Holá dear readers – I am back after a long nice and deserved break! No, I wasn´t sleeping, lazying around or hidding myself up in my skybox, but I have been exploring various places in SL and it was very enjoyable. When I heard Paper Couture had released their newest fall 2008 collection, I knew where I should go and take pictures – a nice place called Artis Nature in Revelations sim where they sell sculpted autumn trees,stones and waterfalls. They don´t only sell trees etc., but also have a space for SL photography.

Now Paper Couture and their fall 2008 collection – I wish I could buy their entire collection – sighs – but instead of going crazy, I have picked some of my favorites here:

PC Turtle Dove – wonderfull light dress with a mix of sculpt and flexi prims to make the variations. The skirt part comes with feather prims covering the whole chest and shoulders applicated with small crystal stones. The skirt part is lightly transparent flexi in matching colortone. Headpiece comes also with feather and small crystal stone applications with head of a dove. The name of the dress speaks for itself: Paper Couture Turtledove. Bag is from YULI – available as 10 colorpack and shoes are Natasha heel in white from TESLA. I think I have used that bobbed hair so many times for different occasions – it has helped me many times, when I was stuck in what hair I should wear!! BettiePage Voyager Okappa hair in black is my saviour – get it from BP shop. Earrings worn are from MUSE and called Elle Bead in ivory.



I’d like to think that my look is funky casual. I try to keep up with the trends by visiting old and new stores in Second Life. I do, as well, read various designers’ websites to keep myself up to date and know when they will be releasing new stuff. Or, I suddenly remember a place I saw a long time ago, so I decide that it is time to revisit them. Very often, I come across surprises which haven’t been mentioned in the SL fashion news. I love them, like I did when I went to Freesoul, a store I used to frequent when I was still new in SL.

For example, I found these cute baggy military pants, so nice to wear and looking good too. There are many other cool stuff from Freesoul – well, if it was in RL, I would say that most of the stuff you find there are for teenagers, though, I am not that old yet, so I like to wear young styles. To me, fashion has no limits, you are the fashion yourself together with your personality.

Shoes are from Periquita – available in various trendy colors – and it’s also possible to purchase a fat pack.

My bag is very realistic looking. I got it from Five Minutes After Outfits. My shirt is from Punch Drunk and is part of a dress called Rockstar.

As for the hair, someone told me that I need to comb it, well, that’s true, but I love the style – you can get it from Bishwear and they also have lots of other hair styles, good quality variety for every taste.