppy. Really! I don’t have a fixed style and I wear what I feel comfortable in.

This week, in my last blog post with EFA, I thought I’d put together a few ensembles and let you be the judge.

Final - Dresses