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In the second fashion show of the week we presented one of the biggest names in fashion. She has truly made her mark as a fashion designer with innovative, stylish and extremely high quality designs in SecondLife. She is Nicky Ree.

The EFA models showcased Nicky Ree’s new and stunning collection at the show that was held at the Ewing Fashion Agency water runway, an imposing place with poweful fountains. The new designs are fantastic. This collection is so interesting with all of the sleek and appearingly hand drawn graphical lines and oriental flower motifs. The colors were beautiful, the fabrics light, and the details cut down to pure elegance, cherishing romantic feelings.

The place was crowded. Every seat was taken and there were plenty of people standing, and even sitting, with their fit dipped in the pool, just to get close to the outfits! Everyone must have a piece of Nicky Ree’s creations which lingers in their mind as a must-have for their inventory, well, here are a few more designs for that list. Whether for a romantic event, a sexy cocktail night or a business meeting; Nicky Ree’s designs are appropriate for all occassions.



The Ewing Fashion Agency is proud to invite you to our estate della moda (Summer of Fashion) fashion Marathon with fashion shows each evening, beginning with Nicky Ree, the creative force behind the high fashion brand Nicky Ree. Nicky is a trained graphic designer with more then 18 years experience in design and illustration, working in the field of publishing, design and web developement. Started illustrating fashion for secondlife in May 2006. We will be showcasing Nicky’s high quality and beautifully textured clothes. Joining Nicky Ree is new and exciting pose designer Stella Furkel of Stella ** Fashion Model Works ** will be showcasing her new range of animated runway poses on the catwalk.

This show is going to be packed with all those wonderful items you will want to get your hands on for the season. Dont Miss it.

Event Details as as follows:

Date: 3rd July, 2008

Guest Arrival: 11.30 AM SLT

Show Kick Off: 12.00 PM SLT

Dress Code: Chic, Trendy and Stylish (but low prims).

Teleport to Event Location

This morning, news spread across the internet, television, news papers across Holland about FIRST FUSION – the simultaneous real-world, Second Life fashion which was hosted last night by the Ewing Fashion Agency at the First Meta Sim – who were also the main event sponsors. The sim packed out with SL fashionistas who clamoured to be part of this ground-breaking event! FIRST FUSION showcased the designs of real-world Amsterdam-based fashion designer Jennifer Delano, whose creative pieces featured items from around the world during the seasons. The team of SL designers who made it possible include the likes of Nicky Ree, Sysy Chapman, Indira Bekkers and Aphrodite Outlander, all of whom are well-known and recognised designers in Second Life, all of whom are dutch.


EFA - Fisrt Fusion flyer


First Fusion Designers
Pictured above: The four designers of the First Fusion Event sitting at the lounge of Iconica, from left to right: Sysy Chapman, Aphrodite Outlander, Nicky Ree and Indira Bekkers.
How do you create an exciting collaborative event where the participants ate come from different worlds, speak different languages and use different tools to realise their creations? Take an innovative real life company like Femis Fashion, four very talented SL designers and creative fashion agency and you get First Fusion! EFA is proud to be in collaboration with the likes of Nicky Ree, Sysy Chapman, Indira Bekkers and Aphrodite Outlander to create this ground-breaking project. All four ladies are well-known, established designers in the fashion world and when approached to participate, didn’t hesitate and jumped right in. This displays their pioneering spirit as the clothes being showcased will not be their own.


The Ewing Fashion Agency and the Amsterdam real-world based Artist Advice fashion promotions agency pool their creative vision to realease a unique real-world, Second Life fashion event.

SECOND LIFE, 16 February 2008 – At 11.30 AM SLT on the 25th of February 2008, the Ewing Fashion Agency and the Amsterdam-based real-world talent managers, The Artist Advice will hold a simultaneous real-world and Second Life fashion show called First Fusion. The show in Amsterdam will be held at the uber fashionable De Balie on the world-famous Leidseplein, where as the Second Life event will take place on the sim of the event’s premiere sponsor, First Meta. First Fusion is one of the few simultaneous real-world/Second Life shows that have been attempted because of their sheer complexity. First Fusion will be filmed for Fashion 360 Television and presents a look at the world through the seasons in different parts of world, cultures and ethnicities. The show, featuring the new and innovative collection of the Amsterdam-based fashion house Femis Fashion represents an exciting new development in the fusion between real-world fashion and Second Life fashion and has been made possible by four talented SL designers – Nicky Ree, Aphrodite Outlander, Sysy Chapman and EFA Design Awards finalist, Indira Bekkers.

First Fusion’s main sponsor, First Meta, will be creating a setting that captures, the atmostphere and charm of the real-world setting of Amsterdam and De Balie. The Artist Advice will take care of the real life part in Amsterdam, where the people will be able to no only watch the live show, but also enjoy a live stream of the Second Life show, which will be broadcasted by Meta.Live.Nu on a big screen and via De Balie‘s internet site.

Ewing Fashion Agency’s CEO commented, “This is really an exciting development for fashion in Second Life and for Femis Fashions and we are proud to be part of the event development team”. To receive further event information and landmarks, or real -life location address, please join our in-world group called the EWING EVENTS VIP LIST.

Information about the Ewing Fashion Agency
Ewing Fashion Agency (EFA) is a fresh, energetic, dynamic and industry focused fashion promotions agency founded by Una Ewing, specialised in the development, creation and management of business and PR and marketing solutions, concepts and promotional campaigns for real-world and Second Life fashion designers and professionals.

Information about The Artist Advice
The Artist Advice is an artist management agency founded in Amsterdam in 2005 by Jennifer Delano. Today, the team consists of seven motivated employees who energetically manage the development and careers of hundreds of artists.

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