During one of the weeks in November, I was privileged to have been chosen as a runway model for JCNY’s Model Fest.  What a great experience it was.  During this time, the models that I met on the runway I found to be exceptional.  Everyone had a wide range of talents and abilities that they had put to work for themselves in Second Life.  One of the ladies that I met is named Bliss Beningborough, the owner/founder and designer of Bliss Beningborough Couture.


Bliss caught my eye on the runway, with some of the most beautiful and innovative gowns that she was wearing.  The quality was beautiful and the texture was flowing and smooth, with caring detail shown in each gown.  I am always on the look out for unique and quality driven lines of cloths.  So I happened to ask Bliss where she was purchasing her clothing and she happily told me that she is the designer and maker of most all that she wears.  I knew right then that I must check her line out more closely after the Model Fest and help promote her designs through this blog.  I know that we are all looking for the up and coming designers who have what it takes to become one of the leaders.  I feel that Bliss has this going and I can truly say that I love her cloths and how sexy and feminine I feel in them.  Thanks Bliss.

Bliss has currently opened three stores and I can tell you that I have visited each and there are always women in her shops searching for just the right outfit or gown for their needs.  Grab her cloths up while they are still so reasonably priced and before she hits the big time.  Because her talents are taking her to the top.


I would like to present a new designer, Karla Marama (K&M Designs – KarlaMarama). She and I met at my home through another friend of mine and started talking about photography, which is our passion. And the chat later turned to designing clothes for SL, how difficult it is and how many mistakes all designers have to go through before they get an item to work. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind me writing about her in my next blog and she was more than happy to say yes. I made a short interview with her and she sent me some pictures of her latest outfits. My interview of her follows.

Aleida: When did you decide to start making clothes in SL?
Karla: I decided to start making clothes a few weeks after I had joined. It just seemed so cool to be as random as you would like to in what you can make here in SL. And about a month ago, I started getting pretty good at it! So now I guess I can be called A Real Designer, hehe.
Aleida: Was it difficult, a big challenge or very simple? Tell us what was easy and what was horribly difficult.
Karla: Well, like in every situation, some things just aren’t always as easy at times. Sometimes I have to keep redoing stuff over and over! Other times they come out great with the first shot! I think the fact that I actually enjoy making the clothing, being able to see how it all comes out, makes those hard times worth it in the end.
Aleida: Have you been showing your creations at any shows yet? If not, are you planning to?
Karla: Not just yet, I’m still pretty new. But yes, I do plan on showing my line in shows, magazines, in any way Possible really. I’m having my first show at Club Mannequin on Wednesday, January 23rd, 5pm SLT. I’m so excited!
Aleida: What will you create in the near future in addition to clothing?
Karla: I would love to make furniture maybe and homes . I love building too!
Aleida: Is there anything you would like to say to the fashion enthusiasts?
Karla: I would just want everyone to know, I love designing on here. And I don’t have many things out just now but I’m keeping busy! My line’s main theme is flowy, bright and sexy outfits, while keeping the right amount of humbleness at the same time. Second Life has so many nice clothes stores, there are lots of awesome fashion designs! It just really needs more stores! So K&M Designs – KarlaMarama will help out with that, hehe . I’m also planning on having a new male line! ^^
Aleida: Oh, that would be so great and I am hoping to see more of your creations – really seeing forward to that. By the way, thank you very much for your time, I know you are busy and don’t want to take up your timeJ. Good luck with it!
Karla: Thank you very much.
And to conclude this: If you’d like something flowy, bright, sexy and a certain amount of humbleness, just teleport to her store and have a look. There are outfits for men as well.
LM to her store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Electra/162/71/66