Yes, the wait is officially over – ALTAMODA is here! The launch of the magazine was celebrated in a fabulous party last night, EFA style, with a unique fashion show featuring sponsors BAIASTICE, Stiletto Moody and J&J skins. DJ Kromus rocked the decks, entertaining guests as they arrived. There was a 10 minute, pre-show campaign with a strong message about eating disorders, where models lined up and united their voices in the fight against this damaging health issue. Part of EFA’s top model Rena Mascot’s dialogue read, “..Research suggests that about one percent (1%) of female adolescents have anorexia” and model Bobie Woodget continued, “That means that about one out of every one hundred young women between ten and twenty are starving themselves, sometimes to death.” The models received loud, ongoing applause as they slowly exited the stage – it was powerful, captivating, effective.

The event kicked off at 1 PM sharp, with EFA’s CEO Una Ewing, looking like a million dollars in the sponsors’ creations, addressing the huge crowd of fashionistas. A number of contributors including designer Lissa Maertens, Moonaco Porta and Sawyer Campese of LE.LOOK and editor Sienna Fredriksson followed with equally engaging presentations. The start of the Immaculate Collection was signalled by the sinking of the stage and furniture. The set was totally transformed and the audience was instantly transported to Fontana di Trevi for the old collection, which was held in the daytime. A fantastic closing sequence, featuring a synchronised pose set, which was followed by a presentation of the new collection featuring Sissy Pessoa’s new designs.

Una Ewing said “Let there be earth” and the water feature and stage at which the first collection was presented gradually transformed into another Roman landmark – this time the Vatican, lit up by atmospheric lights. The show and stage effects were breath-taking. The models looked stunning in their skins, shoes and clothes. We thoroughly enjoyed the show which was followed by a hedonistic-style party at ICONICA. Here are some saps of the night. We really had a great time and hope you did too.

Photos by Tillie Ariantho
Stay tuned to our official events diary to find out about our upcoming shows.


You are cordially invited to the launch of ALTAMODA Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine featuring the “Immaculate Collection” Fashion Show by Sissy Pesoa of stylish Italian brand BAIASTICE! After party will follow!

Date: Tuesday, 25th of March

Time: 1 PM SLT

Guest Arrival: 12.30 PM SLT

Dress Code: Chic, Renaissance and Alla Moda

Location: Ischia

This morning, news spread across the internet, television, news papers across Holland about FIRST FUSION – the simultaneous real-world, Second Life fashion which was hosted last night by the Ewing Fashion Agency at the First Meta Sim – who were also the main event sponsors. The sim packed out with SL fashionistas who clamoured to be part of this ground-breaking event! FIRST FUSION showcased the designs of real-world Amsterdam-based fashion designer Jennifer Delano, whose creative pieces featured items from around the world during the seasons. The team of SL designers who made it possible include the likes of Nicky Ree, Sysy Chapman, Indira Bekkers and Aphrodite Outlander, all of whom are well-known and recognised designers in Second Life, all of whom are dutch.


The “beautiful” people who flocked to the EFA sim called Ischia on the 12th enjoyed some pret-a-porter style and sensuality with the new ready-to-wear range by Simone Stern called Style Starts Here! The stylish guests arrived “fashionably early” to get a good seat, while the DJ spinned upbeat tunes to entertain. The show, that marks the opening of Simone’s new sim, kicked off a few minutes after 12PM SLT, with models parading one after the other in the glamorous creations, accentuated by jewelry from Dahlinks. The show case displayed the attention the designer obviously pays to fine detail and lines, which has earned her reputation as one of the most talented designers in Second Life. A delicate mix of sheer fabrics, lace, and silks makes the new line fun, dangerously flirtatious and at a cost that will keep the bank manager on side. The enthusiastic crowd stayed for the after party, which was a blast. Pictures by Tillie Ariantho follow – enjoy! Stay tuned to our official events diary to find out about our upcoming shows.
Stay tuned to our official events diary to find out about our upcoming shows.

To introduce the new sim and store of Simone Stern, Ewing Fashion Agency will be holding a fashion show featuring her new range of lingerie. INFO HERE

I managed to grab Simone, whilst she was dashing from one store to the next, to ask her a few burning questions about the new venture. Well, I knew you would all be dying to know!


Harriet Gausman: So, tell us a little about your new store; what will you be specialising in?

Simone Stern: Style Starts Here is a casual wear store for both men and women based around the notion that people should be able to put together their own look from separate pieces, much as one would find in a mall store. The items for the most part are single pieces, made on layers so that they can be put together with your favorite pair of jeans, or other items not especially designed to go with each other.

Harriet Gausman: What made you decide to take this avenue?


Simone Style show

You are cordially invited to Style Starts Here – VALENTINE SHOW PREVIEW!

Simone Stern is one of Second Life’s most accomplished designers and she has turned a new and rather casual leaf with her new brand Style Starts Here! Think Pret-a-Porter, ready to wear, easy to slip on, mix n’ match casuals ready for you to unleash your creative energy on. In conjunction with the opening of her new sim and of course the most romantic day of the year, the Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) cordially invites you to come take a sneak preview at whats in store for both men and women at Style Starts Here.

Date: Tuesday, 12th February
Time: 12PM SLT
Guest Arrival: 11:30 AM SLT

Location: ISCHIA
Dress Code: Pret-a-Porter