Even though it is a virtual fantasy world, so much of Second Life mirrors real life.  The constant need a woman has for new gowns is one of them.  Just as in real life, a woman doesn’t want to be seen wearing that same dress she wore to the last gala event.  She needs something new, and something no one else is wearing.  Considering that most people probably attend more events in Second Life than their real lives, the need for new gowns is even greater.  Luckily for all of us, there is no shortage of designers of fabulous gowns here.  My Precious by Agnes Finney is one of the many shops in Second Life that offers a large selection of gowns and continually releases new items to help keep our wardrobes fresh.  Agnes’ latest designs include a dress called Snow Butterfly Queen, pictured below.

This dress is a mermaid style that is perfect for showing off those curves you’ve spent hours on perfecting.  The bodice is a sleeveless, closed halter style that helps to keep the silhouette slim and seductive.  This gown is textured with a lovely light blue and white embroidered pattern that seems to shimmer as it moves.  The prim pleats at the bas of the skirt blend well in both color and pattern.  The color and cut of this gown are wonderful for making that head turning entrance.  But as is often said, a girl needs to be as memorable when leaving a room as when entering.  This should always be considered when choosing a gown and a rear view of Snow Butterfly Queen, below, shows that this one fits the bill.


Aradhana Voight, owner of Mashooka Designs, continues to expand her offerings at a rapid pace.  As anyone who frequents her store knows, Mashooka Designs carries not only the authentic Indian styles it is famous for, but also casual and formal lines as well.  This past week, Aradhana added a range of new items, each available in a selection of wonderful colors.  Jewelry is an important aspect of Indian dress and Aradhana hasn’t ignored this fact.  She has also added to her ever-growing selection of Indian styled jewelry with a new release this week. 


This casual look, above, combines the Gilet dress in metallic blue with the Tristin blouse in darkrose.  This dress, shown with the flexi A-line skirt option, can also be worn with a non-flex pencil skirt of the same length.  The Tristin blouse features semitransparent wrist cuffs and multiple layers.  Both the dress and blouse are wonderfully textured for realism.  The Gilet dress is also available in black, bordeaux, lilac and moss while the Tristin blouse also comes in beige, blue, light blue, ocean and red.  For a more daring look the dress can be worn alone with the wide shoulder straps offering just enough coverage.  Also worn for this photo is C’est si bon hair with hat from Vanity Hair and a Donnarama Gloss peach skin with make up 4 BK from Baiastice.


Aradhana Voight of Mashooka Designs is possibly best know for her fantastic and authentic Indian designs, but regular shoppers at her store know that she does much more.  Recently, she released a new spring line.  This new line is a wonderful mix of Indian and Western styles, covering the full gamut from casual to formal. Texturing in Second Life clothing design has reallyadvanced over recent weeks, in the amount of detail and true to life shading, and Aradhana is keeping right up with the state of the art.  This level of quality combined with her sense of style and the wonderful color pallette she uses, makes for a truely exciting spring selection.


Pictured above are a couple of variations of the Linda denim skirt paired with the new Indian Summer Tunic.   The tunic comes with a number of options, just a couple of which are seen here.  The base top has the long and short sleeve versions on both the shirt and jacket layer and can be worn alone for a tight fit, or with one of the optional prim attachemnts for a looser fit.  Included is a prim collar and sculpty-prim puff sleeves (not pictured) as additional options.  Besides the Pink and Beige shown here, other colors available are Green, Lime, Red and Sea.  Both lengths of the Linda skirt are available in various denim shades.  


The recreation of the Texas Capital Building located in Antiquity Texas is a masterful build and well worth a visit just to see it.  If you look real close you can see me standing on the front the steps.  This gives you an indication of the scale of this amazing building.


But what should make Second Life fashionistas all the more interested is what’s hidden within.  Upon arriving at the sim, walk over or teleport to the capital building and enter the main door.  Once inside, continnue straight ahead to the rotunda then turn down the east wing to find the treasure.  What you will see is finely crafted jewelry by one of the principles of Antiquity Texas, Jacon Cortes. 


Most of the jewelry, which is finely crafted and very detailed, is sold in the east wing of the Texas Capital building.  Pictured above is the latest set called the Eye of Ra.  This set of red diamonds and platinum includes the necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring shown.  All the jewelryis made of individual tiny prims as all high quality jewelry is and the textures and colors are all very realistic.


While browsing through the long stream of posts on Fashion Planet an outfit caught my eye. It’s not an outfit that exactly depicts what would usually catch my, but this outfit is a true necessity. The outfit, DE Chardonnay, is one of those items that sure, it’s very casual and I won’t patronise anyone by saying it’s a totally original design, but it is a design that works. I can see myself wearing this outfit, aswell as individual items from these outfits, ALOT. I can’t give an example as I can’t think of one, but some items in Second Life are just able to be used frequently to show alot of different looks, or even variations of one look; your look. You get various options and layers and I have to honestly say these outfits are currently one of my favourites within SL. You get two tight options, both of which are the only tights in SL I have enjoyed wearing to date.

DE Chardonnay Kiwi and DE Chardonnay Tan

DoC Eldritch, the creative and inovative designer behind all of the outfits in this post and the DE Designs brand, has a wide selection of items from casual to formal, sexy and wild and pure genius outfits, that like I have previously said, you will use alot. He hasn’t stopped at female clothing and items though, half of his large mainstore is occupied by male clothes and he promises atleast one new release every week.

DE Tango Oasis-Tan and DE Tango Oasis-Grey/White

These next two items are the perfect Summer-fun outfits. You get 3 trouser options: full length, capri and hot pant shorts (ow, ow). I chose to compliment both of these outfits with 1 bold colour. For the tan outfit I chose pink; a pink necklace, pink wedge-heels, pink make-up – and for the grey/white outfit I chose red; red bow, red lips, red bangle. These outfits can be both cute and adorable, as well as sexy mamma hot!

DE Home For the Holidays 07 – Ladies

I chose to show this outfit, as even though it isn’t one of DoC’s recent releases, it shows his versatility in design and his ability to maintain quality of design and detail. Both the front and back of this dress is well detailed and the quality is fantastic. The colour he chose to create this dress, the only available colour, I think was well chosen. The shades of gradient gold in the dress are so beautiful. It’s a formal gown that will work in many situation and will work for you in many styles and at many events.

DoC Eldritch himself is a very warm and kind man, and extremely approachable. He is the sole designer behind DE Designs and handles everything himself, so feel comfortable contacting him with queries, questions and praise.

Visit DE Designs now!


Venice… the very name invokes an aura of of beauty, mystery and romance. It is the perfect setting for showcasing this elegant costume from Bare Rose. I realize this is not something you will get a chance to wear every day, but you will certainly stand out from the crowd at the next fancy masquerade ball or costume party you attend.