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Don’t you just love it when you’re favorite fashion designer is talented enough to create almost everything you need to wear in Seond Life?  Sometimes you wonder why you shop anywhere else.  Kuranosuke Kamachi brings it all together at her mainstore… DeLa.  When you first walk in, you’ll find the shoes just calling your name… “buy me Kat… c’mon, you need another pair of shoes or two“.    Then after you buy a few pairs, you realize now you need a few outfits to match.  Okay… let’s go shopping!


bathing suit_001

Okay, I say this every year… I NEED A NEW BATHING SUIT!  Every season, designers find a way of making bathing suits look better an better.  The textures so much more life-like, the shadowing on the fabric, the detail in the knot of the pareo, each prim can be manipulated  for a better fit.  The “Margarita” Seablue bikini is exactly what I needed.  This bikini is tattoo friendly and comes in all layers.  There are prim bows and layer bows so you can wear it with or without the matching pareo. Kuranosuke Kamachi thought of everything.

Skin:  Redgrave – Leticia tan

Hair:  ETD – Nadia – blonde

Bathing Suit:  *DeLa* – Bikini “Margarita” Seablue



Applonia Criss – CHANTKARE

Rez Date:  December 17, 2007


As I search each week for a designer or fashion business to write about, my mind is filled with many great names.  One name that stood out to me this week was Applonia Criss and her wonderful creations called Chantkare.

I have known of her designs for a while now and I have had the distinct privilege of modeling her clothing in the Ewing winter fashion show called Winter Splash.  I loved her creations and the way they fit the body and look so natural.  The movement is so much fun.  Applonia is so creative and interesting with her texturing and her imagine runs wild with exciting designs. 

In speaking with Applonia, she was once asked what Chantkare meant.  Her reply was,  “It means Fun, Modern, Upbeat, Positive and Classy all in one.”  And fun her clothing is.  She started making cloths back in August and opened up her shop in September.  Since she learned how to make clothing it has been non stop for her ever since.  The concept behind her creations of clothing, is to provide something that’s fresh and somewhat different that appeals to all women and some men.  She wanted to present a very European look ..being that she is in the USA .  She also cares most about Color and Movement as well as Textures and Details.