As any girl knows, there always seems to be a reason to buy more lingerie or another pair of shoes.  For shoes, it may be that you just don’t have the exact right pair for that new outfit or you just have to try some from a brand new store or designer.  When it comes to lingerie, how often have you seen a new sensual release that you just had to have?  Or maybe it’s time to spice up a romance.  I know that I can come up with many reasons, some would say excuses, to buy more of these two items.  A peek into my shoe and lingerie folders in my inventory would prove that.  Luckily, just as in real life, Second Life offers a plethora of quality shoe and lingerie stores.  One of my favorites for elegant lingerie is, of course, Insolence, best known for it’s high quality, luxurious lingerie sets.  Camilla Yosuke, the owner of Insolence, takes great pride in her designs and makes sure that each new release not only maintains her high standards of quality, but also offers a unique styling and isn’t just a rehashed previous offering.  Her latest set, the Dolores Lace Ensemble, holds true to these ideals.


Pictured above is the Delores set which is sold in black and white, the black variation available with various colors of flowerettes in the lace detail of the bra (see top inset).  Besides the all black and allwhite sets, you can get the black with red, gold, purple or teal.   This is a classic three-piece set consisting of matching bra, panties and garter belt and as is typical for Insolence sets, there are various combination and layer options for the garments.  A pair of classic back-seamed stockings in either black or white is also included.

The wonderful selection of lingerie sets offered at Insolence is reason enough to visist on a regular basis, but as an added bonus, there is also a small but growing selection of shoes.  The most recent addition to the this line is the Marie Jeanne Heel. The black and purple (bottom inset) can be seen above.  The same attention to detail as in the lingerie can be seen on the shoes, as evidenced byt the realistic texturing and silver strap buckle.  Other colors available are Beige, Carmel, Pink and Steel Blue, while the black is available with gold or silver buckles.



On Friday 28th November at 12pm Ewing Fashion Agency hosted the “Hot as Ice Winter Lingerie Revue” with luxurious lingerie from Angel Dessous, Blacklace and Insolence.  The lucky models walking in the runway production  to show the latest sexy and alluring items from three of Second Life’s finest lingerie designers were Aleida Rhode, Ella Quinsette, Kay Fairey, Musique Gable, Rena Mascot, Tammy Trommler and ZoeAnastasia Aeon.


The first set of lingerie shown was that of Angel Dessous, followed by Insolence and then finishing with Blacklace, and as ever all of the lingere was made with very high quality textures and gorgeous styles and colours and most offered various options on how you could wear it for example with babydolls or without or with garters or without  and that was just a few options. The designers were great to work for and it was a real pleasure for all involved.  The audience had a great time and offered lots of compliments about the designers work and I bet a few went to bed that night with an empty linden wallet hehe.

If you missed the show you missed a real treat, teleport on down to their stores to stock up on some Hot as Ice Lingerie.  For all you men out there reading this blog, your woman will love any of these outfits as they are sure to make her feel sexy and all woman.


Photos from the event, taken by Perhaps Twine


This Friday, Novemeber 28th at 12 PM SLT, the Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to present the “Hot as Ice Holiday Lingerie Revue” fashion show, featuring the designs of Blacklace, Angel DessousInsolence and Zhao Shoes.  The latest sexy and alluring items from three of Second Life’s finest lingerie designers will be on diaplay, along with shoes by Zhao.  Ladies, this is your chance to find some new things to warm up those cold winter nights.  And you gents have the opportunity to accompany your ladies to learn what they like.  Lingerie does actually make a great holiday gift, as long as you get her something she likes.




 The show will be held at EFA’s poolside runway.  All are invited to come enjoy the sights and sounds of the lingerie clad models strutting to the music provided by the incomparable DJ Aris Earnshaw.  The featured designers are known for their excellent work in producing some of the best and most popular lingerie and shoes in Second Life.  This show is sure to offer up some hot ideas for the coming holiday season, so don’t miss it.

A couple of weeks ago I posted on some new releases from Insolence, one of Second Life’s premiere upscale lingerie stores.  Now Camilla Yosuke has produced yet another new set, the Barbara.  The interesting thing about this new one is that she utilized a recently available new type of sculpted prim.  Unfortunately, these new types of sculpted prims will only rez correctly in viewer versions 1.21 or newer.  This means that you will need to use the latest release of Second Life or the current RC viewer to see these parts as they are intended.  The good news however, is that these parts are not necessary to use the lingerie.  In fact you won’t be using the prim parts when wearing the set under other clothes anyway.  Also, the clothing layer portions are made with the same excellent quality texturing that we have come to expect from Insolence lingerie.


The set also offers a nice variety of styles and is available in a range of colors.  In the picture above you can see the triangle bra and high waist panty paired in wine.  The prim frills edging the bra neckline and the panty waistband as well as some of the bows can be seen.  On the right is the back view of the shelf corset paired with the bikini panty in teal.  The back frills and bow on the panty and back bow on the corset are visible.  As with all Insolence sets, the bra, corset and both panties come in multiple layers.  The lace top stockings seen are included in the sets.


The first high end lingerie store I came across way back when I joined Second Life was Insolence.  Being new to this world at the time, I was amazed at the realistic look this lingerie had.  I fell in love with the store and over time have purchased at least one set of almost every design offered.  Since then I make sure to stop back every now and then to see what’s new.  This week I was pleased to find two more recent releases and decided to show them here.

The first one shown below is a bra and panty set called Flore.  In keeping with camilla Yosuke’s philosophy, each of these sets offer many wear options.  The Flore set has two different styles of bra and panties.  Each bra is wearable as the underwear or shirt layer, while each panty is wearable as the underwear or pants layer.


It was hotter than a 4th of July firecracker on the runway at the Estate Della Moda stage where the Ewing Fashion Agency was showing ultra chic and sexy undergarment designs from Camilla Yosuke of Insolence along with poses from Stella Furkel of **Fashion Model Works**. The house was jam-packed with distinguished guests and many familiar names from within the SL fashion world.

The fashion show started with a challenge from Una Ewing, CEO of EFA and host of the event, continuing with celebrations of SL’s 5th birthday and Danielle Astonia, representing Insolence. The first person from the audience to answer the question “What was the name of the last outfit released from Insolence?” won a full page ad space in Altamoda magazine. Congratulations to Retribution Fall for the correct answer “Melanie”. Woot – what a prize!












Models Rena Mascot, Bobie Woodget, Aleida Rhode, Tiffany Dragonash, Haruka Kish, Tempest Hennesy and Ella Quinsette wowed the enthusiastic crowd with outfits that consisted of bra and pantie sets in delicious colours, with delicate lace garter belts holding up the matching silk stockings. Translucent camisoles and bustiers were also shown. The wonderfully textured fabrics and fine lace edging added a touch of delicate femininity to these sexy ensembles. Many items come on different layers that add versatility to the garments. Camilla’s designs have exquisite details and continue to be stylish, innovative and trend-setting. And, when you walk away… the view from behind – Oh Mamma Mia!


The Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to invite you to our estate della moda (Summer of Fashion) fashion Marathon with fashion shows each evening, beginning with Kotobuki Jewell, the creative force behind the SL household name, Bijou. We will be showcasing KotoBuki’s beautiful vivacious and colourful collection. Joining Kotobuki is new and exciting pose designer Stella Furkel of Stella ** Fashion Model Works ** will be showcasing her new range of animated runway poses on the catwalk.

This show is going to be packed with all those wonderful items you will want to get your hands on for the season. Dont Miss it.

Event Details are as follows:

Date: 5th July, 2008

Guest Arrival: 11.30 AM SLT

Show Kick Off: 12.00 PM SLT

Dress Code: Chic, Trendy and Stylish (but low prims).

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