Miko Omegamu started her designing career as a builder and doing custom work for clients before getting interested in clothing.  After being unable to find the type of clothing she prefered, she tried her hand at clothing design.  She started with two outfits out of a small shop and the rest is history.  Bold and striking, with dramatic silhouettes is what Miko Omegamu of *ICING* has created.  Her vintage creations take on a polished look, bringing us back to yesteryear.  goodnight-kiss

Goodnight Kiss with flutters sleeves is a 1940’s inspired frock of black crepe with a deep red waist, accentuated with an arched band of black ribbon.  It features sculpted flutter sleeves and a rosebud to wear in your hair.  This dress will defitinely get “him” to try to give you a goodnight kiss.

Skin:  *Redgrave* tan skin – Leticia2 – smoky makeup

Hair:  Amrita – (Sedna) Marron Brown



Hola todos, tudos bien?

Today I visited Enwee Cuba, a place with stylish Cuban buildings, avenida near the sea and palms – as if you were in La Habana. There are lots of things to explore, for instance you can sit outside on stools, benches or even on the ground too, and there are nice animations – great place for taking photos. It’s a place worth visiting.

Before I went there, I decided to wear a red hot latin dress from !GHOST, which was actually a last year Christmas gift! Latin people are beautiful, sensual, with a very hot temper, exactly what the red color signifies. Along with the dress, I wore the Ecstasy black shoes from Minx, and I wanted to look cool, so I added a cigaretteholder from ICING, which is actually part of the set called Little bit of midnight. My hair is the newly released Sexy style in purple/brown from Shop Seu.


I am a true lover of vintage clothing, particularly the dresses from the forties and fifties. So too, it seems, is new designer Miko Omegamu of Icing.
I frequent Miko’s store often, and I always come away feeling satisfied that I have purchased a high quality outfit. Often, Miko adds an extra surprise like a fur stole, a stack of books, a beautiful brooch or a pretty flower for your hair.
When you step inside her store you see a beautiful array of vintage masterpieces – glamorous gowns, cocktail dresses, tea-length frocks, stylish trousers, sixties pedal pushers and baby doll delights – you name it. I decided on this particular outfit, called Silver Screen, because it perfectly portrays my favourite era, the fifties (“Hollywood-style” of course).


A sparkling, silver sensation complete with fox stole, this beautiful ensemble exudes that golden-age with ease – sweet, sexy and gorgeously glamorous! I have added yet more glamour by wearing red lipstick (Linda from PXL), pearl earrings, bracelet and choker (Claris from Muse), white stockings (No.9 Nylons) and a darling pair of silver shoes from Aphrodite Creations. The hair Juliana from ETD finishes the look perfectly. I feel like a million dollars!

So, if you are like me and love to indulge yourself in Hollywood fantasies, then step into your own film set by visiting Icing today.

You never know who you might become.