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A photographer in Second Life, Gyorgyna Larnia has expanded her creativity into the world of jewelry.  She has been designing jewelry for a little over three months now and has signed on with Applonia Criss of Chantkare to accessorize her new line of clothing.  This business partnership is a match made in heaven!

This seasons accessories are making a huge statement… big and bold! 

Boules Necklace (paglia gold)

The Boules necklace is a large piece of jewelry, perfectly worn on an open neckline.   The rope knots are separated by three beads in paglia gold and finished with brown wooden beads.  A very natural combination for a down to earth girl.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan skin

Hair:  Truth – Tahlia 2 in Seaspray

Top:  SYSY’s – Gypsy Lady in blue/green




Hello, my name is Tammy Trommler and I am a Shopaholic! 

From the very moment I came into SL and I knew how I needed to change like right away, the first place I went was straight for a hair store.  Over the last year and a half, I have thrown thousands of lindens out all over SL, in various wig shops.  I have always been blonde in SL, just the same as I am in RL.  That did limit me just a bit.  But when I started modeling and realizing that I needed to change hair colour along with my makeup, to accentuate different colour of clothing and styles that I would wear on the runway.  Oh my goodness, that opened the flood gates for a hair buying, shopping frenzy !!

I like to blog hair from time to time.  I bought my first hair from Magika, about a year ago.  It was long and blonde and it swayed back and forth, so nicely.  I loved the front of it as well.  To this date it is still my partner Dolphin Robson’s favorite hair on me.  The style name is Pop.  Anyway, I decided to go over to Magika the other day and check out any new styles and I was bowled over.  There is so many new styles out.   The place is huge, but laid out so well.  If you join the group, you receive free hair for that as well.  Let me show you some of my finds from the past week.




Established 2004

Sky Everett

It wasn’t until just recently that I heard about Sky Everett and what wonderful furniture she made and hair too.  I also heard how elegant her store was.  So me being a curious person, decided to head over to Sky Everett Designs and check out for myself, all that I had heard about.

When I first walked through the doors I was taken in with the beauty of the home furnishings that I saw and how detailed and exquisite everything was.  I spent a long time on the first floor just going around and looking at the beautiful furniture and flowers.  If you are into redecorating your home or decorating a new home, come check Sky Everett Design out.

I eventually went upstairs to check out the hair.  Being a model and fashion nut, I love hair.  My hair inventory looks like I could own Wig’s R Us.  Yet I am always looking for unusual and well detailed hair that moves nicely, but isn’t all over the place.  I also have a problem with hair that will not move.  It’s good for some styles, but I like some small tendrals, etc. that show movement and freedom of hair.  It makes me feel more natural.

I can truthfully say that Sky’s hair is in a league of it’s own.  It is magnificent!  Detail, detail, detail and nothing but detail.  A girlfriend of mine bought a wig from Sky and was in need of a small change.  Now Sky is an extremely busy woman, but for my friend and her very special occasion for buying the wig, sky accommodated her and helped.  I love that type of caring and the ability of a business woman, to reach out and assist a client.  That speaks volumes for Sky and also why she is so successful. 





Zullay Thor

About a month ago, I was shopping with my friend at Le.Look.  Everyone knows how fun it is to shop there and get acquainted with the various designers.  One of the shops we walked into was Zullay Designs.  Both Katalina and I fell in love with the clothing there, right away.  Zullay Thor, was a designer that I was not acquainted with and did not know her line of clothing.  As we were discussing how much we were loving the spunky designs, with wonderful color and texture and how life like it felt wearing it, that it dawned on me that I had to contact Zullay right away and ask her if I could blog her store and line of clothing. 

I am excited to come across fresh, new styles with so much quality associated with it.  Zullay got with me and we set up the blog for this week.  I went to her main store and could not believe my eyes.  It is huge and full of everything from hair to ethereal clothing.  I was in shopping heaven, and as you all know; I, Tammy Trommler am a shopaholic.  But not for just anything.  Oh no, it must be of outstanding quality and design.

I took my girlfriends over there and they absolutely adored it.  They were excited about the same things that I was talking about and also the reasonable price that Zullay is charging for each article.  The store is well laid out and each item is easy to see.  The walls have large pictures of the outfits shown on models in pictures, so that you can get a perfect idea of the look of what you are buying.  Again detail, it is right down to prim/flexy  belts fitting like they should, with no big gaps.  I personally loved that.  Zullay is all about detail, detail, detail.  Just right up our alley ladies.


I came back this week from a short holiday, so I’m only just getting back to normal life. I discovered a review package in my inventory today from SPIRIT SKINS which SavannahAnn McMillan sent me. I love to see and try out new things, and absolutely love to receive nice presents. I am a terrible reviewer though. Luckily for you, at EFA there are a lot of good reviewers. If you are a frequent visitor of our blog, you have seen the posts from Aleida, Tiffany, Kayella and the rest of the team. To make it easier for designers, our review policies page has been updated. Please read them to guarantee you get the best review from EFA. You can check a list of staff here.

I am going to show you my favorite from the review package: SPIRIT Skins, Missy, Rose/Smoky Dark. The skin color has a nice Summer tan, and combined with with the smoky eyes, it’s great. The light red/pink colored lips give the total look a soft touch. Nice combination!

I completed the look with the goodybags items from the EFA – Runway Robics, a new event which had its premier at the SL5B expo.

The black dress was a present from Beauty Avatar: *Beauty Avatar* Black&White Collection – Elsinore. You will find fishnet stockings and a cute little black mask with it. The hair is from House of Heart, there were quite a few styles in the package, I am wearing “Tuli” day in and day out. But on the picture is “Una – coffee bean”. I dont know if it is named after Una Ewing, but a few things they have in common, surprising, not going the ways as they are marked and very energetic (yes, missed you too Una.. hehe). The pose is from Long Awkward Pose: [LAP] – Tingle. Thanks all for sponsoring for these great gifts!

Wanna receive the goodybags also? Just join the EWING VIP guest group.

And, just to mention, I found some goodybags from Bijou, Stella and Baiastice too! Seems I missed a lot of good shows last week during the SL5B expo!

Well, the daffodils have all gone and the bluebells are almost over so I thought it’s out with the old and in with the new. Browsing through the shops, with this in mind, I came across Aden Breyer’s shop – Aden. Hmmm, simple name, simple designs? Well, actually a bit of everything; glamour, california girl, beatnik and of course simple, classic cuts, like this one called Edie. I tried both the blonde and the brunette because I change the colour of my hair like I do my underwear…well, enough about that.

I love the cut and layers. It actually looks very realistic and I would by happy to wear this style in real life – if I was brave enough to get it cut! Perhaps a pixie cut like this would sway it?


Typically, when shopping I like a store that has something more to offer than just stuff. I mean I can get stuff anywhere. It is nice to find a place that draws you into the atmosphere and makes you wanna see more… and buy more! Give me something that I can sink my credit card into. Build it and I will come.

Just the facts

Name: Refuge

Owned and Designs by Trinitee Trilam

Shop Category: Clothes, Hair & Acessories

Price Point: Low