kal rau

Kal Rau

Gentlemen… I take my hat off to you (it’s a cute fushia leather hat from Maitreya… heehee).  I never really realized how limited you are when it comes to shopping for a wardrobe.  Men’s fashion has developed at a much slower pace than womenswear but there is a fair amount of quality clothing out there that folks may not be aware of.  There are good designers and then there are GREAT designers.  Kal Rau falls into GREAT!

Kal Rau knows what looks good on a man and designs a line of very easy going and sporty clothing.  The versatility is great… you can mix and match his designs and add a few accessories to boot.  The craftsmanship of the clothing is incredible and the textures are so real.  You walk away looking like a million bucks without spending it. 

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Clothing modeled by Brett Seetan

How many times have you walked into a clothing store and picked up some promotional (freebie) clothing just to get home, try it on and delete it?  I know I’ve done it so often I can’t keep track.  You would think you would learn by now, right?  But you just can’t pass up a freebie and I’m happy Brett didn’t either.  This is what freebies should look like.  The Kal Rau Sport Shorts and White Long Sleeve Promotional Shirt are perfect . 


Oscar Page

Oscar Page

If you have looked at the latest issue of Second Style (Issue #23), you’ll notice a very prominent name listed on the cover- Oscar Page.   A title well deserved, I might add.  I’ve known Oscar for quite some time and he’s not only been a very good friend, but is one of the few men I know in Second Life that not only loves to shop, but always looks very stylish and up-to-date.  Unlike most men in Second Life who tend to wear the same thing over and over, Oscar has more than one or two outfits in his inventory. Oscar is also one of the old timers, has been in Second Life since 2004, so he has  a unique perspective on fashion for men and how it has evolved through the years.  Oscar has harnessed all those years and created his own blog for men’s fashion in Second Life called Oscaresque Fashion Sense in a Second World.  If you are male in Second Life who can’t stand shopping and the time involved,  then you’ll definitely want to bookmark this site to find out the latest styles and releases. 


Of all the guys I know, Malden DeCuir is one of the coolest. His style is daring, edgy and always warrants a second glance. I saw him out dancing last weekend, wearing these boots that just made my jaw drop. He told me he got them at SF designs, which didn’t surprise me at all. They always have such great stuff. Who would have dreamed that a guy wearing knee high, fuzzy boots could look so tough? (more…)


One of the things I love most about Second Life is that it allows us to experiment and to find new ways to express our inner selves – or just our current moods – through fashion. You can go from sophisticated businessman to sun tanned beach bum in a matter of seconds. This week, I wanted to try something really different: I wanted to get in touch with my inner emo. (more…)


Venice… the very name invokes an aura of of beauty, mystery and romance. It is the perfect setting for showcasing this elegant costume from Bare Rose. I realize this is not something you will get a chance to wear every day, but you will certainly stand out from the crowd at the next fancy masquerade ball or costume party you attend.


One of my favorite things to do in Second Life is to go out dancing. You can meet very cool people in a dance club and have a lot of fun. There are many wild places to party in world, but you need a very cool and unique outfit to stand out in the crowd.

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