MAY 2009




A panel of three judges comprised of an EFA employee and two third party professionals will select the best three.  The top photo will be awarded the following:

L$10.000 from Angel Dessous
Angel Of The Month designation for the month following your entry.
Photo shoot in a new/recent Angel Dessous release for display in the Angel Dessous main store.
30% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program(subject to acceptance to the program).

Two honorable mentions will each receive an Angel Dessous store gift card and a 10% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program (subject to acceptance to the program).

All photos are to be of models in Angel Dessous lingerie.  Selection will be based on model looks, styling and creativity.

Each month, the selected Angel will be announced on the EFA Fashion Blog. 
This is a program for all woman.  Therefore we invite all ladies,  who enjoy fashion, to enter and show your brilliance in your style, looks and creativity.  This is a wonderful way to show yourself off and to recieve an amazing award.  Angel Dessous has such beautiful lingerie items and any woman who puts them on her body will look like a million Linden Dollars and sexy beyond belief.  Now is your opportunity ladies, to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, by showing off your beautiful body and becoming more acquainted with the lovely Angel Dessous designs.  It is also a fantastic opportunity for the aspiring model interested in entering the Ewing Elite Modeling Training Program.  Don’t wait apply now.


On Friday 28th November at 12pm Ewing Fashion Agency hosted the “Hot as Ice Winter Lingerie Revue” with luxurious lingerie from Angel Dessous, Blacklace and Insolence.  The lucky models walking in the runway production  to show the latest sexy and alluring items from three of Second Life’s finest lingerie designers were Aleida Rhode, Ella Quinsette, Kay Fairey, Musique Gable, Rena Mascot, Tammy Trommler and ZoeAnastasia Aeon.


The first set of lingerie shown was that of Angel Dessous, followed by Insolence and then finishing with Blacklace, and as ever all of the lingere was made with very high quality textures and gorgeous styles and colours and most offered various options on how you could wear it for example with babydolls or without or with garters or without  and that was just a few options. The designers were great to work for and it was a real pleasure for all involved.  The audience had a great time and offered lots of compliments about the designers work and I bet a few went to bed that night with an empty linden wallet hehe.

If you missed the show you missed a real treat, teleport on down to their stores to stock up on some Hot as Ice Lingerie.  For all you men out there reading this blog, your woman will love any of these outfits as they are sure to make her feel sexy and all woman.


Photos from the event, taken by Perhaps Twine


tales from the classroom

Hello everyone! It is time for the first installment of Tales from the Classroom!

Aleida and I recently got to meet the newest class of 2008 in the Ewing Elite Model Training Course. They were so excited to be there, especially in their new uniforms! Yes, that is right, uniforms! What a better way to get them feeling right at home in the classroom. They looked so fresh and lit up in their white ensemble. The outfit consists of a tank top with the words, “Ewing Fashion Agency” printed on the front and “Modeling School” printed on the back. The uniform also has a matching mini skirts, stockings, leg warmers, and cute little sandaled heels! Don’t you just love it?

school uniform

They had a little fun as they all gathered in their uniforms, but now it was time to hit the books! Tempest got the modeling students getting right to work by talking about the importance of preparation. Here is Aleida with more on that. Take it way, Ale!

Lets start with what has been said by EFA model trainer Tempest Hennesy in a classroom:

“Time is money and the least amount of time you can spend in preparation the better”

“As you’ve noticed, it’s high pressure and high energy. As you’ve said, without some organization, preparation and nerves of steel you could easily lose your head”

As well in rl and in sl, you need to prepare for anything you plan to do, the more preparation you have done, the easier things goes, whatever it is. So, lets talk about the work as a model in the sphere of fashion and its comes to the inventory, here are a few tips:

1. Create a folder – rename it (example: New Year Show – 01.01.08 – EFA) or what suits you best to recognize the folder. And its is your mainfolder for the show.

2.Then create subfolders for outfits – rename it (example : 1.lingerie, 2. casual (business), 3. formal, 4. swimwear and so on. ) and add your clothes,hair,jewelry, skin and shoes in each subfolder.

3. Right click on the subfolder ex. 3. Formal and click on “add outfit”, here you go – clothes, skin, hair and stuff comes on you avatar. Remember to go to appearance mode for few second and rebake your self with Ctrl+Alt+r.

More tips to come next time, so stay tuned and look out for next tips :-).

Said in the classroom ;-)….. :

Said about lag: “That’s SL, the evil beast” & “It’s supposed to be but they bought it and SL ate it”.

Something to wonder about: “Well when we stand up sometimes from these chairs, we get flown around the classroom, is that something we’re doing that’s wrong?”

Is that true: “I see people without hair :)”


Hello everybody, first of all, I wish readers, friends and all in SL a Happy and fruitful New Year 2008!!!

There are so many exciting things happening in the SL fashion industry that I urge you dear folk and fashion enthusiasts to  “keep an eye on this page for exciting news, information, announcements and much more”.

Secondly, I would like to introduce myself as it is my first time post for EFA. I am Aleida Rhode, completed EFA modeling course in the middle of December 2007 and just because I finished a model course, this doesn’t mean that I know everything about modeling. Now, after the course, it is still necessary to do a lot of practice to keep up-to-date with skills, knowledge and being ready for shows. In the picture above, you can see EFA s top model, Rena Mascot spending her valuable time to continuing training my classmate/friend Zuri Kattun and I how to become a top model. Yes, Zuri and I have completed the modeling course, but we still need lots of practice to serve the best for designers, the organizer of fashion shows and others involved in the whole fashion industry with satisfaction. We have been practicing every day and will continue to do that up to any show we are invited to be a model in.

Want to be a model? Well I recommend that you consider the following points carefully because the question is always about how much time you are ready to spend on it, how much money are you ready to pay for that and how much enthusiasm you have to become a top model. It’s clearly every girls dream to become a model, but the requirements are high – unfortunately just because the competition is are also very high. I am not here to scare you away but I am trying to be realistic, which is also good to keep in mind before you decide to pursue a career as a model. To conclude, I would like to say, that it is not easy to become a model, but as soon you start, you will love it, so just keep working and practicing.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that EFA has the requisite experience to help create and maintain a healthy career within the SL fashion industry – we are learning new things everyday and having fun doing so. Zuri and I will be sharing some of these helpful tips as we come across them via our joint posts called Tales from the Classroom, so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, for tips and more info on modeling, please don’t hesitate to drop into one of our Models’ Question Time, where you get to meet and bond with other new and established models, ask career-related questions and much more! (can join the EWING EVENTS VIP in group list to hear when the next is happening) and do check out the EFA model training program.

Once again, Happy New Year to you all and best wishes to all aspiring new models.