On Friday 28th November at 12pm Ewing Fashion Agency hosted the “Hot as Ice Winter Lingerie Revue” with luxurious lingerie from Angel Dessous, Blacklace and Insolence.  The lucky models walking in the runway production  to show the latest sexy and alluring items from three of Second Life’s finest lingerie designers were Aleida Rhode, Ella Quinsette, Kay Fairey, Musique Gable, Rena Mascot, Tammy Trommler and ZoeAnastasia Aeon.


The first set of lingerie shown was that of Angel Dessous, followed by Insolence and then finishing with Blacklace, and as ever all of the lingere was made with very high quality textures and gorgeous styles and colours and most offered various options on how you could wear it for example with babydolls or without or with garters or without  and that was just a few options. The designers were great to work for and it was a real pleasure for all involved.  The audience had a great time and offered lots of compliments about the designers work and I bet a few went to bed that night with an empty linden wallet hehe.

If you missed the show you missed a real treat, teleport on down to their stores to stock up on some Hot as Ice Lingerie.  For all you men out there reading this blog, your woman will love any of these outfits as they are sure to make her feel sexy and all woman.


Photos from the event, taken by Perhaps Twine



I am very proud to present to you the SL-designer team for  EFA-AIFW2009!   The team was simply formed by including the first 6 respondants to the participating call in the Ewing VIP-guest Group and at our blog. But I think I could not have dreamed of a better team.  Aside from being well-known names in the fashion scene, their individual styles are all very different, from classical gala gowns to Indian style fashion.   And different from the EFA-First Fusion show, this designer team is not only dutch, but very international.

The designers are: Sysy Chapman, Zaara Kohime, Digit Darkes, Neferia Abel, Simone Stern and Sascha Frangilli

EFA-AIFW2009 - SL designers 

On the picture the SL-designers in the Beurs van Berlage, the event area of the RL-show. From left to right: Digit Darkes, Sysy Chapman, Neferia Abel, Simone Stern, Zaara Kohime, Sascha Frangilli (thanks to Connie Arida for creating the picture)


It will be anxious to see how this group will translate the RL-outfits to Second Life.  Can they think out of the box?  Are they able to use the photo’s and rough sketches of the designs to create something new?  Will we recognise their style in the designs?  One thing is for sure, they are brave enough to take this step and make this event another historical step in Second Life fashion and cross-over events.  And I am really looking forward to working together with them on this this great opportunity! 


EFA-AIFW2009 Jennifer Delano

The RL-designer for the EFA-AIFW2009 will be Jennifer Delano.  Those who have been following EFA will recognise her name from the EFA-First Fusion show in February 2008.  What can the SL-designers expect this time?  I asked Jennifer some quick questions to get a little idea.

Jennifer, can you describe shortly your common designs?

My common designs are simple and wearable dresses. Those are most of the time make from the unusual choice of material.

What kind of collection do you have in mind for the AIFW2009?  What can we expect and what is your inspiration for this show?

The Fashion Week show is based on my three colours. White, red and black. The theme is black – looking at the past. Red – looking at now. White – looking at the future. Thats why we’ll show it at the Beurs van Berlage, this beautiful building has three pieces of art who represent past, now and future.


Put already a mark at 26 January 2009 in your schedule, to be sure you will not miss what this creative team will present to you during EFA-AIFW2009!


Interested in advertising opportunities at EFA-AIFW2009?

Please sent an email to Connie Molinaro (conniemolinaro@gmail.com) . We offer a wide range of possibilities for different budgets and different kinds of output.  Also individual packages or package deals can be discussed.

Want to be a model in the EFA-AIFW2009 show?

Join the Ewing VIP Guest group to stay informed or keep an eye on the EFA-blog.  In the first week of January 2009 the model team will be created.

 EFA-AIFW2009 - logos SLdesigners

EFA - AIFW 2009 (red)

The EFA-AIFW2009 designer team is created by the following designers: Sysy Chapman, Zaara Kohime, Digit Darkes, Neferia Abel, Simone Stern and Sascha Frangilli.

On Sunday, November 23rd, Ewing Fashion Agency held a graduation show for the Elite Model Training Classes.  This was a very successful month with three students graduating, Nezsy Herstein, Elahna Dyrssen and ToxicNymph Wyszniak.  Also joining them on the runway were former graduates Evanesence Blaisdale and Jennaa Loire. Some of you may recall Evanesence couldn’t participate in her own graduation show due to RL commitments so we were glad to off her this opportunity.

The students and past graduates one by one graced the runway perfectly and managed to show a wide range of designers work in their own individual sytles of casual, swimwear, smart business, lingerie, and formal.  At Ewing Elite Model Training the models are asked to use their own clothes to showcase their personality and style through their choices of clothing.  The show went very smoothly and swiftly ending with a huge applause from the audience.  Following the finale, each of the new graduates were welcomed back onto the runway for the last time to receive official congratulations and their certificate from the agency.  EFA titled model Aleida Rhode had the great pleasure of presenting the graduates with their certificates.  The models and staff then joined the assembled crowd where they received more praise and well wishes. 

 November Graduates 2008


Nothing can make an outfit so desirable as a good picture. It makes you search for your wallet and want to put on your coat to get away with your copy.  When you have it, you try to recapture the image of the picture while trying the outfit on yourself, wanting the stunning look like the model had and hoping for the feeling it first invoked.  This is one of the reasons that a good designer cannot live without a good fashion photographer.

Connie Arida is such a fashion photographer.  With her sexy blond look and her perfect feeling for styling, she makes every outfit a piece to die for.  How does she do this?  Time to have a talk with her and to introduce her to you, because you will be seeing more work from her on the EFA blog.  She responded to my call for participation in the EFA-AIFW2009 and henceforth will be our official event photographer for this show.

EFA - Connie Sec - fav1It's done in my home, at my dressing table, it's simple, direct and I look real (to me).

Left: My Artilleri Cha Cha Pants, one of my earliest purchases in SL, that red Primouth car, the unusual baked on hair on the skin, the totally Modded hair made into a Pony, and it’s a featured pic in the Global Artists Flickr Group. It’s my past, my present and appreciation from Photographers outside of SL that makes it special.

Right: It’s done in my home, at my dressing table, it’s simple, direct and I look real (to me).

Who is Connie Arida or must I say Connie Sec?

In 1st life, I’m a student studying Environmental Science after completing my Lab Technology diploma.  Arida is my SL surname..and Sec is my Flickr Surname…’cos I’ll always be “Just a sec”.  ( yea yea..weak joke). I live in Sydney, Australia, and have been in SL since April 2007. While I am an SL photography addict, my 1st life does come first and I made a promise to myself a long while back that SL and 1st life would not mix. My Flickr is where I post all my pics, though I do post some to Koinup, and Facebook..and others. My Blog is just my fashion shots, with a list of the outfits and accesories and where thay are from.  I like to feature lesser known or new designers if I can. Basically, I like to help out. I don’t charge 99% of the time. Apart from that, I spend time with my SL partner, see my SL sister and friends, furnish my home, terraform and don’t get out as much as I should. I hit the Big 30 a while back ( Runs to the edge of the grid, and jumps)

Watch out with jumping, I am already laying there! When did you start with fashion photography?

I started Flickr in about the middle of 07 as a sort of everyday record of the happenings in my SL life. Over time, it’s morped into clothes, “Art” and silliness. I love SL fashion and like to find things that I like ( especially from little known designers) and photograph them. I mainly do it for my own pleasure and relaxation…it’s better than writing a scientific report with Harvard referencing 🙂



 Ewing Fashion Agency is pleased to announce the Eighth Runway Divas Show which will be held today 13th November 2008 at 12 pm slt. It will take place at Ava City Street.

The theme for this 8th Runway Diva show is: Streetwear

 As usual, there will be a mini show by Rena Mascot and her friends, followed by the actual model contest.

The models joining the contest will have to prepare several streetwear outfits. Our sponsors this time are:

1.    Sn@tch by Ivey Deschanel


2.Kitten Designs by Kitten Krakauer


3. {pure style} by mimify Loon


You won’t want to miss this one – you are all very welcome and please tp to : Ava City Street

About the Ewing Fashion Agency

Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) is a fresh, energetic and dynamic group founded by model Una Ewing and is based at Ischia. The agency was set up to develop, train and promote the careers of new and established models and fashion designers in Second Life. We are a fashion promotions agency, which means we use fashion as a promotional tool for our non-fashion industry related clients and promote fashion for our fashion industry related clients.

Saturday 8th November at 11am SLT was the RUNWAY Best of Couture Fall Revue 2008 featuring couture designs from twenty of Second Life’s top fashion designer stores.  The lucky models getting to showcase these gorgeous couture outfits were the twenty Miss Virtual World 2009 Finalists and twenty RUNWAY models.  The twenty fashion designers of tonight’s event were  Bliss Couture by Amutey DeCuir, Beauty Design and Fashion by Katlaya Greggan, Bolero Collection by Amanda Bolero, Brenda Clellon Designs by Brenda Clellon, EROS by Keth Mommsen, Frozen Turquoise Valentine by Valenttino Carfogno, Jador Fashions by Ziamela Loon, Lady Thera by Thera Taurog, Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa, Lapointe and BastChild by Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus, LeeZu Baxter Designs by LeeZu Baxter, Orage Creations by Elettra Gausman, The Niven Collection by Scarlett Niven, NM Haute, Couture by Nuno McCullough, Serene Sensations by Soraya Blanchere, Simone! By Simone Stern, Styles of edo by Mami Jewel, VictoriaV Fashion by VictoriaV and Vasgez McMillan and finally Zullay Designs by Zullay Thor.  I’m sure you will agree that’s a very impressive selection of designers to showcase.  Each designer showcased two of their best couture lines with two models walking out in synch, one Miss Virtual World 2009 Finalist and one RUNWAY model.  The choreography was superb.  Maggie Mahoney did a fantastic job at hosting the show, giving great details about what each of the models was wearing.  The runway was breathtaking, all in luxurious purple, silver and white with beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. All of the seating for the audience was also colour co-ordinated.  I am sure you will agree when you see from the pictures that it was truly breathtaking and so fitting for such a wonderful event.  Unfortunately due to crashing some of the pictures were taken backstage as I missed them on the runway but I tried to get pictures of as many as I could.  With friends and colleagues in this event it was a one I couldn’t miss.


EFA - AIFW2009

The Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) and our official partner, the Artist Advice (a real-world artist management company based in Amsterdam) are pleased to announce our joint participation in Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2009 (AIFW 2009) – next January.  

The AIFW show is an exciting follow-up to EFA’s successful collaboration with the Artist Advice last February to create the first show of its kind in Second Life – EFA’s First Fusion , which attacted wide coverage in by the dutch print, television and internet press and again featured SL household names, such as Nicky Ree and Sysy Chapman. The AIFW show is set to place on Monday the 26th of January at 11.00 AM SLT.
Preparations for this exciting event are are starting now and we are looking for people to take part as part of the virtual team, but also to visit the event live in Amsterdam in January. We would like to hear from Second Life Content creators of clothes, hair, skin, shoes and so on, artists, models, event planners, hosts, DJ’s, builders, scripters, filmers, graphics, writers, press, advertisers, sponsors and more! Be part of it.
If you are interested to join or you want more information, please send an email to conniemolinaro@gmail.com .
Looking forward to work together with you!
About the Ewing Fashion Agency
The Ewing Fashion Agency  (EFA) is full service fashion and promotions agency operating in Second Life and specialised in promoting virtual and real-life brands, including the coordination of complex events fashion and promotion events run in Second Life and real-life simultaneously. We are an international work force with over ten languages – including Polish, Korean, French, Dutch, German, Italian, and English. We have solid methodology that ensures our clients get the service the deserve and the value they deserve. 
About the Artists Advice
The Artist Advice is a management and consultancy company for artists. The Artist Advice gives advice, coaches and provides management for artists such as: models, actors, dancers, singers, extra’s, make-up artists, stylists, photographers, bands, dj’s and other artists. The Artist Advice was been founded by Jennifer Delano in 2005. Today our team consists of seven motivated employees and from our offices in Amsterdam the careers of hundreds of artists are being managed. The mission of The Artist Advice is to help artists getting started and to keep artist working, using their own strengths. We seek personal and durable relationships, in which open communications, excellent collaboration and mutual trust are the main ingredients. 
Source: http://www.theartistadvice.nl/
About Amsterdam Fashion Week
“AIFW is steadily establishing itself as a young and directional alternative to the world’s more traditional fashion weeks. Focusing on Amsterdam’s reputation as an inspiring city, the AIFW programme combines commerce with creativity. Alongside our catwalk show schedule our programme includes fashion events, lectures, exhibitions, retail initiatives and parties. As well as a showcase for Dutch fashion, AIFW provides a stage for the growing New Luxury segment, that so far was stuck between existing mainstream trade events and traditional couture weeks. Only an hour or so away from anywhere, our city has a lot to offer: a growing pool of talent, an inspiring place to visit and a vibrant place to do business. Editions of AIFW were held twice a year since July 2004. AIFW is attracting a growing audience of directional international”.
Best regards,
Connie Molinaro (Event coordinator EFA @ Amsterdam International Fashion Week Team)
EFA @ Amsterdam International Fashion Week Team:
Una Ewing
Tiffany Dragonash
Connie Molinaro