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Sky Everett

It wasn’t until just recently that I heard about Sky Everett and what wonderful furniture she made and hair too.  I also heard how elegant her store was.  So me being a curious person, decided to head over to Sky Everett Designs and check out for myself, all that I had heard about.

When I first walked through the doors I was taken in with the beauty of the home furnishings that I saw and how detailed and exquisite everything was.  I spent a long time on the first floor just going around and looking at the beautiful furniture and flowers.  If you are into redecorating your home or decorating a new home, come check Sky Everett Design out.

I eventually went upstairs to check out the hair.  Being a model and fashion nut, I love hair.  My hair inventory looks like I could own Wig’s R Us.  Yet I am always looking for unusual and well detailed hair that moves nicely, but isn’t all over the place.  I also have a problem with hair that will not move.  It’s good for some styles, but I like some small tendrals, etc. that show movement and freedom of hair.  It makes me feel more natural.

I can truthfully say that Sky’s hair is in a league of it’s own.  It is magnificent!  Detail, detail, detail and nothing but detail.  A girlfriend of mine bought a wig from Sky and was in need of a small change.  Now Sky is an extremely busy woman, but for my friend and her very special occasion for buying the wig, sky accommodated her and helped.  I love that type of caring and the ability of a business woman, to reach out and assist a client.  That speaks volumes for Sky and also why she is so successful. 



Many of us in Second Life spend a lot of time and money on the appearance of our avatars.  We do this for many reasons ranging from professional reasons such as modeling to just plain vanity.  But for whatever reason, there is no denying that an entire industry thrives on our desires to look beautiful and handsome.  Second Life residents can choose from a large variety of shapes, skins and hair in search of their ideal body and looks.  One less talked about piece of this puzzle, but very important to consider for close up views is the eyes.  The selection of eyes can dramatically impact the effect that an overall avatar look can have.  With the wide variety of avatars available to us, including human, semi human, animal and totally fantastical, it is important to have a wide selection of eyes.  Recently I was alerted to some new releases in this area of avatar design from A. D. Studios.

Two lines of eyes have been released, called Monochrome and Dualtone.  Both lines include a number of natural colors as well as unnatural ones.  Below is a small sample from the Dualtone series.  Shown are avacado 3, dusk 2, frosting 3.

Next is a sampling from the Monochrome series.  These are finch 2, vermilion 1, sky 2.

These samples demonstrate a number of choices in both natural and unnatural colors.  All the eyes have a realistic texturing and an apparent glint of light for to produce some expression.  Looking closely you can see the main difference between the series.  The Monochrome series uses a gradation of a single color for the iris, whereas the Dualtone’s iris has a rim of a different color that blends into the primary.



It seems Kara Eagle of Karamia is no baby to the game having transported herself into this wonderful world in August 2006. It’s strange that she isn’t such a big player as she has some unique design concepts.

She has several stores dotted around the grid but her main store appears to be at Appearance Mode.


Harriet Gausman: Tell me a little more about the person behind Nany Merlin.

Nany Merlin: Nany is a dreamer, a cheerful, simple person; someone who loves the simple things life offers.

Harriet Gausman: What skills did you bring with you in-world? Were you well-prepared for the job of a fashion designer here in SL?

Nany Merlin: I work with graphic design and fashion photograhpy in RL – this has given me a good reference for my creations.

Harriet Gausman: What made you venture into SL?

Nany Merlin: I love people and love being in contact with them, and I believe that Second Life brings people together in a very special and unique way.

Harriet Gausman: Were you productive from the start or did you waste time pimping your avatar and learning the basics first? How quickly did you begin to trade?

Nany Merlin: At the start, the intention was only for entertainment. As my avatar had no clothes nor skin that I liked, I began to create my own and people began to show an interest in them. So I started marketing them.


I am your Mystery Shopper, teleporting across the metaverse, reporting on the good, the bad and the ugly in shopping experiences. Most of us need to shop, some of us love to shop and a few of us have turned it into an art form. I will give you the real story on what shops to try, where to buy and what stores you should invite your friends over to. Because we all want the best in exchange for our shopping Linden.

The Facts

Shop Name: InStyle owned by Mayline Jewell

Shop Category: Female apparel, accessories, beauty (formal, casual, shoes, bags, hair, eyes)

Price Point : Average