Hello everybody – yes you heard that, autumn has arrived and lots of new hot stuff has been released lately. Autumn is probably the best time of year for me because I can mix and match outfits – a mix of old and new. Like in RL, you mix old and new together to get a look – very few people would wear brand new stuff from top to toe – most of us like to mix favorite clothes with new ones. I am wearing outfits from great SL designer branches such as Bijou, Bianca Foulon and Baiastice to mention a few and these can be used for any occasion. Pictures were taken in Best of SL Boulevard, Aspire Isle and Trilogy Fashion Alley where you also will find a lots of good quality clothes, shoes and hair.

In the picture below, I am wearing hair called Kaori chocolate, from Exile or at Mimi´s choice as well. My jacket with sweater is Bickstreet from Bijou as a part of the whole set. The black leather belt is from Maitreya and my pants are called Boom Boom in wine/red color from Sweetest Goodbye. The gloves from LeeZu Baxter Designs are called Nif Nif gloves and the ever-so funky boots are called PW Succio but unfortunately the landmark isn’t available at the moment. The earrings are the glam earrings from Creamshop.


So let’s be honest with ourselves; Mariya Nesiote is a Second Life fashion-style Goddess. She has an extremely unique, recognizable and good-looking shape, she has her own style which she can express well, and, despite some people that reside in her blog comments and other places (aka haterrrss), she is an SL style-icon. Am I really over exagerating? I think not.

As I was in the middle of changing between two outfits and at the same time trying on some new funky freebie tops, I discovered my mix-matched outfit was actually hot. I like it anyway. Now when I looked at myself, I thought of Mariya. I don’t know if it is the sharp-edged fringe hair, the neck scarf, or another aspect of the outfit, but to me it says “Mariya, Mariya, Mariya”. Not so much like that, but you get it. I think it’s just the combination of everything. Now my picture set up isn’t what you would expect from Mariya’s style posts; a fun set with props to compliment her style and outfit, but I side-tracked from my usual bore of a gradient background, and went with some funky hearts and poses.

Pose from [Golden Delish] by Pompelle Benoir (my IT girl!)

Unless you are Mariya Nesiote, I don’t want to hear you tell me this doesn’t remind you of her (DON’T CRUSH ME!). However much this look may make me think of Mariya, the most important thing is that ii also screams me. It’s an outfit I will enjoy wearing and it’s an outfit Iove. Take inspiration, but be yourself always.


There are five tiny villages set like jewels on the Ligurian Coast of Italy, known as Cinque Terre. The hiking trails between the villages are both easy and challenging, but every trail has spectacular views of the sea, terraced vineyards, and the rugged coastline. You can hike between all five villages in one day, but that is not as challenging as walking up 99 stairs to the hotel room with a backpack on. Cinque Terre is one of those places people tend to read about once and then dream about forever.

I hiked between Vernazza and Montorosso. The weather was pleasant so I was able to dress lightly; wearing my baggy top over a new tank top from MichaMi. The baggy top has a really nice drape to it, both back and front, and shows off the back of the tank top. This type of tank top design really shows off a great pair of shoulders. My long pants have the appearance of a light twill material and I like the detailing on the back pockets. The pants come with a belt but I chose to wear a leather belt with little pouches – you know, for lipstick, sun block, and a comb.


Dancing at the Borghese Gallery was spectacular. The music, the ambiance and of course, the Italian men, was just superb. It seems I had a little too much of that fine Italian vino and found myself in the Trevi fountain doing an Anita Ekberg imitation.

I cannot find the words to describe how this gown flows so beautifully over the ballroom floor. I love the way this dress moves. With every waltz step the ruffles moved elegantly and not once revealed the glitch pants. Even sitting down, the skirt stayed respectfully around my legs, not once drooping through the chair. The neckline has a wonderfully sexy sculptured edge while the back of the dress plunges down to the tip of your spine and is held together by delicate laces. The scalloped edges of the neckline and ruffled skirt are embroidered and have that wonderful black on black look.


I am back to present some more fabulous Summer fashions to you. I hope you had a great week with the various shows, SL5B events and everything else, as I did. You have an even better week up ahead, though!

I’m starting this week with this pink and white ready to wear dress, which has recently been released from Armidi as part of their “Color me Summer” collection. The dress is available in many other summer colors such as green, blue, white/black, yellow, etc (All of the Armidi colors!). Together with the collection, there are also bangles in matching colors and for this I wore the pink version of the bangles. The Skirt is nicely sculpted to fit the any avatar and to compliment the skirts short but big poof shape, I added a thick white belt from M*A*ii*K*I. Matching pink Slinky Stilettos are from Maitreya and available in many other colors.

I’ve prepared these three Summer inspired outfits for you all to view and be inspired by yourself, in order to create your own Summer wardrobe. Summer is an amazing time of year, especially for fashion lovers, and it’s time you really expressed to the SL-world your own sexy style!


It doesn’t have to be Halloween to try on something scary. I recently ran across a great little shop of horrors that sells inspired items in the vein of Tim Burton-style creepiness. The store is Shadow things. So, for the days when I’m feeling ghoulish, I wear my broken boy skin that appears to be made of damaged porcelain. I paired this with some clean-cut items from other stores, including a nice black shirt from Fireflies , charcoal Southern Comfort pants from Casa Del Shai, a black tie from The Good Life , a gold cross wrist cuff from M.R.M Factory and black desert boots from Maitreya . I decided to create contrast within the look with my favorite fedora, The Fed, from The Hat Shop.