Dancing at the Borghese Gallery was spectacular. The music, the ambiance and of course, the Italian men, was just superb. It seems I had a little too much of that fine Italian vino and found myself in the Trevi fountain doing an Anita Ekberg imitation.

I cannot find the words to describe how this gown flows so beautifully over the ballroom floor. I love the way this dress moves. With every waltz step the ruffles moved elegantly and not once revealed the glitch pants. Even sitting down, the skirt stayed respectfully around my legs, not once drooping through the chair. The neckline has a wonderfully sexy sculptured edge while the back of the dress plunges down to the tip of your spine and is held together by delicate laces. The scalloped edges of the neckline and ruffled skirt are embroidered and have that wonderful black on black look.