Thanks to Tillie Ariantho for taking the pictures

Thank you all for being there! It was a great event with lot of fun, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Please feel free to share your pictures of the event in the FLICKR group ESTAFETTE FOR FREEDOM – 2010


I have a free life, the country where I live is not in war, I can say what I want, I can walk where I want, I can think what I want, I can dress how I want and I don’t have to feel in danger.

All this feels very natural.

To remind us that this is not so natural and not in reach for every person in the world, we celebrate Freedom Day in the Netherlands on 5 May. First to remember the end of World War II, but now also to celebrate and fight for freedom for all people in the world. A lot of festivals are taking place this day all through the country. One of these festivals is Bevrijdingspop, a big music festival with 80.000 visitors.

And this year Bevrijdingspop can be heard in SL! The concert will be streamed to here live and photos of the events will be transferred and displayed directly to feel the atmosphere of the event! And more… Second Life will be showed during the event, there is a streamer of the RL crew in SL who will film and project this film by a beamer on a big screen! Where can you be more free to be who you want to be than in Second Life? We are going to show that with…


(Thanks to Kafee Iwish for editting the original flyer of Bevrijdingspop)

At a secret location the Bevrijdingspop will be streamed. At this place there is only room for a few people. To show as many different people from the world we are living in, every person stays just a few minutes at this place and then tp’s a friend who will stay for a while and so on. During the stay, the person will be filmed and be seen in RL.  The big challenge is to show as many people as possible and to create a nice document of our big variety of residents.

Be prepared, dress your freedom, maybe you will receive a tp to take part in a semi-secret exclusive event where you can have your 15 minutes of fame and show the world who you are.

As a thank you for joining, you will find gifts for you from some amazing designers: SySy’s, ki Design, Aleida Rhode, Mashooka Designs, Sascha’s Designs, SF Design, Koguma Glasses Style (K_gs), Blacklace, GM Nikolaidis, Perse


You can share your pictures of this event in this FLICKR group: Estafette For Freedom 2010

For people who are not familiar with SF Design by Swaffette Firefly, you can find clothes from classic to sexy, from formal to casual and for man and woman and you will even find matching shoes in her shoe collection!

As present I received the sf design anniversary ballgown and for Kafee the sf design anniversary tux – sage. A perfect combination together, it made us want to go to a party and have a dance. What I like about the dress is the bustier with the lace trim. It gives you a much better decollete and nice detail, at the back it has nice diamond studs, very sexy! The resize menu takes care of the perfect size for you. The tux has a classical design, but made perfect with all the extra prims like the shoulder parts, sleeves for the arm and  prim for the lower part of the jacket. Also the pant has leg prims. It gives the tux so much more swing and it makes it less stiff. And good news, both outfits have matching shoes included. Not shoes you will only wear with this and never anymore, no, good quality shoes you will find another matching outfit for. This gown and tux will be available from this sunday on at SF Design.

Jubileum tux and gown SF Design

Swaffette, congratulations and wish you at least another 5 years with great designs, keep up the good work!

Monday 26 January, the real life merged with virtual life in the Beurs van Berlage. After months of preparation it was finally going to happen, the EFA-AIFW2009 show. The Beurs van Berlage was filled with guests, even people were waiting outside looking for a chance to get in and join the show too. After the shows of Eleonore de Ruuk and Melanie Brown, the simultaneous RL-SL show started. DJ Damien.S was tuning and on a big screen you could see the show in Second Life as the guests in Second Life could see the show in Amsterdam. Unfortunate, the camera did not work with the PC, but with the web-cam the atmosphere could be felt and a glimp of the show could be seen in the Beurs van Berlage at Ischia.

It was really special to see the both shows at the same time, each with it’s own possibilities. The show in Amsterdam with the speed of the models and the show in Secondlife with the luxery touches. But one thing for sure, both shows had the same character, same feeling, same enthusiastic public and breathing the same atmosphere. Although the EFA-AIFW2009 was maybe not perfect at each detail, all participants can be satisfied and proud on the result. Another step forward has been taken to merge the real life fashion world with the virtual fashion world.

Thanks to Kafee Iwish for making the pictures


EFA-AIFW2009 Invite event by Kafee Iwish


You are cordially invited to be our guest at EFA-AIFW2009, Now, Then, Soon

Monday 26 January 2009

9.30 – 12.00 AM SLT

Ischia, Ewing Fashion District


At 11.00 AM SLT on the 26th of January 2009, the Ewing Fashion Agency will once again be joining forces with the Amsterdam-based real-world talent managers, The Artist Advice for another Second Life/Real World simultaneous fashion event.  During the live fashion show at Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam – The Netherlands), the Ewing Fashion Agency will host the Second Life version of the show at its Ischia sim location, where EGG Development will reproduce the venue of the show, The Beurs van Berlage.  Building on the success of last years First Fusion show, this year each event will be viewable to the other as they occur.  The Real World creations of Real World designers Jennifer Delano, Melanie Brown and Eleonore de Ruuk  are being recreated for the Second Life production by a talented lineup of Second Life designers: Digit Darkes, Neferia Abel, Sascha Frangilli, Simone Stern, Sysy Chapman and Zaara Kohime.  In acknowledgement of significance of these innovative collaborations, Runway Magazine and DX Exchange have signed on as corporate sponsors for the event. Beside the fashion show, also the DJ will be presented in both world, Damien. S will be on stage in the Beurs van Berlage and at Ischia during the show.

EFA-AIFW2009 Invite event by Kafee Iwish 


You are cordially invited to be our guest at EFA-AIFW2009, Now, Then, Soon

Monday 26 January 2009

9.30 – 12.00 AM SLT

Ischia, Ewing Fashion District



9.30 AM SLT: Live broadcasting of the RL-fashion show of Eleonore de Ruuk and Melanie Brown

10.30 AM SLT: Simultaneous RL-SL fashion show, EFA-AIFW2009 Now, Then, Soon (featuring SL-designers Neferia Abel, Zaara Kohime, Sysy Chapman, Simone Stern, Sascha Frangilli and Digit Darkes)

11.15 AM SLT: Meet the designers and models, simultaneous RL-SL talkshow (has to be confirmed)

Music will be provided by DJ Damien.S during the event.

Your host for this show will be Tiffany Dragonash, dressed by Orage Creations


Event sponsors EFA-AIFW2009 - logo RUNWAY Magazine

EFA-AIFW2009 - logo DX Exchange    





 Building sponsor: EGG Development EFA-AIFW2009 logo EGG Development







Broadcasting sponsor: Engage! EFA-AIFW2009 - logo Engage




Wall sponsors

 EFA-AIFW2009 logo Angel DessousEFA-AIFW2009 logo Seldom Blue Fashion



Goodybags from the sponsors will be posted in the Ewing VIP-guest group after the event.


An event is not an event when there is no public.  And there will not be public without an invitation . So I was really pleased that Kafee Iwish reacted to the EFA-AIFW2009 participation call, indicating that he would like to create the graphic artpiece.  Even more when I heard he is living and working in the fashion capital, Paris as a graphic designer in real life!  Let’s see if we can learn some nice tips and tricks from him. I contacted him for some questions.

Kafee, how does the usual workday of a graphic designer look like?

Aw, there is no usual workday, I can be asked to design a lot of different things, like affiches, logos, magazines, flyers, invites, cards, building in SL for events, drawing, photomontage and many more! And all have different format, different software to use depending if it is for prints, web or even SecondLife, each with a specific subject, specific place, so no, there is not a usual workday!

How do you find inspiration to create something new every time?

Haha, so I will disappoint you, there is no magic formule, sometimes it comes all of a sudden, rarely I must say. Most often, the first creation you do on receiving the demand is not nice and put you on a stressed and bad mood. Usually at this moment I think, what I do is just sheet! As a lot of creators, I am not an isolated case. So the nights come… nights sometimes if you have enough delay and when you wake up maybe because the brain was working ” free” during the night (” free”  means inhibit – non conscience – of the stress and fear of the white page), you have it! Inspiration!!

EFA-AIFW2009 - Jan Toorop - Then

One of the artpieces in the Beurs van Berlage: Jan Toorop – Then

How do you prepare your work for making a graphic artpiece for an invite?

First “L”: Listen carefully to the one who is asking in a natural way, try not to interrupt and be sure to have all necessary. Ask for the graphic chart to respect, the ambiance wishes, the message and the public.  Second “L”: Look and Learn, find a maximum of documentation about the theme and place, because you have to know a minimum about before to go on creating (I have never heard of the Beurs van Berlage before and couldnot have known without some research). Also you have to look to give a more close atmosphere and feeling to the people who will come to the event, they maybe already know a little bit the place or feel close to the subject and want to know more. This can be done with pics, special typo and design of the invite (modern, retro, colorfully). And when you ” possess”  all, preparation is done and you can go on create!

What are the big do and dont’s according to an invite?

Usually an invite is not a big format, size. So stay simple and put the essential on visibility. For me about the text, I prefer to use not more than 2 letter-types, or just one and playing with the size and bolding effect, if necessary 2 colors, or use 2 nuances (black and grey for example). If you use a pic, you can play with the principal colors of the pic. I used this for the EFA-AIFW2009 invite too, but “flat” colors for the text readability. That are my ” do’s”, for the ” dont do” , go inverse!

Mucha - Muse de la Danse

Muse de la danse –  Mucha

What kind of style do you like most?

Hehe, can I escape this question? I like all styles, lets say I prefer to go on eclecticism as for the music I listen and I agree, I prefer more drawing style or typo graphism. and yes, I love one guy, Mucha and art deco style too and not too bright colors! But I really mean I prefer, I can not say I don’t like a style.

Does EFA fit your style?

As I said, I like all styles, I am not fixed on one, so yes, EFA fit my style! Why? Because each client has a different style so each time it is a new challenge, be on harmony, understand and appreciate their creations and satisfy my curiosity. Try to show the best way they do, be a ” support” of their creation is a nice gift for me (aw, yes, I am sensitive!). Work on a creation for EFA fit me perfectly well 🙂

Kafee Iwish (graphic designer)

Kafee Iwish pictured in Paris by Connie Arida, dressed by Alphamale

Kafee Iwish is dressed in a casual winter outdoor outfit by Alphamale:

– Alphamale – Winter coat outfit – Green:  Alphamale – Knitted sweather – Beige, Alphamale – Wintercoat (outfit comes with formal pants, not shown on picture)

– Alphamale – Brown Denim Jeans(from the Alphamale – Brown Jeans & Tees set), the belt can be completed with the optional Alphamale – Brown Denim Jeans Belt buckle (not shown on picture)

Alphamale was established in the winter of 2007, now a year later, Yelmer Pfeffer, the man behind Alphamale, has developed his designing talent enormously. His collection offers a high quality of men fashion, from casual to more formal clothes. Every type of man can find a piece here what suits his style and needs.  And guys… the Alphamale & Blacklace Mall is made for easy gifting, so don’t forget to take a nice lingerie present for your girl at the Blacklace section of the mall!

EFA - AIFW 2009 (red)

The Graphic Artist for EFA-AIFW2009 will be Kafee Iwish.