Really good black skin is not easy to find in Second Life, but so far what I have seen, Glance Skin, created and owned by Joakim Asbrink,  managed to create black skins that are about as realistic as possible.  The face is so nicely detailed and the body part is as greatly detailed.  Joakim is known for her very detailed skins.

 They come with 7 different make ups:  1.Alek – Attention, 2. Alek – Metallic, 3. Alek – Red, 4. Alek – Angel, 5. Alek – Black, 6.  Alek – Colour and 7. Alek – Blue


The price per skin is 999 L and for a fatpack which usually contains 7 different make ups, the price is then 4500L.


The sixth Runway Divas took place in Ischia, on October 2nd with the theme being “White” so our supermodels were bound to shine like stars on the runway! Rena Mascot and her friends, Haruka Kish, Firedragon Bellios and Silky Trilling held a mini show followed by the actual model contest. As usual models had two sexy outfits prepared giving them the chance to show their moves and to win fabulous prizes!

Several alumni as Kate McLaglen, Lizzyox Allen, Lacey Bade and Monica Baiut were there to participate and brighten up the runway as well.

Nadja Baxter covered the event to post a review on her blog and Sharron Schauman from Bosl and Mimi Juneau from Mimi’s Choice also attended the show.

The lovely winner of the Runway Divas VI was Kimmyko Mayako and the sponsor for the evening was Millage Valenti, women Skin and Hair.

Take a look at the photos below by Tillie Ariantho

Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to announce the graduation of Naori Hirano, Eppany Palisades,Tiffany Dragonash and Willemina Merimann into the world of modelling. All of them have worked extraordinarily hard to complete the ten session course. We wish them every success in the future.

The graduation ceremony and photo shoot took place at the fashionable Ischia district on April 1st at 1 PM SLT. It was preceded by a fashion show where the new models were presented to an audience of family and industry representatives.

If you think you have what it takes and you are interested in entering the world of fashion as a model or would like to brush up on your skills, then you can enroll yourself in the next course. Click here to find out more about the course details and pricing.


Picture above from left: Haruka Kish, models trainer Tempest Hennesy, Silky Trilling, Kaitlin Peacable, Absinthe Primrose and Alexa Trefoil.

The Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to announce the graduation of Haruka Kish, Silky Trilling, Kaitlin Peacable and Absinthe Primrose, which was held on January 24th, into the world of modelling.

A minishow took place and it was so glamorous, every graduated student was elegant&stylish. All of them have worked extraordinarily to complete the intensive 10 day course and the result of this hardship was clearly shown on the catwalk near the EFA office.

Representatives from agencies and other people of the fashion industry, friends and family came and witnessed the graduation of the new models. So many came and it was amazing – so amazing that Gabriel Leshelle from Carnal Lingerie donated a set of lingerie to each of the now professional models and so it will be in the future after every graduation!

EFA wishes each of the graduated models of EFA Elite Model Training Course every success in the future. We would also like to thank everyone for coming to the show, it was so wonderful to see the crowd that day.

If you are interested and you think you have what it takes for entering the world of fashion as a model or would like to improve yours skills, keep in mind that the next course will take place on February 2008. Click to find out more about the course’s details and prices.