It just keeps getting hotter here on Fashionista Island as I take time out of every week to sit down and pick the brain of those responsible for what is most fabulous in Second Life. Yes, I am talking about our wonderful and talented creators. And this week, I was one lucky girl to be able to drag Miss Caliah Lyon of Muse Fine Jewelry out onto the sand and find out just what she’d be packing in her suitcase!

Miss Lyon, being not only beautiful, but intelligent too, knows that it gets hot out here on the beach, so she’d bring with her a straw hat to keep the sun off her pretty face, and a sarong – because a girl’s still gotta look fabulous, even in the most dire of situations! And, of course, you’re sure not getting much of anywhere without food, so she’d definitely bring along a fishing pole to catch her dinners. But what’s a girl to do without some entertainment? For Caliah, that would be provided by her cat, as well as her partner, Stephen Bentham.

Of course, we can’t ever ask a creator to stop creating, but out here on Fashionista Island, in all the heat, she might need a little help. So, if she could choose one creator to take along with her, it’d be Tuli Asturias of Tuli, because she is fun to work with, easy going, and Caliah is a big fan of the style and quality of her clothes. Of course, Miss Lyon and Miss Asturias have collaborated before, so there’s no telling what other fabulous things they could dream up!

So, as dreams of pretty things designed by the lovely Caliah Lyon of Muse dance in my head, I wrap up yet another week on Fashionista Island! Maybe they’ll finally send someone to come get me! Or, maybe it’ll just be another week spent talking with the most fabulous of Second Life. And I sure wouldn’t mind that either!

I have always struggled to give a straightforward answer whenever someone asked me about my style. I love punk but will never venture into spiky accessories. I like sexy but not too revealing. I am also chic, sleek and at times preppy. Really! I don’t have a fixed style and I wear what I feel comfortable in.

This week, in my last blog post with EFA, I thought I’d put together a few ensembles and let you be the judge.

Final - Dresses


It’s a wonderful thing when you look through your inventory and find separate pieces that match together perfectly. That’s what happened when I paired together this men’s shirt from StarSong, and this skirt from Kyoot Army. The shirt is wonderfully detailed down the front and on the cuffs. The skirt flares out at the hips and includes a classy leather belt. Both pieces are a deep rich burgundy color that work well together to create a sophisticated look. Ladies don’t be afraid to peek into the men’s section every now and then, you just may come across a great piece to add to your wardrobe.

Sophisticated Match


Shirt: Guayabera – Rojo Vino available at StarSong

Skirt: The Scarlet Mobstress available at Kyoot Army

Earrings & Bracelet: Claris Collection available at Muse

Ring: Ariane Diamond and Tanzanite Ring available at Muse

Necklace: Haematite necklace available at T.V. Tavo Vella Creations

Happy holidays everyone! My name is Angie and this is my first entry on the EFA blog. I hope you like it.

I love a beautifully made sweater. If a sweater is designed the right way it can make you feel warm and special and at peace with the world. The shape of a sweater and the way it is knit can give you a whole new attitude. I love my blue cardigan, the sleeves are unique and stylish and add a little extra swing to a diva’s walk. For a little aesthetic depth I put a basic black turtleneck underneath, and borrowed a gray wool skirt from another outfit to bring the cardigan and the turtleneck together. A pair of tights that are the perfect shade of black, and some cheeky Mary Jane’s that I can‘t get enough of. I paired the outfit up with a short and sassy hairdo, a pair of fabulous shades and pearl earrings to finish it off. So fashionistas, pull those knits out of your closet, use your imagination and have fun!


Hair: Billie in Black $150L at Philotic Energy

Shades: Edition Euphe from Muse

Earrings: Claris pearl earrings in gold $50L at Muse

Sweater: Short Knit Cardigan in dark blue $150L at Kurotsubaki

Turtleneck: Onyx $0L from Departure at Prim & Proper

Skirt: Gray Pants & Skirt set $200L at Kurotsubaki

Tights: Plain Transparent $0L at Paper Couture

Shoes: Mary Jane Stilettos Gingham in Silver $0L at Digit Darkes