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A photographer in Second Life, Gyorgyna Larnia has expanded her creativity into the world of jewelry.  She has been designing jewelry for a little over three months now and has signed on with Applonia Criss of Chantkare to accessorize her new line of clothing.  This business partnership is a match made in heaven!

This seasons accessories are making a huge statement… big and bold! 

Boules Necklace (paglia gold)

The Boules necklace is a large piece of jewelry, perfectly worn on an open neckline.   The rope knots are separated by three beads in paglia gold and finished with brown wooden beads.  A very natural combination for a down to earth girl.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan skin

Hair:  Truth – Tahlia 2 in Seaspray

Top:  SYSY’s – Gypsy Lady in blue/green





What started as a trend has become a grandoise movement towards fashion and jewelry… eco friendly. Some manufacturers may be letting you know that the ring or bracelet you are buying may have come from mining operations that limit the amout of harm to the environment and that the packaging may be biodegrable. Designers are using natural elements in their creations and becoming more in tune with our environment. Natsuka Paravane of Swallowtail Designs is one of them. She has taken these elements of natural beauty and created a line to put us at one with Mother Nature. Natsuko Paravane, a transplant from Japan, now living in Canada has brought her love of nature and it’s beauty and her real life passion into Second Life. With a background in graphic design, she jumped right into designing rich, vibrant, one of a kind pieces any woman would be proud to wear.