Hello everyone.  Once a month, we will talk to one of our past graduates to catch up with them and see how are they are doing since graduating from EFA and show you their graduation photo and how they look today.

This month, I had the pleasure of talking with Sabine Blackburn.  What an incredible person!  She was so kind and gave me tons of tips and advice.  She is one busy lady.  Sabine is currently a model with Glance International Agency, Timeless Agency, Starlight Events, Berlin Models, Maniera Models, Elegance International Models Agency, DejaVu Modeling Agency, Beauté Mode Agency, Mannequin Couture Agency (Beauty Avatar), Einstein Model, Opium Fashion Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and a finalist in the Miss Virtual World competition.

When did you graduate from EFA?

Sabine: Oh I won a picture contest at angel dressous in march and then I won like some discount on an EFA scholarship at this contest.  So I thought well try it.

Were you modeling before attending EFA?

Sabine: Yes, I didn’t need the training but you can always learn something new.  I mean I don’t want to sound arrogant but I was already modeling a lot then and I learned some things at the EFA school.  It was at 5pm and that is 2am for me.  That was a bit hard.  It was nice to meet new people too.  I like to do stylings and that was fun.

What inspired you to be a model?

Sabine: Well, the first contact I had with the modeling business is when I saw an ad for Miss Virtual World last year.  I tried that and saw I had a lot to learn and I love fashion.  I even love it more in rl now too.  I enter a lot of competitions and I win some fortunately.

Since graduating, has your training at Ewing helped you?

Sabine: Yes of course, I use what I learned there and didn’t know before.


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Here is an interview with Tempest Hennesy, our dedicated and driven models teacher and mentor to realize how important runway skills are in this industry…

Bobie Woodget: Tempest Hennesy, you know better the anyone how to express the true attitude that makes one blossom.

Tempest Hennesy blushes. Thank you.

Bobie Woodget: So, when you’re at a show what makes you say: “that chick has been professionaly trained?”

Tempest Hennesy: Well, there are more than a few who think it’s easy to ‘walk’ in a show. As easy as pointing in a direction and moving there, but it really does take more than that. To me, when I see someone who knows what they’re doing, that person makes it look almost fluid… almost real; well as real as you can get in a virtual environment. Can they go from walking, carrying themselves, to a pose and make it look like it’s not being done by a robot or a doll? Can they make the people watching stop flipping windows and pay attention because, along with the mechanical, they’re also bringing the personality into it? Then, they’ve got. It’s all of that. The mechanics, the timing, the poise, the grace… the knowledge to pull it all together.

Bobie Woodget: So to you it starts by identifying the image you wanna show the audience?

Tempest Hennesy: Exactly. If you want to be a model, a professional model, then as much as it’s practice practice, practice, it’s also perception. If people can’t look at you and see professional, then you can practice till you’re blue in the face and your feet bleed. Show the audience that you’re serious. Then, they’ll be watching while you pull everything else together. Well… not you, LOL! You already do that.

Bobie Woodget: Hehe thanks! At your opinion… when does the model’s image interfere with the designer image? In other words, how flexible does the model have to be with his/her own image?


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