This week I am happy to show a very new designer and a whole different look to fashion.  My CEO Tiffany Dragonash and Manager Kay Fairey, mentioned a name to me and a landmark to go check out.  The name was Sonatta Morales, who owns Sonatta Morales Weird Couture.

I headed over to check this new place out,  accompanied by my friend Katalina Michalak.  I love to take her with me, as she has such a great eye for fashion.

When we arrived we were in awe of the beautiful building and all the unique and fabulous styles that we found there.  It is all about bringing back the Golden Era of the 1940’s.  I had never seen that era portrayed in Second Life, but after talking to Sonatta, I hear it is growing in leaps and bounds.

I scanned about the room, looking at the clothing and there was such fabulous detail, such as leather gloves, seamed stocking, beautiful hats and turbon’s.  All the glam looks from the beautiful era gone by. 



The day is upon us

Tonight, the Ewing Fashion Agency will be celebrating the 1st quarter of ALTAMODA Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine at the newly refurbished Ischia Island. Since its launch in April, ALTAMODA’s readership has grown steadily, so too has its editorial team and contributors. It is now read in over 40 different countries worldwide – Yay!

Joining us in the celebration are new comer to the design scene, Stella Furkel representing ** Fashion Model Works**, who do static and animated poses for whom we will be hosting the first ever pose show in the history of the agency. If you thought, you could sit or lay on the runway, well think again! In a pose show, anything goes. Our fabulous six models (Rena Mascot, Tempest Hennesy, Bobie Woodget, Aleida Rhode, Tiffany Dragonsh and Haruka Kish) will be showcasing all items within the show. 


The first set will be followed by designer, Kuranosuke Kamachi representing DeLa*, who do fabulous footwear and richly texture apparel in rich living colour. The show will feature some new releases from the DeLa* range – bangles, eaarings, gorgeous clutch bags and accessories to does for, so be sure to catch a glimpse of what is up and coming.


A show is never a show without some bare naked flesh balanced-out with delectible underwear. Joining us for the third and final set of the show is Mariska Simons, representing Alphamale & Blacklace . Blacklace offers sexy, seductive corsets and lingerie for women who know what they want and wants to get in tocuh with that vixen within each and every one of us. Beautiful cuts, textures and designs are the signature mark of this brand.

Our goodybag sponsors for this event are:


Shapes by Kira has some of the most realistic and precisely created male and female shapes in SL.  Shapes by Kira owner, Kira Paderborn, uses great care in creating each of her shapes.  Every one is started from scratch without a base shape so that she can be certain that each shape is completely unique.  Shapes range in size from extremely petite to plus sized as Kira strives to create shapes that are proportionate and realistic.   If you don’t see a shape that suits you, a custom shape can be created.  A trip to Kira’s sim and store cannot be adequately explained in words.  Flawless is a rare treat with many shops which are exclusive to the sim and Shapes by Kira at the heart of it.  One look at Kira’s displays and you can see the care and love that she puts into each and every one of her products.   

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the clothing line Lookr, you are missing out on some of the great clothing that is available in SL.  Adam Soler, designer and creator of the Lookr brand, is not only creative in his designs, but he offers a wide range of clothing in men and women’s styles.  Not only does Lookr offer clothes, but jewelry and other unisex products as well.  Lookr is a rare treat for the fashion-loving residents of SL.  Soler’s designs are stylish and fresh, and he has added Lookr Custom to provide businesses and residents custom products to meet their individual needs.

Also joining us in this celebration is SL and RL Artist, Director, Machinimatograoher and pianist, Paul Kwo a.k.a Enniv Zarf, who will be charming us with his music and super sound DJ Azufr3 Catteneo, good-looking, funny and exremely hoton the decks. DJ Azufr3’s talent has captured much attention and he was recently also featured in the entertaineent section of ALTAMODA Magazine.

Tonight promises to be a fun and enjoyable night and we are very excited to spend some time with all those who read, contribute and write for ALTAMODA Magazine. To RSVP, send and email to with your name and the name of your guest.

* This event is guest list only.


Glamorous dres: Medusa Maxi Snakeskin from Casa Del Shai, sophisticated for summer nights chill outs. Top comes with snakeskin crossing shoulder straps and transparent underblouse together with halflong flexi skirt which are lightly transparent. How exciting! Summernights can be a bit tricky, so I wore a cute green boa which you can get from Juju´s Closet in greenpastel- its modifyable, its pretty easy to change color. Instead of wearing traditional black eyelashes I tried spotted flawless flutter eyelashes from caLLie cLine in rainbow like colors. My cute bag with feather is from Muism and shoes are from ZHAO. Did I forget something, yes! Earrings are Knights Honour from Paper Couture and stunning skin Misha/blue is from Redgarve. For my legs I wore tights which are part of dress Brown Glitter Clubbing Dress, also from Redgarve.

With this inspiration for what to wear in a glamorous summernight chill out, it is as well perfect for a hot date :-).

What I wore :

Skin: Misha/blue from Redgarve

Hair: Lady Red from MMS hair

Eyes:Paris Brown eyes from Naugty Designs

Eyelashes:Flawless “eye-flashes” spotted long from caLLie cLine

Earrings: Knights honor set from Paper Couture

Dress: Medusa Maxi Dress from Casa Del Shai

Tights: Glitter Clubbing Dress (part of dress, fishnet stockings) from Redgarve

Shoes: “Xin” shoes from ZHAO

Boa:Pretty Coyote (part of outfit set) from Juju´s Closet

Bag: Short feather/black from Muism