Last week I had the pleasure of writing about Mimi’s Choice – Women’s.  As I had promised earlier, I am dedicated to writing more about men’s fashion and the ability for men to be able to read this blog and find new and fantastic places to purchase quality clothing.

Across the street from Mimi’s women’s clothing, is located Mimi’s men’s.  When you walk into the shop you immediately notice the tranquil and beautifully designed atmosphere.  Everywhere you look it is pleasing to your eyes.  Clothing is supported by an array of designers who do absolute quality clothing for the man with an eye towards fashion.  Let’s face it, everyone will notice a man who is dressed well, the same as women are noticed.  There are those out there who don’t really care, but I want to say that a few extra linden’s put towards your wardrobe will speak volumes about anyone, especially men.

At Mimi’s you can find anything from designer jeans and shirts to outstanding tuxes.  The layout of the shop makes it easy to find anything you are looking for.  It is not crowded and over packed with items.  Yet it is definitely a one stop shopping experience.  I love simplicity and not over crowding.  Knowing a little about men, they don’t care for it either.  Make it easy and they love it.





Last week I wrote about the beautiful new gown released by Styles of edo and the amazing Akoya Pearls. This week I wanted to continue and address the handsome designs of the men’s clothing.

I have had the privilege of spending time in the store of Styles of edo. As those who have been there will know it is a beautiful, peaceful and refreshing atmosphere in which to shop.

Over the time that I have spent shopping in Second Life, I have noticed the lack of well tailored men’s clothing. There are many stores that are absolutely excellent with regard to everyday and sporty cloths for men, and I applaud them for their fashion excellence. In talking to men, I have had them mention time and time again the need for well tailored formal wear. In searching Styles of edo I found some exciting and innovate designs. edo’s cloths for men are above the standard found in most men’s formal wear stores. I especially loved the tux and tails in both black and white.  edo again has gone to the limits in producing the very best for gentleman.

The tux’s that will be shown are absolutely magnificent and show a true desire by edo to bring to men the very best of the tux fashion.  Each tux has variable colored and styled ties and also colors of shirts.  While at the store, notice the lovely assortment of mens shirts and ties that can be bought to mix and match with your tux to bring about a coordination with your lady’s gown.  And ladies, in the store you will find many of the men’s clothing that are transferable.  Therefore making it easier to dress your man in the latest fashions of excellence.  Every man can use a new tux.  Also this is a wonderful Christmas gift idea.