I miss school.  I miss the days when a school bag was my permanent accessory and boys were the perennial topic.  So, I have taken the liberty to declare this week as a back to school week!  There are a lot of nice school outfits out there but I have my eyes set on this Redgrave Retro Jacket.  I stumbled across it in their men’s department.  The sporty pinstripe finishing is undoubtedly clean and academic.

I paired the jacket with a sheer black blouse for a mischievous feel and a black flexi skirt that comes with a brown belt.  Then, I layered a pair of white knee high knitted socks, added a pair of artistic brown pumps and completed the look with a pair of glasses (frame colored in Sienna).

The ETD Luth Tawny (Burnt) hair just enhances the freshness of this look.

I like to thank Decoy Nagy for his inputs on this ensemble.

 I Feel Academic

Shape: Custom

Skin: Drew (Fair) for L$4000 from RaC City

Jacket: Retro Jacket – Solo (from the Retro Jacket Set) for L$450 from Redgrave Men’s Department

Shirt: Sheer buttoned shirt (black) for L$90 from Persona

Skirt: Black flexi skirt (from the Sister Pernitence Set) for L$395 from Luminosity

Socks: Muism Knitted Socks for L$150 (per color set) from Muism 

Shoes: AC Vintish Shoes ART Brown for L$150 from Aphrodite Creations

Eyewear: PrimOptic Plume Glasses for L$299 from PrimOptic

Hair: Luth (Tawny Burnt) for L$25 (sales price) from ETD  

It’s a sunny and bright day, a good day to step out for tea, and a nice excuse to leave those jeans and put on some ladylike clothing to feel feminine. To create a ladylike ensemble, I begin with a Last Call low neck lace blouse that comes with a pair of lacy cuffs.  I have chosen this blouse because of its overall finish, which is sleek and sexy.  I then paired the blouse with a well textured grey pencil skirt from Ingenue and layered with a pair of black nylon stockings.  To complete the feminine look, I put on a pair of black pumps and accessorized with a light grey thin belt with gold buckle (modified and textured myself), a stylish ivory and lace clutch, a gold and white necklace, and a nice wool Jessica hat from ETD (hair included).   

Looking and feeling completely ladylike, I am ready to enjoy the sun, my tea, and my day.


Shape: Custom

Skin: Drew (Fair) for L$4000 from RaC City

Shirt: Lace Blouse (from the Desiree outfit) for L$100 from Last Call 

(Last Call will be having its’ final L$100 sales starting from 11 January 2008, for a period of month.  According to the group notice, once this sales has concluded all sale items will no longer be available in SL from their original creators.  This means all items will be permanently retired so this will be the last chance for anyone wishing to purchase items created by Ginny Talamasca, Katterina Dagostino, or Devyn Carmichaeto do so from the Dazzle Sim.) 

Skirt: Pencil Skirt (from the Joan outfit) for L$250 from Ingenue

Stockings: Black Nylon Stockings for L$50 from Sheers Stockings

Shoes: Black Leather Pumps for L$400 from Redgrave 

Belt: HH Belt (White/Gold) for L$15 from Haalsa Hallard Fashions 

Necklace: Find your way Necklace for L$25 from Miriel

Clutch: Ivory and Lace Clutch for L$10 from Hat Heaven

Hat & Hair: Jessica II (Honey) free items from ETD


It’s been so fun hopping from sim to sim for events and freebies that I actually had to command myself to stop and start working on this posting.  Making sure that I sound commanding enough, I have put together an outfit that makes that statement. I started with a black Muism military coat with gold detail around it.  I love the texture of this coat as the gathers at the front and shoulder of the coat make it looks more puffed up; and with the color combination of black and gold, this coat speaks authority and presence – something that I haven’t seen in both lives.  I teamed the coat with a brown fine strip polo neck that is simple yet able to go with anything, as well as a pair of my favorite Armidi Dark Painter capri.  Lastly, I added a matching knee high boots in Mahogany from Last Call to give the overall outfit more edge. 

I love how the Cake Europa hair and color gives a soft touch to the look.

I like to thank the following friends for their feedback on this outfit:

Migi Voom, Moonaca Porta.

In Command 

Shape: Custom

Skin: Drew (Fair) for L$4000 from RaC City

Coat: Military Coat (Black) for L550 from Muism

Polo Neck: Superfine Polo Neck (Chocolate) for L250 from Muism

Pants: A001 Jeans Dark Painter Capri for L$145 from Armidi Limited 

Shoes: LC Covet: Liah (Mahogany) for L$250 from Last Call

Hair: Europa (Pecan) for L300 from FKNY Cake