The deadline for entries for the EFA Fashion Blog Banner Contest has officially passed and no more entries will be accepted!

We’ve have had some fantastic entries submitted and we thank everyone who participated in this contest. The winner will win L$60,000 in prizes, as well as instant exposure across the SL grid!

The reason for this contest was to celebrate our record achievement of reaching 100,000 blog hits, and we have now excelled that figure. Thank you everyone.



You have just over 24 hours left to create and submit your entries for the EFA Blog Banner contest, and be in with the chance of winning instant exposure across the grid and L$60,000 in prizes! We have had some fantastic entries so far! For full information click here!

Ewing Fashion Agency Fashion Blog – Banner Contest

We are calling to all avatars’ creative and design sides to create a new banner that will be temporarily placed on the blog for all to see. If you have what it takes, then you can’t miss out on the fabulous prizes for this contest.



We have extended the deadline for the EFA Fashion Blog graphics art banner contest, in order to allow everyone the chance to enter. We had originally only planned on giving you all a short time frame to enter, but to enable a fair chance for everyone, we have extended the deadline.

The new deadline is [] July 24th at 3pm SLT [].

If you are a graphics art whiz, or if you only know the basics to PhotoShop, then this contest is for you. You do not need extensive knowledge in graphics art, you just need originality and creativity. It’s a contest anyone is able to enter and be in the chance to win some amazing prizes and recognition.

For full information on entering, visit the contest page here.