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On May 23, 2009, Ewing Fashion Agency had the distinct privilege of bringing together two very famous designers.  They were Mami Jewell of Azul Collections and Elettra Gausman or Orage Creations.  The setting was the very dynamic surroundings of the Lost World Gallery.  Here was found a picture of artistic clothing creations, enveloped in a frame of art.




Applonia Criss – CHANTKARE

Rez Date:  December 17, 2007


As I search each week for a designer or fashion business to write about, my mind is filled with many great names.  One name that stood out to me this week was Applonia Criss and her wonderful creations called Chantkare.

I have known of her designs for a while now and I have had the distinct privilege of modeling her clothing in the Ewing winter fashion show called Winter Splash.  I loved her creations and the way they fit the body and look so natural.  The movement is so much fun.  Applonia is so creative and interesting with her texturing and her imagine runs wild with exciting designs. 

In speaking with Applonia, she was once asked what Chantkare meant.  Her reply was,  “It means Fun, Modern, Upbeat, Positive and Classy all in one.”  And fun her clothing is.  She started making cloths back in August and opened up her shop in September.  Since she learned how to make clothing it has been non stop for her ever since.  The concept behind her creations of clothing, is to provide something that’s fresh and somewhat different that appeals to all women and some men.  She wanted to present a very European look ..being that she is in the USA .  She also cares most about Color and Movement as well as Textures and Details.


During one of the weeks in November, I was privileged to have been chosen as a runway model for JCNY’s Model Fest.  What a great experience it was.  During this time, the models that I met on the runway I found to be exceptional.  Everyone had a wide range of talents and abilities that they had put to work for themselves in Second Life.  One of the ladies that I met is named Bliss Beningborough, the owner/founder and designer of Bliss Beningborough Couture.


Bliss caught my eye on the runway, with some of the most beautiful and innovative gowns that she was wearing.  The quality was beautiful and the texture was flowing and smooth, with caring detail shown in each gown.  I am always on the look out for unique and quality driven lines of cloths.  So I happened to ask Bliss where she was purchasing her clothing and she happily told me that she is the designer and maker of most all that she wears.  I knew right then that I must check her line out more closely after the Model Fest and help promote her designs through this blog.  I know that we are all looking for the up and coming designers who have what it takes to become one of the leaders.  I feel that Bliss has this going and I can truly say that I love her cloths and how sexy and feminine I feel in them.  Thanks Bliss.

Bliss has currently opened three stores and I can tell you that I have visited each and there are always women in her shops searching for just the right outfit or gown for their needs.  Grab her cloths up while they are still so reasonably priced and before she hits the big time.  Because her talents are taking her to the top.




Swanilda Gown and Akoya Pearls

Last week I had the distinct opportunity to interview both Mami Jewell and edo Tone of Styles of edo.  Collectively they have released two stunning creations, the Swanilda Gown by Mami and the Akaya Pearls by edo.  The release date for both was November 8, 2008.  As we know both of these designers are centered towards bringing to our second life fashion experience, a true taste of excellence.
The beautiful Swanilda Gown was inspired by the ballet Copellia, which was written over 200 years ago.  Copellia is a life like doll and Swanilda is a young woman.  Mami had originally designed the Copellia Dress, which is a shorter version of the long and flowing Swanilda.
The Akoya Pearls, were an inspiration to edo, by him admiring these old pearls and learning the history of them.  It was then his desire to reproduce these exquisite pearls for our use in second life.  Reproduce he has done in life like sense. 
I will run a brief history of each design, just prior to the pictures.


Coppelia is an adaptation of “The Sandman,” a story written by the German Romanticist, E.T.A. Hoffman, almost 200 years ago. The ballet, with music by Leo Delibes, first performed over 100 years ago in Paris, was choreographed by Arthur Saint-Leon, ballet master of the Paris Opera at the time.


I recently had the opportunity to attend the showing of Sascha’s Designs on the runway. I’ve been a fan of Sascha’s for a while now, the reason I own such a ridiculous amount (some would say) of her gowns. Seeing them on the runway, though, was definitely a treat. Her gowns are one of a kind.

Adoration in Black modelled by Saphire Semaphore

Sascha Frangilli, designer and owner of Sascha’s designs, has put so much detail and attention into each dress. It is these little details that make them so unique. I was so impressed by the flow of each dress and it sometimes seemed as if the models were floating across the runway. Her gowns are the perfect combination of sophistication and elegance, and her large and various range of styles give something every taste and every occasion.